Design publisher blogger template install and customize


Design publisher blogger template install and customize

Design publisher blogger template install and customize

Last few months I developed a template for a Blogspot. I was supposed to bring a video on my YouTube channel to customize this template. But due to lack of time, I could not do the video. So today I made a video on how to set up the difficult settings of this template. For those who don't know about this template yet, go to this link(design publisher blogger template) first and find out the details. Then watch this video.

The main concept of Design Publisher template

Before discussing the features, let me give you the main concept of ​​the template. this is a file-sharing template, you will share the link/URL of the file and the visitor will visit your website and download files. You can also share free files and premium files here. The free files can be downloaded by any visitor for free. And no one can't download premium files without license/permission. Whenever the user goes to download the premium file, he will give a warning to the user that - he has to buy a premium license, then he can download the premium file. Now you can sell licenses with money. If you share a valuable file on your website, then of course many will want to take a premium license from you.Design Publisher template

Design publisher blogger template install and customize video

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    Md Mijanur Rahaman (MR) November 6, 2021 at 3:56 PM

    If you face problems using Design Publisher Blogger Template, please comment here.

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