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Blogger Templates 2022
Blogger Templates 2022

Hello Dear, Welcome to our website . Hope you are much better than before. Today I am going to write for you about something that is very useful for everyone.You all have a website. Many are made with WordPress and many are made with Blogger. Blogger is a service provided by Google. In which we get a lot of free facilities. Today I am going to share 200 blogger templates for this blogger which you are constantly searching on Google.You may also have searched Google blogger template for free. This article is going to be one of the best search results for you. Because I have also collected some good templates by searching like you. And if there are viruses, we have removed the viruses so that you can use them safely.You may be looking for a template that will fit your blog. And with that template you can do everything. The 200 blogger templates that I am going to share are the best selected templates. That means you will be one of your favorite templates. Since I have spent a lot of time uploading these blogger templates, it will work for you.Just uploading a Blogger template will not be your blogging career. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I will discuss the Blogger template in more depth today. If you find it annoying to read, you can ignore it. You can scroll down the page and download the template according to your choice.

In this article I have uploaded 200 blogger templates but I will answer many questions. The answers to the questions you will find in this article.

Some questions  about blogger template

  1. Which is the best free template for Blogger?
  2. Which template is best for Blogger?
  3. How do I download a blogger theme?
  4. What is blog template?
  5. How do I create my own Blogger template?

Blogger template

The main purpose of this article is to give people a fresh idea about the Blogger template. Since I will discuss about Blogger template, I will not discuss about Blogger anymore. You can go to this page to know the details about blogger. Blogger templates are some of the codes that make it easy to get a website ready. You just have to think about WordPress, you have to install a pause here, you have to do SEO again, you have to design the page again, a lot of trouble.But the Blogger template is some code that has everything ready. You don't have to worry anymore. There are millions of templates on the Internet to upload to Blogger. Today I have appeared in front of you with the best blogger templates. These templates are developed by web developers. As a result, some templates are paid and some templates are available for free. Because it takes a lot of time to develop them and these templates. Most of the templates that I will share with you today are premium blogger templates. Now you may have a question. What is a free blogger template and what is a premium blogger template and what is the difference between them? Let's discuss one by one then.

Free blogger template

Free blogger template means you don't have to spend any money to get the template. In these templates you will be deprived of many futures, which are in premium. However, premium has not been published in many templates yet. You will get these for free for life. Free blogger templates have developer or publisher credit. In free templates, the name of the publisher or developer is given in the footer section. Which you can't remove even if you want to. Even if you remove it, your template will not work properly.Today I will also share some free blogger templates that are similar to the premium templates provided. Scroll down the page to download the templates

Premium blogger template

Premium blogger template means you have understood so far. You will find many futures in premium blogger templates which you will not get for free. Developers don't want to share these futures with anyone for free. Think of yourself as an example. If you make something with a lot of effort, will you give it to someone for free?Of course not. Premium templates will not have any developer credit. There will be no copyright footer. I am collecting many premium blogger templates for you, and you will find all the templates in this article. Your question may be how I am giving you premium templates. Because I am also a web developer, I have converted many free templates to premium. And I have bought a lot of premium blogger templates myself, which I will share with you for free. Now you want to know the answer to a question. Do free templates contain viruses?  let's discuss about this..

Do free blogger templates contain viruses?

The answer to this question is often yes, and often not. Developers do not want to give their futures in free templates. But they never do anything bad. However, if you download a paid blogger template from a bad site, then you will understand that there is a problem with that template .Because no one will ever give you anything for free. But you can trust our site completely. However, if there is any problem caused by Virus King remote, you must let us know. We always try to do something good for you. We have come up with all the new templates for you.

Best Blogger Template in 2021

The templates that were on the best list of all by 2021, you can find such templates on our website today. You are looking for a template that is not available on many websites. Maybe you can find that template on our website in this article. A template tends to be the best based on the future. What is the design of the template, and what is the SEO score, how many people use it, how many people like the template. Based on all this, we have arranged this 200 blogger template. You may not like all the templates of today, but I promised you will find some templates that you like a lot. Which you can't find with Google search, or have problems finding and downloading. There are many categories in the blogger template. What type of blogger site do you want to create or what type of template do you want to use? I have tried to upload template templates for all categories. The templates that I will share today are Mobile Friendly, Responsive, SEO and Friendly. If you want, you can see the demo of each website and check if it is responsive.Let's discuss Responsive blogger template, Mobile Friendly blogger template,and SEO Friendly blogger template...

Responsive blogger template

Many visitors visit the websites we have created. In this, not everyone can visit with computer, many visit with computer and many visit with smartphone. So if our website is not open on all devices, then the user or visitor will suffer discomfort. The reason is that if the template is not responsive, the user will not want to visit a second time. This is the Responsive Blogger Template that is the system that is added to the Blogger template to open the template correctly on all devices. It is also called mobile friendly template. Responsive means it will open properly in the mobile device. However, not all mobile friendly templates open properly on other devices such as tabs and pads. So not all mobile friendly templates are responsive.but all responsive blogger template are mobile friednly blogger template.

