Disabled facebook group recovery | facebook group recovery


Disable facebook group recovery | facebook group recovery

Disable facebook group recovery

Facebook group recovery : Thousands of Facebook public groups are constantly being disabled. We use Facebook but most people are not aware of the Facebook policy. As a result, if our Facebook ID, Facebook group is disabled, we do not understand the reason why our Facebook group or ID has been disabled.

After reading the following two articles, you will get an idea of the reasons why you should disable your account or group Facebook.

Why personal Facebook account is disabled? 

Why did I lose access to my Facebook group?

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You have to understand the good and the bad before you do anything. Everything has a good side and a bad side. You need to read Facebook's policy to understand how Facebook is thinking. They are close to avoiding certain things. In the end, people can be wrong, just like the Facebook system can be wrong. So if our Facebook ID or group is disabled, we have to appeal.

So today we will see how to disable a Facebook group, you have to appeal to Facebook to bring that group back.

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How to recover a disabled Facebook group?

Once you have reviewed all of the conditions applicable to Facebook groups and are certain that you have not violated any of them, then you may appeal Facebook's decision by filling out the official form.

Disabled facebook group recovery form

With this form you can appeal when your event and Facebook group is disabled. If I want to appeal to recover Facebook group then I have to select group. Then you have to give the name of the group in the next box. Then you have to enter the link or URL of the group in the box. Then in the big box we have to explain the problem. Since when have we had this problem and what was our fault. After writing everything, in the box below, you have to honestly give some skin problems of that group.

facebook group recovery

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