10 Ways to earn money with google without investment

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10 Ways to earn money with google without investment 

10 Ways to Make Money from Google

Money income from Google.

Top 10 Money Making Websites from Google: The online world is so powerful today that it is possible to control the world online.

There is no doubt that Google is one of the rulers of that online world. It's normal for Google to rule the entire online world.

About the ways to make money from Google:

Google has put together a number of ways to make money online. People depend on Google for many things in their daily lives.

However, there is always a question in everyone. The question is, what is the way to earn money from Google? If you are one of them, who wants to do a small job at Google. Then today's blog is for you. Not an official job of Google, but I will tell you the ways to earn money from Google using different products of Google.

I think you are one of those people. Those who want to know how to make money from Google. Those who are quite interested in making money on Google.

Google's various products; For example, many people are earning using YouTube, Adsense, Opinion Rewards or Google Play. The number of people earning money from Google in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Even I am earning from Google's product Adsense.

Spend your time on various Google applications or websites. And convert those times into money. This way you can create your own profession.

So far there are as many giant tech or big brands. Everyone has the opportunity to earn money online. For example: Amazon, Swagbucks, Yahoo, Facebook etc. In that sense, it is possible Google will be left behind. Google offers more opportunities to earn online than others.

How do I make money from Google?

How can we make money online from Google?

1. Google Adsense. Ed is the best way to earn income.

2. YouTube: Making thousands of dollars instantly by creating YouTube videos.

3. Blogger / Blogspot: The only free blogging platform.

4. Google Ads (AdWords)

5. Make a profit by selling the Google Play: Paid app.

6. Google Keyword Planner

7. Search Engine Evaluation, SEO.

8. Google Opinion Rewards: A trusted platform for completing surveys

9. Google Pay

10. Google Maps.

List of the top 10 websites to make money from Google:

I briefly explained the ways a little earlier. All of the above mentioned ways, these are one of the online jobs of Google. For example, it would not be wrong to call publishing Google Ad a job. Many people are earning millions of rupees a month from publishing ads.

There are many more ways to make money from Google. All you have to do is find the right way to make money from Google. Do you fit in yourself? That must be judged. You can think of earning money there later.

If you want to work online on any one of the Google platforms. And want to make income. But I hope you will read the whole blog.

1. Google AdSense - Income by publishing ads.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense

If a blog is written, "How to make money from Google?" However, if the blog does not have Google Adsense, the entire blog remains incomplete.

Google Adsense is an integral part of Google. Much of the revenue in the online world comes from Adsense. Google AdSense asks Google Ad Publishers to publish ads on their website or YouTube videos.

Once you start earning good revenue using Google Adsense. But gradually it will continue to become your source of income.

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What does Google Adsense actually do?

Many people may be shocked about Google Adsense. That's normal. Because Google Ad is being published on the website. Webmasters are getting revenue by showing the published ad. What's really going on?  

How AdSense works 

Google AdWords is published on our website by various big companies and native companies to run ads. And these companies have already invested money in Google Ad Word for this. Google pays 35% or more of the revenue from publishing ads. Publishers get the rest.

Google pays billions of dollars every year through Google Adsense. Even if you display Google Adsense in your blog space, you can earn a good rate from there.

One of the most important part of earning a website is advertising. And Google Adsense completes this advertising. Suppose your site is popular. Created by reviewing various Tourist Spots. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Adsense but then a lot of thinking, Ed will show.

Google Adsense is a great way to make money online through Google. YouTube channels can be monetized through Google Adsense. If you regularly upload videos to YouTube, you can also add a Google AdSense account there.

There are already some requirements to activate Google AdSense account. They can be flipped. And you can also get approval from Google AdSense. There is no requirement to get approval on Blogger through Google Adsense. Only some conditions, even if the policy is complied with. These are known as policies in Google AdSense.

But to get AdSense monetization on YouTube, you have to go beyond 4000 hours of watch time. And acquire 1000 subscribers.

Rough monetization can be found by writing only 10 to 12 two thousand word content on the blog site. In addition to that you need to create a quality blog site. And the use of copyrighted content and images is strictly prohibited.