SEO friendly blogger template

You have created a website which means you want visitors to your website from online. If you want to find your website by searching on Google, you must use SEO friendly template. SEO friendly template is a template in which Google will do everything you need to do to get your site ranked. If you have ever heard of SEO, you will understand how big the subject of SEO is. Here the meta tags matter, the HTML tags matter. What kind of tags will a page rank on a web page and what meta tags will be used to index your website Google says all these together on page SEO. And if you use an SEO friendly template, then all the code will be given in that template, you don't have to do SEO in a new way, you don't have to go to new troubles. Which is why you need an SEO template. In today's article I have shared many SEO friendly templates. You can check it out by watching the demo. learn more about seo from our website...

Free customizable blogger templates

I am targeting today's article to rank among many keywords. After writing so many things, I see that if this point is omitted, the article will not be complete. So I wrote, with customizable blogger templates. Customizable template is a template I can easily customize. Not everyone is a developer anymore, not everyone knows about template code. Customizable template, everyone can easily edit and customize. As a result, customizable templates are needed for everyone, even for you..

200 Blogger Template

If you have read all that I have said so far, then you will understand which template is perfect for you. And if you haven't read it, read it now. Today I will share with you 200 premium blogger templates and free blogger templates. Which will be a choice. Needless to say, download your favorite premium blogger template and free blogger template from the table below... 😊✔

People also ask

Which Blogger template is best?

Ans: There are some templates whose future is very beautiful design is very beautiful. You can take a template that matches you. The template that has more futures is the best tie, you can see the details of each template and understand which template is the best.

How do I choose a Blogger template?

Ans: In order for you to like the template, you need to look at the future and details of that template. The templates that have been uploaded to our website have been published in the article for details. You can take a look.

Which Blogger template is best for Adsense?

Ans:  You have to see which template makes AdSense friendly. Developers add some code to show AdSense ads in a beautiful way. You can go to each template page and see which template will support AdSense better.

What is the fastest Blogger template?

Ans: There are many awesome page speed checkers online to see how fast your blogger template is. You can copy the demo link of each template. There are many articles on our site about this you can check later.

How to Download 200 Template video 

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SL No: Template Name Template Demo Download Link Search Alternate Download Link
0Idntheme premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
1New Simplify 2 premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
2textrim v3 blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
3Hartomy Grid Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
4brickon template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
5beyonce pro blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
6TouchCade premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
7Blanter Violet Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
8Lunar Pro blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
9MR Laboratory Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
10storm blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
11medium ui blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
12INKA Story blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
13seoify premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
14Khoirom V5 Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
15Masign asuka premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
16epic simple blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
17Softness safelink blogger templatevDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
18Jobiki blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
19modern shop blogger template premiumDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
20Limitation blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
21tech blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
22hartomy ui v2 template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
23Galaxy blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
24Facebook blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
25Mudah Grid Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
26infinity portfolio premium free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
27envato responsive premium blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
28Sanai High Quality Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
29blanter tokoshop premium free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
30frezhify blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
31modern shop Ecommerce blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
32instagram blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
33souqstore premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
34affiliation free version templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
35Simple Free blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
36Simpanse Premium Blogger Template DownloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
37shezan landing page template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
38ShareMe blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
39ordinary it blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
40seo site responsive blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
41SEOfied blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
42Funnel SEO blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
43ProVision Portfolio Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
44Platinumify Responsive blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
45Preamp AMP blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
46photo wallpaper premium blogger templatesDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
47non amp blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
48Covid-19 News blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
49VioMagz Landing blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
50Templateify Pro blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
51nubia premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
52Original Snap News premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
53Course Pro blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
54Median UI v1.5 Premium downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
55video blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
56Dope Free blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
57Goomsite AMP style 2 blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
58Shop Liên Quân One blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
59Berminat blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
60Nivan Blogger Template Premium FreeDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
61newspro responsive magazine blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
62New Seo Template blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
63MJ Tri Kolum Full Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
64Janda Design Premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
65mediumish blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
66mdfostrap blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
67Masign View v2 Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
68masign magz premium v4.0 blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
69Vtrick v1.5 premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
70Masign Grid Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
71masign clean premium v3.0 free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
72Masign Alpha V2 Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
73magma news responsive blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
74MAC OS blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
75Livia Luna Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
76Brakt - Personal Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
77Blogthuthuatwin10 V5 Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
78fletro lite premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
79lingle blogger theme free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
80templateify premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
81Viral Go Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
82Kompi Flexible v8 Non AMP Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
83katana pro blogger template freeDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
84Blink blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
85dunia blanter blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
86Profile Landing Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
87In SEO Pro Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
88Era Material Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
89Hexo Indigo Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
90Cooking blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
91helpDesk blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
92Goomsite AMP blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
93Invasion Blogger premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
94Souq store premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
95google play v2 blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
96foliocard blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
97android neo blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
98viral go responsive premium templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
99Maintenance mode script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
100Quick mag blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
101Zippo premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
102folio single page blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
103Shouters Premium Version blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
104Best premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
105Lite blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
106ideas mag premium version free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
107Pixy Newspaper 10 Free download for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
108Droid - Responsive Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
109Combo One Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
110Brakt v5.0 – Responsive Personal Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
111Ultra Saas blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
112Alva premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
113Bizmart Free blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
114Alaric Blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
115Arlina Code Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
116Lynx Free blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
117Google Plus Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
118VioMagz premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
119igniel premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
120Mizuna blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
121STARTING blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
122Beatvn blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
123AMP News blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
124seo hub premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
125lan host landing page blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
126SEO Boost Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
127Seo Blog premium template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
128fenomen premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
129fenix portfolio premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
130sahabat amp blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
131h taku premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
132BMAG Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
133Code Day Roi premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
134Blog Coupon Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
135Blog Coupon Premium Blogger TemplateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
136Alpha premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
137Gmag blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
138TB premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
139art blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
140Bootstrap 4 premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
141Photo Viewer Blogger Template DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
142OnePress blogger template download with freeDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
143super seo optimised blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
144vienna lite 2 blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
145AMP Journal blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
146blogger global data tag scriptDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
147html css code test or run script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
148Appiki Blogger Template Free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
149Best Safelink blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
150Youtube video Blogger Template DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
151Custom Music Player With BG script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
152New Maggner blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
153air flex blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
154basil portfolio blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
155best premium blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
156VlettersAMP blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
157Buzzify blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
158viral go premium blogger template download freeDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
159Website Trafic Landing blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
160MR Laboratory Old blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
161best responsive premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
162Templateify Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
163MSD Premium blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
164Galima Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
165Freebify Premium Blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
166App Business Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
167vanilla life style blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
168asal seo responsive blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
169GET Avatar from Facebook script for blogger DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
170birthday wishing script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
171Birthday Wishing web script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
172love memories script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
173Portfolio blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
174Entertainment blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
175Nemesis Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
176URL Redirect script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
177Foodify Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
178Encoding Decoding System script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
179Tic Tac Toe Game script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
180Image To Text Converter script for blogger DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
181smart tube premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
182awesome css animation script for bloggerDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
183Galaxy blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
184Card Game blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
185reco blogger template downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
186Portfolio single page blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
187True Url safelink premium downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
188Piki Lyrics blogger template free downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
189Online Music Player blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
1903D Image Rounder Blogger Template DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
191mp3 visual player blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
192Speed Lighter blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
193Portfolio single Page blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
194Invert Pro Premium blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
195Memories of love blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
196Piki bloggers free version downloadDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
197Blanter tokoside Blogger Template premiumDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
198Mirror blogger template free download DemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
199Services landing page blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2
200pinktong blogger templateDemoDownloadSearchDownload 2

