How to do keyword research for new website

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Hello dear guest - Welcome to MR Laboratory . You have come to MR Laboratory for information about How to do keyword research for new website Today I will conclude this article by discussing How to do keyword research for new website in detail. Search Google to know more about How to do keyword research for new website write How to do keyword research for new website or click here for visit. See the page Table of content for know the main topic of this article.

How to do keyword research for new website

How to do keyword research for new website

Those of us who work in digital marketing know that the key prerequisite for a website or web page rank is proper keyword research. If the keyword_research is standard then that website or webpage will rank.

Friends, in today's article I will talk about what is keyword research and how to do keyword research. If you have started blogging now, it is very important for you to know how to do keyword research.

There are many bloggers who have to work very hard to write a post. Which is the best keyword for all the posts they write? They have to work hard to find it and it is very important to find good keywords for your post and to find good keywords you must understand keyword research. And then you need to understand how to do keyword research. Then let's find out the details.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process where you can find out which keyword is being searched the most on Google, along with that keyword-

Search volume, Competition, CPC, etc. will be able to know about this. If you do keyword research before writing content. Then you can rank your post in your targeted keywords. Before you know what a keyword is, you need to know what a keyword is.

A keyword is a word or phrase that we search for and try to find out about a topic. The things we search on Google are called keywords. What is a keyword? We will understand that with an example-

Example: For example, we want to know how to make money online. Then we search by typing Make Money Online in the Google search bar. Make Money Online is a keyword. In general, what people type and search is called a keyword.

Google search algorithm

Before you know SEO you need to know how google search algorithm works. For that you can read it in this article from semrash.

Why is keyword research so important?

We all know how search engine optimization has changed over the last ten years. Needless to say, there is a lot of competition in this digital market right now. In order to survive the storm of search engine optimization, you must do keyword research in a very accurate way. Only by doing the right keyword research and using that information can you get rank in Google search now.

Also, due to the constant updates of the new Google search algorithm, it is well known that rankings are no longer available if the content is created by adapting to what people are searching for. Rather, what you put the keyword in and how you use it is currently playing a very important role in that content.

There are also many keywords that people are searching for. In addition, keywords that are less searchable on the same topic are now quite important. And so keyword research plays a very important role in knowing what kind of keywords to use and how to use them in a particular topic.

Google's algorithm is currently updated to allow Google to understand what you are using and exactly how you are using this keyword. Google always looks down on the benefits of website owners and whether those who are searching benefit from getting the right information.

And so now you need to not only use the keyword but also use that keyword correctly. Otherwise, the ranking will never be seen again. There are some things that are very helpful for ranking that I will mention below. 

Select topic first for research keyword

Make a list of what kind of articles you want to write and what kind of topics you will need for your blog or website. Find topics that you can easily write content on. Find your favorite topics below. Which will be easy for you.

  1. Parenting
  2. Family
  3. Relationships
  4. Weddings
  5. Special Occasions
  6. Education
  7. Personal Growth
  8. Travel
  9. Career
  10. Business

If you are a regular blogger, then it would be wise for you to focus on the most popular topics or the topics that are making you money.

Think of those who search, like you. What would you like as a customer or visitor to the website you have? Think about what kind of keywords you were searching for. Suppose your website is built on top of SEO. Think of yourself as a visitor that way.

Importance of #related keywords

These related keywords play a very important role in keyword research. If you search with a specific topic, what other words or sentences people search for by typing that topic will also come up. If you are having trouble finding the right keyword, you can also increase the importance of specific keywords by finding these related keywords.

If you include topics as well as related keywords in your article, then Google will be able to easily understand exactly what kind of article you actually have. What information is in your article? For example, if you search by typing "how to start blogging", a number of related keywords will appear at the bottom of the Google search page.

The most interesting thing is that if you search Google again with one of these related keywords then the related keyword of that related keyword will also come down at the bottom of your search page. Let's say we do a Google search again with the related keyword "How to make money from blogs". Now this keyword will also come with related keyword search results.

This way you will find more keywords related to your specific topic. However, there are many types of content strategy tools to find these, through which you can find out all the keywords at once.

# Find long-tail keywords or long keywords

If you don't know the difference between a keyword and a long tail keyword, don't say that at first. Keywords are usually much shorter and more specific. Keywords usually contain one to three words. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are keywords that contain that specific keyword, as well as several other words.

Make sure that your long-tail keyword also contains a specific keyword. Because it is also important to have specific keywords in the long tail keywords for ranking in Google. So let's think about "What is blogging?" And "How do I get started writing a blog" or "How to make money blogging" - which are the keywords and which are the long tail keywords?

