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    The Privacy Policy Generator website is about creating a policy for your website. Which takes a lot of time to write yourself. What is a privacy policy?How much security are you giving a visitor. Whether your website is good for little boys and girls. What user data do you have on your website? Whether you sell user data.. What people can and cannot do on your website. If you do, the website will not be responsible. This is a privacy policy. If this policy is not on your website, Google will not give you approval of ADS. So you must create a privacy policy page. 

    How to make a privacy policy page website 

    Writing all of the privacy policy will take a lot of time if you want to write it yourself. You can auto-create your website with information in just 5 seconds. For this you need to visit a page and click on Generate with the information of your website.

    Click here to create privacy policy

    After creating the privacy policy you will see a button to copy. Click on that button to copy all the codes you have created. Then go to your website and create a page.

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