Content Protector JavaScript plugin for blogger

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Hello dear visitors welcome to our website - MR Laboratory. Today we will finish this article by discussing about Content Protector JavaScript plugin for blogger . Search on Google or visit to know more about Content Protector JavaScript plugin for blogger article. See the table of contents to get an idea of the main topic of the article.

Content Protector JavaScript plugin for blogger 

Content Protector

Protect your online content from being copied. Just add a simple javascript code  to your website and Content Protector defend website content from being plagiarized. The plugin completely blocks all methods of copying content: selection, hot-keys, developer’s tools and right-click menu.You work hard to write content and an outsider steals your site content and posts it on his website. Did you like it Of course not..


Disable Select All: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+A (Windows and Linux), ⌘+A (macOS)

Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Select All HotKeys.

Disable Copy: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+C (Windows and Linux), ⌘+C (macOS)

Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Copy HotKeys.

Disable Cut: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+X (Windows and Linux), ⌘+X (macOS)

Protect Your Text from Being Copied by Cut HotKeys.

Disable Right Click: Disable Mouse Right Click

Protect Your Content from Being Copied by Context Menu.

Disable Text Selection: Disable Text Selection

Disable Text Highlight (Text Selection) by Mouse.

Why use content protector script

If you use Content Protector, no one will be able to copy anything from your site. Having unique posts on your site means that Google sees you differently, different keywords or your site. If someone else copies the content of your site, it will be bad for you, because you did not write the content without hard work.

How to use Content Protector  in blogger 

To use Content Protector, simply go to your Blogger site, then go to Layout Settings and click on Ad Widget. Select HTML from there. Then put the following code and save it.

<script src=''/><style>

 * {user-select: none;} *::selection {background: none;}*::-moz-selection {background: none;}   


How to use video

Hopefully it will be useful, but there needs to be some more futures, which will be added to that script link very soon.

Feature will be Add

Disable View Source: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+U (Windows and Linux), ⌘+U (macOS)

Disable to View Source Code of Page by HotKeys.

Disable Print Page: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+P (Windows and Linux), ⌘+P (macOS)

Protect Your Page from Being Printed by HotKeys.

Disable Developer Tool: Disable HotKeys: Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows and Linux), ⌘+⌥+I (macOS)

Disable to View Source Code of Page by Developer Tools.

Disable Safari Reader Mode: Disable Reader mode in Safari: ⌘+Shift+R (macOS)

Protect Your Text and Images from being copied in the Safari Reader mode.

Disable Image Dragging by Mouse.

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