Do you understand what blogging is? The term is a specific keyword here, and the rest are long-tail keywords. One of which has the word direct blogging in it and the other has the word blog if it does not have direct blogging. It is important to note that while it is very difficult to rank Google directly within the term blogging, it is relatively easy to rank Google with the keyword "how to start writing a blog" or "how to earn by blogging".

How many types of keywords are there?

You see, we don't always search for one type of keyword. I search with different types of keywords for different needs at different times. For example, if you go to Google and search for "keyword research key". You will find many keyword research websites because you want to know about keyword research.

Now if you search again "How to do keyword research" Google but understand that you want to know something. So it will show the related websites in front.

So just like you search with different keywords in different situations or times, the keywords are divided for the benefit of different people depending on the different types of keywords.

A. Intentional type

In general, the keywords can be divided as follows depending on the search intent. E.g.

  1. # Marketing based keywords
  2. # Brand based keywords
  3. # Location based keywords
  4. # Product based keywords
  5. # Competition based keywords
  6. # Customer based keywords

keyword research for a new website

Marketing Keywords
 Marketing Keywords Keywords are used differently for different types of marketing, be it on a brand or a product.
Example - WordPress hosting, Dress, SmartPhone Keywords refer to any product.
Brand based keywords
Brand-based keywords are basically on a particular company or brand.
Example - If you search for "Bluehost hosting plans", "Digital ocean hosting plans" means you want to find out about the hosting plan of Bluehost, a digital ocean company.
Or suppose “SEMrush keyword research tool” is a brand-based keyword because SEMrush is a brand for keyword research.
Location-based keywords
There are some keywords that are searched based on different locations, they are basically called location-based keywords.
Example - "hosting in the USA", "hosting in the UK", "hosting in India" keywords, people want to know about hosting in different locations such as USA, UK, India, so these are all location-based keywords.
Product-based keywords
Surely you understand this after reading so far. These types of keywords are targeted at any product.
Example - Headphone, Smart Phone, Laptop, means you are searching on product-based keywords so it is a product-based keyword.
Competition based keywords
Competition-based keywords are basically the type of keywords that different companies compete on for the same product.
Example - '' best phone under 20,000 '' This keyword includes different companies because different companies sell good phones at a price of 20,000.
Customer-based keywords
The search for such keywords basically targets a specific customer of a product.
Examples - Keywords like "Best Jeans Pant For Man", "Best Jewelry For Woman", "Top 10 Baby Foods in the USA" are used for specific customers.

B. # Length depends on the type of keyword

We search Google on various topics in our daily life. Some people search briefly and some people search using long words or sentences. Again, those who have a website or those who are blogging are wondering what ordinary people can search by typing. Keywords can also be divided depending on the length.
Short-tail keyword
These types of keywords are basically searched with short words. For example - best bike, best theme, best Smartphone are short-tail keywords. These are very competitive and search is very much.
Mid-tail keywords
These keywords are a little bigger than the short-tail keyword. These tend to be a little less competitive and have a lower search volume. For example - '' best bike under 2 lakh "," best WordPress theme "in Mid-tail keywords.
Long-tail keywords
These are much larger in size and much less search and competition. Using such long-tail keywords, new websites can slowly rank better.
For example - "best sports bike under 2 lakh in 2021", "best SEO optimized WordPress theme 2021" is long-tail keyword.

C. # Types of search dependent keywords

We search Google on different topics at different times. There are many keywords based on this search. In addition, depending on your search, the keywords can be divided into two parts. E.g.-
Primary Keyword
Primary keywords are the ones that we usually type in Google search.
LSI Keywords
The full name of the word LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. If you search on Google, at the bottom of the first page of the search engine, the keywords that show related to the primary keyword are called Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.

How to do keyword research?

