how does work alexa website rankings ?

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how does work alexa website rankings

Alexa: What? Why? How?

Alexa is a website developed by American e-commerce giant Amazon that provides information on traffic and ranking calculations.

It started its journey on April 1, 1997. The ranking position will inform you by analyzing the data of the website submitted to the search engine. If you go to and give a link to a website and it has already been submitted to the search engine, then it will tell you the rank of that site, backlinks, percentage of visitors and what kind of visitors are coming to the site from which country.

What is the rank of the website internationally and in the country. Besides, he will tell you some keywords of the site which are playing a role in the ranking. From here you can find out what kind of visitors are coming from social sites and search engines. The website also gives information about the internet graph, browsing location and how men and women are visiting.


Alexa was founded in 1996. Alexa has undertaken a number of permanent initiatives to improve its users on the Internet that are still in force. Alexa’s toolbar has been downloaded more than a million times since its inception, and is the largest web crew in the world ever since. And constantly evolving user data at all times., among other services, has a search engine, a directory and a toolbar. It also has a service called Alexa Traffic Ranking (Site Info from's navigation menu), which is where we enter Alexa to take info from any site. Here I can input the address of any site and through Enter press Alexa will show you all the information including the current rank of that domain.

The blue snapshot of Alexa above reveals the complete information of a site in Alexa. Where, the history of each online website is stored as graphs that have come in contact with Alexa. Each site included in Alexa has a unique rank and the lowest rank-tie is the best site. The most interesting thing is that the site will be in the Alexa calendar for the next three months.

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa Traffic Rank is determined by Alexa Quarterly (3 months) calendar time. Where, millions of users visit different sites using Alexa toolbar. First, Alexa calculates the pageviews of each site every day. Alexa rank mainly depends on where visitors are coming to your site from or from any source and how much time they are spending on your site as well as whether they are going from one page to another or page views. Having said that internal linking plays an important role in increasing good page views. Alexa Quarterly (3 months) Your site's rank may change (increase or decrease) as the calendar expires. For example: Suppose your site's rank on July 1 was the same in the first quarter of the year and the same in the second quarter.

I do not have the time and ability to describe each of Alexa's services. If you are interested, you can visit here to know about all the services of Alexa. alexa rank

Alexa Toolbar:

As described above, Alexa records statics for each site using the data of its toolbar users. If you've read the Alexa traffic rankings help page, you'll realize that Alexa always reads data from its popular sites very quickly and accurately, while low-ranking sites (above 100,000) may be skeptical about whether the data is read correctly.

Personally I have never used the Alexa toolbar. Because Alexa doesn't store all site info equally, it's just like many of me have a suspicion. But, as far as I think now, Alexa or Alexa Rank is a lot of help for the information of a site that is public, needless to say and Alexa Toolbar plays a big role in raising the rank of your site. toolbar 

AlexaRank vs. Google PageRank:

We know that the page rank of a site can be increased if that site has links to other sites of high rank. For example: Suppose you own a page rank of 7 or 8. Now link the ranking site with another site of yours (which does not have much rank). After a while, you see that the site has improved or got a good rank. Personally, most of us who are a little involved with the blog or have a blog of our own, do not bother to improve the traffic to their site. But, whenever we talk about another site or hear that a site will be sold, we get into a discussion about its rank, how many visitors daily, etc. In fact, the main thing is that according to a local custom, we all take Alexa Rank more seriously.

On Alexa on the other hand, one thing as far as I know, in fact Alexa ranking is directly above the number of traffic visits. Not with internal linking like PageRank. The more visitors to that site, the higher its rank in Alexa. From Alexa site you can find out which keyword is getting more visitors to your site by searching. Which country, how many visitors are coming to your site, etc. But you can't know any of this in Google Page Rank. If you visit a high page rank site through an internal link and come to another site, you will see that the Alexa rank of that site is not good, but you must understand that all the traffic is being increased through the internal link. And if both Alexa and Google page rank are good, then the site is very popular and informative. Excellent examples: "Science, Technology and trick".

Is Alexa Rank really important?

From the above discussion, it is understood that Alexa Rank is required. Of course, many more people than me have a better experience with Alexa. However, as much as we talk about Google PageRank and work for its development, it is important to do the same with Alexa Rank. Because the rank of two categories is very important for your site.

how does work alexa website rankings ? 

Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks are based on a sample of millions of Internet users

Alexa’s Traffic Ranks are based on the traffic data provided by Alexa’s global sample over a rolling 3 month period. Traffic Ranks are updated daily. A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of Unique Visitors and Pageviews. Unique Visitors are determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single Pageview. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked #1. Additionally, we employ data normalization to correct for biases that may occur in our data.

alexa website ranking chrome extention

alexa website ranking chrome extention
alexa website ranking chrome extention

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Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Page Rank

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Amazon Alexa - Wikipedia

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