Top 10 photo editing app for android

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Top 10 photo editing app for android

Top 10 photo editing apps for android

Mobile phones are no longer limited to just communication and conversation.
Many things can be done very easily with the current smartphone. For example, people used to use computers to do things like photo editing, but now this task can be done using a smartphone at hand. A photo editing app with a good feature is required for photo editing on mobile. Google Play Store and i-Store now have photo editor applications with a variety of features.
But which of the so many apps will be the best for you to answer this question which is the best apps and which has the best features? So in today's article, I will discuss the top 10 Android photo editing apps that you can easily benefit from. best professional photo editing app for android,photo editing apps,best photo editing apps,best photo editing app for android,top photo editing apps,photo editing app,best photo editing app for mobile,best photo editing app for smart phone,top editing app for android,top 5 best photo editing android apps,photo editing on phone,best photo editor app,best editing app for android,best photo editing app,photo editing app for android

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a very popular photo editor. One of the best photo editor apps is Photoshop Express. It packs all the features needed for photo editing. For example photo cropping, flipping, rotating, etc. Photoshop Express also has some interesting features including one-touch filtering, various effects, auto fixing, photo rendering. The Adobe Photoshop Express app has a very simple and beautiful user-friendly interface. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Moreover, the app also has a complete ad-free user interface. So you don't have to face annoying ads.
Owner - Adobe Inc.
Rating - 4.5 / 5
Downloads - over 100 million


Photoshop Express has a variety of blah options.
There is also a spot healing function to remove blurring from selfies.
There are various options for creating collages by which professional work can be done
There are also options to contrast different colors in the image.
The application has more than 60 filter correction options.


This is a great photo editor app made by Google. This app is the most popular for all the great photo filters. Snapseed has over 29 powerful tools that allow you to make your image more vivid and attractive in a matter of moments. This app has a very nice user friendly interface, which will surely make your work easier. The app lets you edit your photos perfectly. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.
Owner - Google LLC
Rating - 4.5 / 5
Downloads - over 100 million.


In Snapseed you will find all the features like filtering, healing, brushing the image.
There are also sophisticated options like high definition resolution of the image which will help in enhancing the quality of your image.
You will get automatic and manual options to adjust the color and contrast of the image, by which your desired image is possible.
Easy to rotate the image from crop to arbitrary, the advantage of choosing the font in the text
There are sophisticated options and features for portrait, fashion and lifestyle.
Decorated with state-of-the-art effects, this application will make the work of any photographer much easier.

PicsArt Studio

Another great photo editor app on the list is PicsArt Studio. It packs in all the tools and features you need to customize the image perfectly. Pix Art Studio has more than 3,000 tools. The app has features like one touch effect, auto fixing, crop, collage, draw, frame, sticker. There is a built-in camera and the facility of direct social sharing.
Pix Art Studio also has a collection of all the great photo filters, which are able to give a unique touch to your photos. Apart from photo editing, the drawing mode is also very featureful. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.
Owner - PicsArt Inc.
Rating - 4.2 / 5
Downloads - over 500 million


Pix Art Studio has trendy photo effects with photo filtering options.
Smart Selection Tool which will help in removing and correcting the background of any photo.
More than 200 fonts that will help you in your text editing.
Artificial intelligence effect that makes the image more attractive.
 There are brushing and healing systems for applying effects to specific parts of the image

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing apps on today's list. In addition to Photoshop Express, Adobe has another photo editing app, Adobe Lightroom. In addition to photo editing, another important feature of this app is the advanced camera for taking pictures. Compared to Photoshop Express, this app is a little faster and its interface is comparatively better.
Owner - Adobe Inc.
Rating - 4.3 / 5
Downloads - 100 million +

Features -

The lightroom has a unique camera phone with sophisticated features that can be completely controlled by hand.
There are also many more features including advanced color grading options, exposure, timer.
 There are also smart photo organizers that will allow you to save your cloud storage data as well as share it.