Keyword research is very easy because you will find many types of tools for keyword research. But there are some things you need to keep in mind when doing keyword research. It is very important to know. So let's first understand that then we will know about the keyword research tool.
Things to keep in mind when doing keyword research
Search Volume: - When doing keyword research, you must pay attention to the search volume of the keyword. Search volume tells how many times a keyword has been searched in a month or whether this keyword ranking is possible.
Seo Difficulty: SEO Difficulty means competition. It is very important to see the SEO Difficulty of that keyword while looking at the volume while doing keyword research. SEO Difficulty is between 0-1000.
You must choose fewer SEO Difficulty keywords. Because your post will rank quickly on that keyword. If your blog is new then you should always choose 0-100 SEO Difficulty keywords because there is less competition for that type of keyword and your post will rank faster.
Keywords Difficulty: - Keywords Difficulty is to depend on the search volume and competition of any keyword. In other words, the search volume and competition of the keyword can not be accepted. Instead, take any other keyword related to that.
CPC: CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which means how much money you will get if you click on the Ads in your post. You always have to choose more CPC keywords
Free keyword research tool
Google Trends: Google Trends is a very good tool, you can learn about trending keywords here and also what is popular in some countries. If you want to write a post on a trending topic then you can find out from Google Trends which topic is trending now and which topic is being searched more in which countries here you can find out about trending keywords.
Google AdWords Keyword Planner: Part of Google AdWords is Google Keyword Planer It is a very good Keyword Research tool Many bloggers use this Keyword Tool it is completely free. Google Keyword Planner lets you know the keyword's exact search volume, competition, and CPC because it's Google's own tool.
Here you can find all the keywords related to your main keyword by searching on Google. Here you can find out how many times a keyword is searched in which country and how much competition there is for that keyword and what is the CPC of that keyword.
Google Keyword Planer You will always get 100% accurate results. Here you can find 3 types of keywords. In that case, choose the keyword at your convenience.
  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

Free keyword research tool

There are many good keyword research tools for free. You can easily do keyword research for free. These are explained in detail below. 
Free keyword research tools
  1. Keyword Surfer.
  2. AnswerThePublic.
  3. Keyword Sheeter.
  4. Keyworddit.
  5. QuestionDB.
  6. Ahrefs Keyword Generator.
  7. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.
  8. Ubersuggest.


Ubersuggest is my favorite tool. Neil Patel founded it. Although this tool is now both paid and free, the free version of it is very good. And you can also know how much SEO Difficulty.
Features of #Ubersuggest
Here you will find different keywords related to the main keyword.
With the word volume, CPC, and SEO difficulty and you can know.
Find out which keywords are ranking which websites in the Top 100.
Overview of any website.
Top pages of any website.
Any website is ranked in some countries.
Backlinks to posts on any website.
You can find out in which positions the keywords of any website are ranking.
SEMrush: This is a paid and free Keyword Research tool. Many bloggers are using this tool. Here you can analyze any of your keywords, such as search volume of that keyword, CPC, SEO difficulty.
If you create your account here, this tool will allow you to use it for free for 14 days, then you will have to pay.

Features of Ubersuggest tool

  1. You will know your keywords as well as other keywords.
  2. You can find out the word search volume, CPC, competition.
  3. Get an overview of any website.
  4. Know the backlinks of any website or post.
  5. Paid Keyword Research Tool


Ahref is a very advanced tool used by many bloggers. Older bloggers use this tool. I was using the tool myself. Here you can do keyword research in a very good way and moreover, you can find out which other websites are ranking on which keyword.

Features of Ahrefs Tool

Advanced Keyword Research.
You can find out the search volume of any keyword, CPC, and the competition of that keyword.
You can find out which websites have post rank of any keyword and also about the backlinks of their posts.
You can find out which keywords are posted on any other website.
Learn about backlinks to posts on any website.
You can find out how much monthly income any website is making.
You can find out which is the most popular post on any website and which keyword is ranked on that website.
  1. Can do traffic analysis.
  2. Can audit the site.
  3. Can track rank.
  4. Content Explorer.
  5. SEO toolbar.
  6. Broken link checker.
  7. Website authority checker.
  8. Keyword generator.
This tool allows you to quickly rank your website, analyze your competitors and keep an eye on them.


This tool is very good. Many bloggers use this tool. I also use it myself. Like Ahrefs, it is an advanced tool. semruch

Features of SEMrush

Here you can do advanced keyword research.
Here you can do Organic and Advertising Keyword Research.
You can find the search volume of any keyword, CPC, and the competition of that keyword.
You can find out which websites have post rank of any keyword and also about the backlinks of their posts.
You can find out which keywords are posted on any other website.
Learn about backlinks to posts on any website.
You can find out which is the most popular post on any website and which keyword is ranked on that website.
  1. Can do traffic analysis.
  2. Can audit the site.
  3. Can track rank.
  4. Content Explorer.
  5. SEO toolbar.
  6. Broken link checker.
  7. Website authority checker.
  8. Keyword generator.
If you can get traffic from Google by doing good keyword research then you can do freelancing in the SEO category. How to become an SEO freelancer 

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keyword research video tutorial

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