Best Blogger Template Template

Idntheme premium blogger templateNew Simplify 2 premium blogger templatetextrim v3 blogger templateHartomy Grid Premium blogger templatebrickon template free downloadbeyonce pro blogger template free downloadTouchCade premium blogger templateBlanter Violet Premium blogger templateLunar Pro blogger template free downloadstorm blogger template free downloadmedium ui blogger template downloadINKA Story blogger templateseoify premium blogger templateKhoirom V5 Responsive Blogger TemplateMasign asuka premium blogger template downloadepic simple blogger template free downloadSoftness safelink blogger templatevJobiki blogger template free downloadmodern shop blogger template premiumLimitation blogger template free downloadtech blogger template downloadhartomy ui v2 template free downloadGalaxy blogger template free downloadFacebook blogger template free downloadMudah Grid Responsive Blogger Templateinfinity portfolio premium free downloadenvato responsive premium blogger template free downloadSanai High Quality Responsive Blogger Templateblanter tokoshop premium free downloadfrezhify blogger template downloadmodern shop Ecommerce blogger templateinstagram blogger template downloadsouqstore premium blogger templateaffiliation free version templateSimple Free blogger template downloadSimpanse Premium Blogger Template Downloadshezan landing page template free downloadShareMe blogger template free downloadordinary it blogger template free downloadseo site responsive blogger templateSEOfied blogger template downloadFunnel SEO blogger template free downloadProVision Portfolio Blogger TemplatePlatinumify Responsive blogger templatePreamp AMP blogger templatephoto wallpaper premium blogger templatesnon amp blogger templateCovid-19 News blogger templateVioMagz Landing blogger templateTemplateify Pro blogger templatenubia premium blogger template downloadOriginal Snap News premium blogger templateCourse Pro blogger template downloadMedian UI v1.5 Premium downloadvideo blogger template downloadDope Free blogger template downloadGoomsite AMP style 2 blogger templateShop Liên Quân One blogger templateBerminat blogger template free downloadNivan Blogger Template Premium Freenewspro responsive magazine blogger templateNew Seo Template blogger templateMJ Tri Kolum Full Responsive Blogger TemplateJanda Design Premium blogger template downloadmediumish blogger template free downloadmdfostrap blogger template downloadMasign View v2 Premium blogger templatemasign magz premium v4.0 blogger templateVtrick v1.5 premium blogger templateMasign Grid Premium blogger templatemasign clean premium v3.0 free downloadMasign Alpha V2 Premium Blogger Templatemagma news responsive blogger templateMAC OS blogger templateLivia Luna Responsive Blogger TemplateBrakt - 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