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python programming complete guide pdf


Learning computer programming language is important for future life. How old are you, what subject are you studying ---- you can stay away from learning programming by discussing these, but if you know programming with the subject you are studying or working on, many things can be done more easily in this age.

A computer is a device that can calculate very quickly. In addition, there are special computer systems for storing large amounts of information. Various problems are being solved by using this skill of computer. Computers are so intertwined with everyday life that it no longer bothers us to work with machines.

Instructions for what the computer does are written in various programming languages. Multiple programming languages ​​can be used to perform similar tasks, and different software or programs can be created using a single programming language. These are sometimes managed by the user and sometimes it can be predetermined when the program will complete its work.

Learning programming should start with C or Python programming language. Starting with other programming languages, most common aspects of computer and programming remain unknown.

As you learn programming, you need to increase your practice. It is not possible to become proficient just by reading books. High quality computers are needed to practice programming --- not that. Rather, the practice can be continued from a very simple computer or mobile phone. However, if you want to be proficient in programming, you have to solve the programming problem by writing on paper or notebook without computer.

python programming 

Python is a simple but complete programming language. If you want to start programming, there is no language easier than this. Python is one of the best language for this in the Large Scale project. Python allows simultaneous desktop app, mobile app, web site / app and game development. This Python language is on the list of favorites of machine learning, data scientists. Simple Language: One Language for Everything! Don't we see McGuire? Like a McGuire knife.

Google, YouTube, Disney, Mozilla all use Python in big projects. Nowadays almost all projects require machine learning, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, all the top sites, all the sites work with a lot of data. We need to work with more data in the future. Python is a great language for working with data, putting logic on data and getting new data.

Many of us have to deal with programming, software development. The other members of the team have to read the code, read the code. It is to be understood in the fall. And Python codes are easy to read. In addition, programmers write a lot of code and share it for everyone to use. What we call libraries. For the same work we can use the libraries written before without writing the code from the beginning again. And you still have to read the code, because Python is organized, the code can be easily read and understood.

Here we will learn about Python. Learn about programming. Then we will learn how to create software with Python. Then I will create big software, games or mobile apps by applying my own creativity.

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What python programming ?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​today. Python can be used to create applications for web, desktop computers and mobiles. Python programs can also be created for devices such as the Internet of Things, not full computers. If you want to work with machine learning or data science, one of the most popular topics of this time, Python will give you a lot ahead.

 Learning Python is relatively easy and there are many tools needed to learn. In 1969, Guido von Ruzam created the Python language. From the beginning he has been leading the Python project. Although a large team of volunteers is working to develop this programming language.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. But not only proficient in programming language, but also skilled in solving programming problems.

Some Question About python programming

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  8. What code should I learn first?
  9. Where is Python used?
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  11. How long will it take to learn Python?
  12. Where can I learn Python for free?
  13. What can be done with Python?

Python can also be learned from the web

Writing programs using Python, running or running them requires some software. With almost all Linux or Mac operating systems, Python has the necessary apps for programming. However, the version that we will learn to use, if not, you have to install it separately. If you want to start learning from Microsoft Windows, you need to download Python separately (
     You don't have to have your own computer to learn Python. Once installed on a computer, it will not be possible to learn anywhere else, it would not be right to think. Without installing anything, Python can only be practiced from a web browser. is one such website where Python code can be written and run. And if you download an app called Cupithon on Android phone, the work can be done from mobile phone. Cupithon's website is
     Python code can be written directly from the terminal or command line. However, using a text editor has many advantages over learning or debugging code. An IDE should be used when working on a large project. An editor named Atom ( will be used to write the code here. You can also use Visual Studio Code ( or any other editor.

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python programming complete guide pdf Download

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