The Bengali blog site can earn a minimum of $3 to a maximum of $15 per 1000 pageviews from Google Adsense. Similarly, you can earn from a minimum of $ 2 to a maximum of $ 12 per 1000 views on YouTube.

In my opinion, I have earned  8$ per 600 views from Google Adsense.My blog site is completely Bengali. Adsense Monetization easily earns $10- $50 per 100 pageviews on English blogs.

Let's say you create your blog on the Wordpress.com site. So WordPress has a feature called WordAds. If you want to have a WordPress account, you can use WordPress.

Moreover if you create a website on the wordpress.org site. Or create a blog site. But there you can easily find Google AdSense monetization. And Google itself prefers there. And a good amount is earned.

Google Adsense should get 500visitors per day to earn a decent amount of money.

Initially, if someone is blogging, they use Google Adsense. It seems complicated for him to get a good income from the beginning. After a while the income will continue to grow rapidly.

However, I would suggest you to start blogging on the free platform Blogger without investing money on the WordPress site. As soon as the earnings start to come, he will just move to a professional platform for blogging.

Google AdSense is primarily about advertising. Earnings can double or triple depending on your publishing strategy and optimization.

Post affiliate marketing, or sponsorship, to get additional benefits in addition to Google Adsense. So you don't have to depend on Google Adsense.

Before doing such monetizing work, you must consult some experts. Watch more and more YouTube videos. And learn about it. Learn more about blogging and YouTube. Next, take AdSense Monetize. So that you can be an expert in this matter.

If you work with AdSense from the very beginning, you will definitely earn less. And don't give up. But as far as I know, Adsense will pay a fair price to the visitor. And you will get good income from it.

2. YouTube - Biggest video sharing platform.

You don't need to mention it. Because, YouTube is a popular video sharing platform. There are so many video sharing platforms in the whole internet world. YouTube will be placed in the first place.

YouTube offers you an online job at Google. So why aren't you joining this platform? And not earning? Rather you should take advantage of this platform. If you complete a good course about youtube, you can actually become a successful youtuber.

Before doing YouTube, select a niche or category, you have to work honestly. And you have to upload videos regularly.

You can become a YouTuber only if you complete some basic steps.

Step 1: Create your own YouTube channel.

Step 2: Make some good videos. Which must be optimized for mobile, PC. You can use the camera if you want. Any one webcam. Or video can be uploaded without screen recording.

Step 3: Edit the videos and upload with a professional look.

Step 4:  Discovering Your Purpose There is no need to worry. You can create technology related YouTube channels. Or gaming, education related online YouTube channel can be opened. Entertaining YouTube channels can also be created.

Step 5: Keep uploading videos every day in the same way. Until you get 1 thousand subscribers. If you get 1000 subscribers. However, one can assume that you will get monetization. And you will get more than 100 visitors every day.

Follow my steps until you can collect 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. You should keep in mind that the duration of the first videos should be more than 20 minutes.

So that the 4000 hour watch time mission can be completed. Then you can ask for monetization for Google Adsense. And once you get approval, you just keep uploading videos. And you have a chance, a video will go viral.

Once your video has somehow gone viral, you create sponsored content, or by displaying sponsored posts. You can earn double or triple from YouTube.

Before that let me tell you, there is a concept called video SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. As you may know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. There are various video related searches on YouTube.

Now if you don't learn YouTube video search engine optimization, you won't understand anything about it. And you won’t get organic traffic to the video. YouTube videos can also be boosted through social sharing. Share more YouTube videos.

3. Google Blogger / Blogspot

No doubt, Blogger or Blogspot is an official free platform of Google. Most of the bloggers who are new to blogging start their journey on the Google Blogger platform. The income of a blogger starts from a minimum of Rs 10,000 to a maximum of several lakhs. There are countless bloggers in the world who make up to a million dollars a month.

You can work like a professional blogger on the Google Blogger platform. Share information with visitors by blogging regularly. Let them know your opinion. Builds more spiritual relationships with people through writing. Express your feelings through writing, benefit people.

This blogging is a lot like journalism. Blogging is also easy on Google Blogspot. Those bloggers, maybe one day they move to a blogging platform like WordPress. That's because WordPress has a special freedom to blog. You will have your own blog site. And you will have control over it. No one else can control it.

