ways to increase website traffic organically

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Hello dear guest - Welcome to MR Laboratory . You have come to MR Laboratory for information about ways to increase website traffic organically Today I will conclude this article by discussing ways to increase website traffic organically in detail. Search Google to know more about ways to increase website traffic organically write ways to increase website traffic organically or click here mrlaboratory.com for visit. See the page Table of content for know the main topic of this article.


ways to increase website traffic organically 

ways to increase website traffic organically 

Today, when I went to write about this topic, I fell into a really big thought. What is actually the traffic for the website! I think visitors to my website are like guests or friends who come to my house. Now the thing is, making friends is a big deal, or protecting that friendship! Which one? It is important to bring visitors to the website, or it is important to retain visitors! Which one? When you are reading this article, I assume that - I have a website like this, you may also have a website. And we both want our website to have a lot of visitors. But brother, it seemed to me that retaining visitors was more important than increasing visitors. So in today's article I will try to highlight the two most important issues on increasing and retaining traffic to the website. Insha-Allah.

Design user friendly

What is meant by user friendly design! Suppose a lot of guests come to your house, but the condition of the house is such that the mind of the guest does not stay there at all. Guests come, but not for long. The reason may be the design of your house. If you think - the design of your website that does not attract the user. Or if the design of your site does not match the user's habits, then change the design.

"Whether my website is user friendly or not. I leave it up to my guests. There is a comment box below. I hope everyone will let me know at least one comment. If I have to bring something new in the future, I will bring it anyway." "Let my guests be satisfied.

Design mobile friendly

More than sixty percent of the visitors visit the website through mobile. Such a large number of visitors should not be prevented from visiting your website. So every page of the website should be mobile friendly. Check if your website is mobile friendly with this Mobile Friendly Test tool. If not here's a new product just for you!

Increase page speed

If you find that the speed of your website is relatively low, then work on increasing the page speed first. Do link building later.

Remember, if your house is a place where it takes a long time to get there, then some important guests will not want to go there. Similarly, you link to your website elsewhere, but if the user takes a long time to load the page after clicking on it, the visitor will no longer want to visit. So first of all increase the speed of the page.

Users use interesting content

Write something that is new and necessary to the user to tell the user interesting content. Nowadays all users are visiting different websites. If he sees the same article on your website, he may not want to visit again. So write new topics or articles that will be useful in the user's career. Try to keep the pictures or graphics somewhat interesting. Try to keep the font and font size comfortable. Write about something every day. Make sure the user gets something new every day.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a method by which anyone using a search engine can access a web site for free. Search Engine Optimization is called SEO for short. As the use of the Internet grows, so does the popularity of search engine optimization (SEO). Many are using it as a freelancing job. In addition, those who are running the blog need to increase the profile of the blog. The importance of SEO for business survival on the Internet is immense. submit your site on google search engine

Use social media

The present is the age of social media. So one of the most important ways to drive traffic to your website is to use social media. There are several ways you can use social media. First of all, go to the popular social sites and write some parts of the article on your web page and then share it publicly with the link of that web page. If someone likes to read, if he clicks to read the rest, he can come to your site and read the rest. Second, you can place a social media share button in a specific place on each page of your website. You can share yourself, and other users can share. Third: You can open a page or a group in the name of your website in Facebook etc. Share daily posts there regularly and stay active with group friends for at least some time each day.

Use the forum site

If your website is in english or if your visitors are especially for english speaking people, then there are many forum sites in english. Where many people ask different questions. If you see that there is a question that has the answer on your website. Then answer quickly in short. And let's just say - more details on this topic can be found at this link. Tactically link to your web page. 

Or you can do another job. You can create a forum site for your website yourself. Where anyone can login and ask questions. If the question is related to your website, you will answer as much as possible. Or if another user knows the answer, he can answer. One of the creative habits of human beings is to do charity. A bird has fallen into a hole and cannot get up at all. No matter how bad a man is, he will try to rescue that bird at least once. Someone has asked a question somewhere, if someone knows the answer, he must try to give the answer. Because man is born with the latter in his own way.

Share the video

What we mean by video sharing site is YouTube. In addition to YouTube, there are many Vimeo, Usream, Hulu, Vine, etc. But the most popular being, Youtube. So you can create a channel named after your website on YouTube. Create and upload videos related to your website there. Share the link to your web page below. Or you can show your website viewer in one of the gaps of the video. There are two benefits to making a video. Firstly, you can advertise your website through video and secondly, you can earn money from YouTube. So make and share videos as much as possible.

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