Photo Director

Photo Director is a multipurpose photo editor. This is a photo editing app with powerful tools. Photo Director has a stylish and user friendly interface. It is packed with a number of powerful tools including Photo Retouch, Photo FX, which has made this app the center of attraction for many. The app also has a built-in camera and direct social sharing features. This is a completely free photo editing app. However, it does not have an ad-free user interface.
Owner Cyber ​​link corp
Rating - 4.6 / 5
Downloads - 50 million

Feature -

Built-in camera with live effects supported
There is an FX feature to apply effects to specific parts of the image
Content-Aware tool for removing unwanted objects from photos

Photo Editor Pro

Although this photo editing app has all the features of the previous apps, this app is a little different and exceptional. Its AI or artificial intelligent feature is a bit sophisticated and can be easily used in standard image editing. This app also pays close attention to the security of your photo, so permission is required for every photo store on mobile.
Owner - InShot Inc.
Rating - 4.8 / 5
Downloads -100 million +


It has an ALL Cut-out tool which will help you a lot to remove the photo background.
There are many filtering options including Lomo, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dew, Dark, Cocoa.
There's also the option to blur or blur images like a DSLR camera with which you can easily create DSLR blur effects.
There are more than 100 layouts and backgrounds for creating collages
You can also change the background of the photo through this application.

Toolwiz Photos - Pro Editor

Toolwiz Photos is a great professional photo editing app. This app can be called a one-inside-all photo editing app for mobile photo editing. Because in it you will find 200+ photo editing tools, with the help of which you can easily make the photo of your choice as you like. Tools Photos has a simple and smooth user interface, so with this photo editor, you can add a variety of filters to your photos, adjust the saturation, as well as create photo collages. With a simple user interface, powerful tools and features, ToolWiz is undoubtedly one of the best photo editing apps.
Rating - 4.4 / 5
Downloads - 10 million +


The app has excellent skin polishing tools
There is a collection of all the great filters
200+ text fonts with shadows and masks


Pixlr is an excellent free photo editor created by Autodesk. Pixler has over 3 million effects, overlays and filters. It has a tool called Pixlet, with which you can easily blur out any part of the image. You can also make photo collages with different layouts with pixels. With this app it is possible to collage more than 25 photos together. Pixler has features like auto fix, so you can easily adjust the color and light of the image with one click. In addition to these, it has many more features.
Owner - Inmagine Lab
Rating - 4.3 / 5
Downloads - over 50 million


One can adjust and contrast the color using Auto Fix
Click 8

It has special effects and blur features.
Easily add pencil sketches, posters, and watercolor effects to images.
You will also get the facility to amplify the tone in the picture with this app
The app also has a powerful on-touch enhancement tool that will help auto fix your work.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an easy-to-use photo editing tool on Android. Ukam Perfect is also called the best selfie editor. This is a very popular photo editing app. With this app you can instantly give a unique touch to the photo of your choice in a few seconds. With the built-in camera feature in the app, you can take selfies as well as video selfies. In a word, it packs all the tools you need to make a photo look good. If you love to take selfies then you can try this app. Of course you will like it.
Owner - Perfect Mobile
Rating - 4.5 / 5
Downloads - 300 million +

Features -

You will get the benefit of collage, framing in different designs and layouts for each photo.
There are advanced features for removing dark spots on eyes and face.
There are also magic brush features and stickers.
Group selfies have multiple face detection features.

Photo Lab

Another best photo editor on today's list is Photo Lab. It goes without saying that it is possible to give a unique touch to the image with the help of this app. Photo Lab has 900+ effects, with which you can give your photo all the great looks. It has all the tools including photo cropping, flipping, rotating, healing. After editing the photo in the app, you can save it directly in the gallery or share it on social media. Google Play Store has a free version of this app. However, a negative aspect of the app is that after editing the photo, the watermark remains on the photo.
Owner- Linerock investments LTD
Rating - 4.3 / 5
Downloads - 100 million

Feature -

The app has 900+ effects
One-touch photo edit option
There is an advanced face detection algorithm
You can download any of the selected apps from above and make your favorite pictures more interesting and lively. So, every image editing app is the best and every one has great features. However, you can use whatever you like Hopefully, the answer to the question "Which is better than photo editing" has been found in this article.

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