How to add a copy button to markdown code blocks


How to add a copy button to markdown code blocks

How to add a copy button to markdown code blocks

Hello, today I will talk about code, how to put a button to copy text on a blogger site.

We are use some JavaScript code to not copy anything from our sites. Which is that no one can copy anything. But when you write an article about a code, you have to share the code, so the visitors cannot copy the shared code. So for one advantage came another disadvantage. If you add a systematic code for it , you will find the solution for this problem .

You can put the codes in the text box to quote in the quotes text. That system is in Blogger. And copy the following code and put it on your site.

If you visit this post on our site, you will see that this system is on our site.

copyable code 

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you want to add Zia code to the copy box, you must put it in <blockquote> </blockquote>.

for this feature include this code on your block 

<script src=""/>

Hopefully you will benefit.. ❤❤ Stay with us 

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