How to write good articles | rules for writing articles in english

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rules for writing articles in english
 rules for writing articles in english

Rules for writing articles

Hey dear , today i will talk about  how to write good articles in english .People also search on google - how to write an article for a magazine ? ,article writing tips for beginners  , how to write an article for a newspaper? , how to write a short article ?, how to write an article pdf ?. Today I will answer all these questions.  Hope you find all your answers in this article.  The most important thing is to earn money by blogging high quality articles. Without good quality articles you will never be able to retain visitors to your website. All the rules of writing a complete high quality article will be discussed here. If you want to blog, you must know the rules of article writing.

Rules for writing high quality articles

The first mistake we make when writing an article is to start writing before we can identify the purpose for which we are writing. It can never be thought that readers will come after writing first or later. Before writing an article, determine who your readers are and learn about their needs. suppose you will writing article writing tips for beginners .  this is your main keyword . You need to use this keyword (article writing tips for beginners) correctly. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. What do people search for with this keyword. What I want to know is whether you are mentioning all the answers.

Once the topic of your article is selected, write about the specific topic according to the needs of the reader. Do good research. Read other articles on your topic and find out what gaps there are in their writing. Don't write anything that anyone else has written. Highlight your creativity in the article. Explain everything step by step. Read your article and write in such a way that the visitor can reach a decision.

The article is what is called the king of the website. That means if King isn't right then nothing on your website is right. Since the main purpose of writing your article is that your article will be read and shared by many people, you have to write the article according to some rules and regulations. The rules for writing high quality articles are divided into two parts. Which you must obey.

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Before writing the article:

1. Informative and I catch titles

Because if the title is not good, the click will be less. Lose Google ranking. So first you have to select a good title. In the eyes of a visitor, the first thing that comes to mind is the title. After seeing the title, the visitor decides whether to read your article or not.

2. Feature image

Your article must have a good feature image. Feature images will draw the reader's attention to your article. If the feature image is good, your article will get more clicks.

3. Category

The article must mention a category. One of the features of a good quality article is that it mentions categories. So select the category of your article.

4. Use your keywords in the url.

The main keyword of the topic you are going to write about should be included in your URL, which is very important to you.

Time to write the article:

1. Intro

At the beginning of the article you have to write briefly what you are going to write. Be sure to include some information about your article in the top 100 words. Write the intro in such a way that the reader is interested in reading the whole article. Simply think, if you don't like watching a movie trailer, but no one will want to watch that movie.

2. Description

When you start writing, always try to write in small paragraphs. Make sure that a paragraph does not exceed 100 words. Articles should always be written in simple language and using short sentences.

3. Subheading tags

Be sure to include the h2 or h3 tag in the middle of the article. Be sure to use a subheading that uses your main keyword. Use bullet points or numbering if you ever need to in the middle of writing. This will increase the beauty of your article.

4. Original article

Always write articles original and unique. If there is nothing useful to write, do not write at all. Never read someone else's article to get an idea to write an article. Then you will never be able to write unique and original articles. Never copy and write anything. If you need any information while writing the article, you can check it from Google. Of course, give 100% correct information. Use links to important resources.

5. Length of article

The more details you can write in the article, the better. Of course, do not write less than 1000 words. Always try to write more. Never publish a full article below 1000 words. When writing an article in large size, you can't write something inconsistent again. Write articles using simple sentences in simple language so that everyone can understand. Always try to make your article informative. Because this is one of the features of a high quality article.

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how to write an attractive article

If you want to write a good article, you must maintain the above rules, otherwise your article will not rank. The article is well written but your article will not rank correctly even if you have not used the HTML properly. This means that if your competitor's SEO score is good, his site will come first. You also need to have good knowledge about SEO. There are many articles on our site about this you can can later. Since this article of mine is a bit later in SEO, I am talking about some SEO. Since we will do SEO to bring in Google rankings, it is better to get the information from Google. You can read a Google article about Search Engine Optimization...

how to write an article pdf

You can learn a lot about writing articles. The more you read, the more you will learn. As a result, your writing skills will improve. Below I am giving the link of PDF of some of these books. You can download and read them if you want. How to write an Original Article.pdf download ..

Write the article on a specific topic. Never try to divert the reader's attention by writing something outside of the topic you are writing. Gain the trust of your readers by writing high quality completed articles. If any reader is happy with you after reading your article, they will want to read more of your writing in the future. Which will help you develop your blogging career.

Google Search Engine Friendly Articles have specific guidelines that Google Webmaster has

It has been said. Basic Principal

  1. Make your article for readers, not for search engines.
  2. Never cheat with readers.

Avoid search engine ranking techniques. A good rule of thumb is whether you are comfortable explaining what you have done to a competing website or to a Google employee. Another useful test is to ask, "Does it help my readers? Would I do this without search engines?

Think about how to make your website unique, valuable or attractive. Distinguish your website from others in your case.

Specific guidelines

Avoid these techniques

  1. Automatically generated content
  2. Participating in link schemes (using links for page ranking)
  3. Creating pages without original content and with titles
  4. Cloaking (presenting various content or URLs to human users and search engines)
  5. Sneaky redirects
  6. Hidden text or link
  7. Doorway Pages (Creating Pages for Ranking)
  8. Scraped content
  9. Without adding value to the affiliate program
  10. Loading pages with inconsistent keywords
  11. Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans or other badware
  12. Misuse of structured data markup
  13. Send automatic search to Google
  14. Follow good practices

Automatically generated content

I talked about Automatically generated content above but not many people know about it. Is that so? This is one of the keywords that will give you keywords and write so much content, so it does not use SEO properly. Visitors do not get accurate information. As a result, it may not be as good for your site. So just ignore this.

Maintain the html rules for writing article 

This is subject of complete SEO. Which I can't ignore. You must know the headings of an article and all the headings with a tag and how to use a keyword. You can read the article on our website about this. html rules for write article 

Monitor your site for hacking and remove hacked content immediately

Prevent spammers from your site and remove spamming

Then you know the details about the rules of article writing. If I missed something or you want to know more, please comment.

Finally I would like to say that if you can't write an article at all then don't be disappointed. Hire an article writer. Which will help your site grow. If you want to blog, you can never make a good income by running a site with full content. Don't waste time with what I can't do. Instead, use the time on the other side.

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