Cyber attacks | avoid cyber attacks

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Cyber attacks
Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks

How are you friends, in today's post I will know about cyber attack. What is a cyber attack? How people admit to cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks are cyber attacks that are centered around the Internet. But let's start today's post

Of the world's 600 million people, more than 4.5 billion are connected to the Internet. With the rapid development of technology, the level of risk has increased manifold, scientists and hackers have discovered computer-based methods that can easily attack from one end of the earth to the other.

There are several types of cyber attacks,

  1. Phishing.
  2. Botnet.
  3. Malware.
  4. Virus.
  5. Spyware.
  6. DDOS, etc.

These methods can be used to control a computer or digital device.

Do this by hacking the Facebook ID, starting from manipulating the password. A cyber attack can paralyze a city or a country within minutes. In the present system everything in a city is interconnected.

With just one malware, the whole system can be ruined in an instant. No bomb is needed to carry out a major attack. Adequate speed is possible only with the help of program.

Why use electronics or cyber media to attack the country is a cyber war. Here one group of intelligent people attacks the other group, the victim does not notice. Cyber ​​attacks can wreak havoc on the lives of a small group of people.

The whole country has also been paralyzed by cyber attacks, such as snatching huge amount of money from Bangladesh Bank by carrying out cyber attacks. Cyber ​​attacks range from hacking Facebook accounts to attacking government websites or digital infrastructure. A successful cyber attack is capable of wreaking havoc more than any large army.

A cyber attack is an attack that is very difficult to understand. The US, Russia, Pakistan and China are very good at cyber attacks. Huge groups of hackers are getting the opportunity to work officially in these countries.

All these countries are turning into military power, various weapons as well as cyber power.

What to do to avoid cyber attacks:

Knowledge about cyber is very important to survive cyber attacks. Must have good knowledge of internet usage.

Our Bangladesh is making great strides in information technology. In future Bangladesh will become a country of cyber power. Bangladesh will become a powerful country through cyber power.

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