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It is another step in Customer Relationship Management . CRM is a management model that aims to understand customer needs, anticipate them whenever possible and ensure a quick response to any problem. Due to technological advances in recent years, the Internet's ability to increase lines of communication, CRM actions are not enough to maintain effective and proactive contact with customers.

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The emergence of social media led to the emergence of Social CRM , a new vision of the relationship between public companies and customers, creating an environment for conversation and interaction with them. Currently, competition is growing and attracting customers' attention is essential . Companies must effectively control everything that is said about them on the net, generate positive feelings about the brand and its products and opportunities to increase sales.

Interacting successfully on social media offers advantages that cannot be rejected:

  • Greater relevance in the purchase process.
  • Increase conversion ratios across multiple channels.
  • Improve the link between sales and marketing “discourses”.
  • Increase visibility and ideal customer touchpoints.
  • Greater awareness of consumer needs.
  • Acquiring Customers:  Social networks offer the ability to generate leads .

Social CRM is based on building personalized relationships with our customers through social media and optimizing these relationships to obtain the maximum benefit for our company: innovating, improving our brand image, and knowing our audience are some of the  advantages that a social CRM strategy can have on a company.  Social networks are a source of constant  feedback  and interaction with the strategy and the involvement of all departments of the company, the chances of success are enormous. Above all Social CRM is a new way of thinking and acting in response to the social customer.

In this article, we will focus on 10 Social CRM tools that we have tested and found to be a good solution for medium and small companies to manage their social activities on the network.



Alterian SM2 is a brand monitoring analytics solution designed for professionals and public relations. The tool helps you keep track of conversations, gauge positive/negative conversations about your brand, customers, competitors through various social media channels such as wikis, blogs, photo and video sharing sites and social networks. The tool has a “free” service that allows you to monitor 5 words/phrases and save up to 1,000 results, but the full service can be an investment of $500 per user per month.

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Radian6 offers a solution, which allows you to monitor, analyze and monitor all the conversations that are happening in real time through the web. You can pre-define various metrics and thus be constantly aware of what happens. Analyze the sentiment of all conversations, captured influencers, where they are most actively participating, detect keywords that are being used to describe your brand. The service has a monthly cost per user, depending on the size of the amount of information you want to monitor.


It is a multicultural tool customized to monitor social media and traditional Internet. Developed in Argentina, it has the advantage that it detects keywords in semantic form from each of the countries. What has a positive feeling in Brazil, does not necessarily have the same feeling and meaning in another country. It detects the new trends of positive or negative themes.

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Spredfast Social CRM (SCRM) helps companies build and activate added value in their strategies. Companies that listen and engage on social channels gain an advantage. Your network is bigger and your fans are louder.

What can we expect from Spredfast?

  1. It is a  monitoring  tool  based on a team management system and centralized responses through the “Social Inbox”.
  2. It has a comprehensive reporting system that allows both data export and visualization through easy-to-interpret graphs, allowing for quick decision making.
  3. Created based on the British market, to monitor other markets such as Brazil it is necessary to manually configure it through XML – RPC technology.
  4. Sentiment analysis is manual and is done through the management of pre-configured keywords.


Rapportive is a plugin that adds dynamic contact previews in Gmail: the profile picture, a short biography and links to the various social media profiles. And yes, believe it or not, replace Google Ads.

Part social, part CRM, Rapportive also has a minimal area to add notes directly below the social profiles section of the sidebar. The basic concept, from what I've seen so far, is that, through the quick exchange of emails, the plugin accurately displays the person's overview and their social media profiles. 

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SugarCRM is the most popular and powerful Open Source CRM on the market. A few years ago, CRM was complex and expensive, which meant that only large companies could access it. With SugarCRM, all these problems disappear, allowing the technology to be available to everyone.

SugarCRM is a project developed by the US company SugarCRM Inc. The company is the world's leading provider of open source CRM software and includes hundreds of developers around the world. Unlike proprietary CRM, SugarCRM is originally built to run on 100% open source platforms (LAMP: Linux or Windows, Apache or IIS, MySQL, PHP).

The implementation of a CRM strategy based on a customer-oriented market. The system collects and unifies all the information to provide the value offer, adapting the marketing, sales and added services processes.

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Sprout Social is a fantastic web tool that allows your business to manage and grow its social presence through different social channels and turn those social connections into loyal customers. Sprout Social integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Gowalla and other social networks where customers are engaging with brands and businesses.

In addition to traditional traffic management analytics tools, Sprout Social also offers a contact management tool, competitive insights, demand generation and much more through a super intuitive interface.


Everyone is working hard to find and retain customers whether your title is a merchant or business owner (or a little bit of both!). And customers are talking about business engagement with new channels: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Batchbook lets you keep track of these conversations in one accessible place.


Nimble is a social CRM app that is still in beta. But you can register for free and create a trial account. The reason I mention the tool, is because founder Jon Ferrara was the co-founder of Goldmine Software, a well-known contact manager/CRM solution, so it promises to be a serious contender in the SOCIAL CRM market.


Zoho CRM provides organizations with a complete lifecycle / customer relationship management solution, allowing comprehensive management of different organizational areas ( Sales ,  Marketing , Customer Support  /  After-Sales Service  and  Inventory Management ) in an integrated manner. into a single business system. 

Automate. Be productive

Automate your day-to-day activities so you can focus on selling, not maintaining data. Organize your potentials in a functional way.

Track your sales activities

Identify bottlenecks well in advance, find out what works and what doesn't. Get a complete view of your sales cycle.

Mobile. Take CRM With You

On a plane or in a remote location? Access customer data from your mobile phones and stay up to date – even in offline mode.

Connect with your customers

Build a better relationship with your customers. Associate LinkedIn profiles and engage customers in your CRM account.

Extend your CRM

Link your CRM account with other applications. Get the perfect solution for your business needs.

Zoho CRM for Google Apps

Sync Google Emails/Calendars and other information. Collaborate and share information easily with Zoho CRM for Google Apps.


The vast majority of companies already support their work in Social CRM tools that increase their productivity. And does your company already use it? Are there other Social CRM tools that you consider indispensable in optimizing your productivity? Leave your comment!

See you soon!

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