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QR code generator javascript example । QR Code use on your website


    QR code generator javascript example

    What is qr code ?

    QR code is a two-dimensional and upgraded version of the most popular barcode. The bar-code thing we've all seen more or less. Any product that has a fairly long black-and-white stripe on the back cover of the book is a bar-code. Barcodes are used to express the identity number of a product.

    These types of codes are used to make any brief information readable to the device quickly and easily. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology is faster, less expensive and more accurate than Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, so it is very suitable for presenting less information to the device.

    This is exactly what is done in bar codes or QR codes. Any information written in any character is represented by some machine readable mark.

    QR code

    The use of QR code is not as limited as that of barcodes, its use is much wider. While bar codes work with only a handful of ASCII characters, QR codes support more than 4,000 Unicode characters!

    Which means it's not just about product identity or numbers, it's about using any kind of word. And that's why the field of QR code has expanded so widely.

    Use of QR code:

    It goes without saying that the use of QR code was not very common in our country a few days ago. Now it is quite visible. Payment systems, especially mobile banking system development apps, have spread significantly since its inception!

    But not just for transactions or business purposes, you can use it in different fields if you want. E.g.

    1.     Phone book sharing.
    2.     Business card sharing.
    3.     WiFi sharing.
    4.     Exchange web site addresses.
    5.     Any kind of link sharing.
    6.     Payment system.
    7.     URL encripting
    8.     Product code sharing

    In addition to all such fields, QR code can be used for thousands of other purposes. You can publish any information written in 1000 characters according to your needs through QR code. Any device that has a camera will be readable quickly.

    How to use qr code in any website 

    We recently did a post about QR code. I showed you how to use QR code on any website. But many peope could not use it properly because it had some problems.

    You can read this article : QR Code  But today we have solved all the problems and published the article. You can use the following codes on any website if you want. Be it a blogger or a WordPress site.

    Auto QR Code generator Script for website 

    <div class='mrpostscan'></div><script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.0/jquery.min.js"></script><script src='https://mrlaboratory.github.io/qrcode-for-blogger/qrmr.js'></script>

    How to use QR code generator in blogger 

    Open Your blog site where you went add qr code ... thene goto the setting of your blogger. thene go on your blogger layout...after goto the layout section of your blogger you can any where will add this code  by widget ..

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    How to use QR code generator in blogger
    How to use QR code generator in blogger 

    QR code generator using video tutorial 

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