Also read : Wordpress vs blogger for making money 

As such, Google is the complete opposite of Blogger. Since Blogger is a product of Google, various blogs created in Blogger are under the supervision of Google.

However, a simple advantage of Google Blogger is that you can create blog sites for free here. It is also very easy to use. You can give a professional look by installing any one theme. Moreover, free hosting is available on Google Blogger. There is a subdomain from the beginning.

You can add a custom domain without the next subdomain. That must be a custom top level. E.g. Com, .org, .co, .info will be very useful for your blog. AdSense monetization can be easily taken from Google Blogger. And the Google Adsense Advertising option is displayed on the dashboard of Blogspot. If you want to earn from Blogger through Adsense. However, your income will be sufficient.

How to create a site on Google Blogger?

Before that I would like to inform you that I have already published an article on this.

That's what blogging is all about; And how to make money from Google Blogger?

If you read this article, you will get all the information about Blogger. Moreover, I will say a little bit. Google Blogger is a blogging platform. There you also have to create a blog.

For that you go to the official website of 'Google Blogger'. Click on the Create A New Blog option. Then you will get a new interface.

There you can sign in to your Gmail account. If you sign in to your Gmail account. But there you have to give your Blog Name. You need to select a domain. Or you have to give the domain, you have to add it.

It will then be added to another domain called blogger.com, creating a subdomain.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. You will also need to customize the theme later. All you have to do is watch a YouTube video and tutorial.

Google Blogger has no special restrictions. If you can adapt to blogging here, you can get really good visitors from there. Like I have my own blog site on Google Blogger. And getting regular visitors here.

That's just a set amount of visitors will start to get regular. Besides, if you create a blog site in compliance with Google AdSense policy, you will get AdSense monetization there. It is not difficult at all.

Content is the lifeblood of a blogger site. The more content you upload, the more content you upload, the higher your ranking and strategy will increase. By doing this you will get more and more visitors to your blog site. Your blog will be in the top position in search engines. Etc.

4. Google Ads (AdWords)

Many people think the question will come, I understand that it is possible to earn money from Google Adsense. Because AdSense lets you display ads. If he clicks on the ad show, he can earn money from there. But someone will submit ads in Google Ads. This means that if you want to promote your blog or website or product, you can submit your ad to Google Adsense.

This does not mean that you can earn directly from there. Instead, you need to invest more money in Google to promote your product or website. So where does the income come from?

That's where the answer is actually found. You cannot earn directly from Google. You have to think indirectly. You see, you may be creating and submitting your own ad to Google AdWords to promote a product's website. So that your product is promoted + advertising.

What's going on? Google is a well optimized website. Google knows how to optimize an ad and show it to visitors. Google wants to show ads that benefit your company or website.

When you promote a thing on Google Adsense, you actually get commission from there. If you place ads on e-commerce sites in Google Adwords, the amount of product purchases will increase significantly. In this way, Google Ads benefits you by optimizing the ad well. And indirectly increases earnings.

How does Google AdWords increase revenue?

Google AdWords If you have ads on your site. This means that thousands of visitors and quality traffic are seeing your ad. The ad will be a show to those who are attracted or interested in a product or a place like your website. They will show your ads, will see the ads.

Even those people will click on Ed. Clicking on Ed means he's interested. And wants to go to your website and do something.

5. Google Play Store: Sales by submitting applications.

The application called Google Play Store is very popular. Here applications are being made with entertainment, games, financial transactions, all kinds of topics. If you have a good idea. There are ideas.

Want to create a gaming or funny app. However, you can earn income by sharing it on Google Play. If you want to submit any app on Google Play, you have to pay. Later in that application you can make income using Google App Monetization Platform Admob if you want.

Any one application is available on Google Play Store. If your app gets acceptance in the Play Store. But you don't have to worry about that. Then the more users you have, the more people will use the app, even the more downloads, the more income you will get. That's because the ads you add to the app will be seen by more and more people. More income will come for you.

Uploading apps to Google Play:

Create a Google Account or Wallet Merchant Account. Now sign in. And click on the option called ‘financial reports’.

 Click on ‘set up a merchant account now’ option. Now upload your application. And start selling the app.

As I am telling you, make income by selling Google Play app. This means applying to the Google Play Store, and setting a price for it. It must be a paid app. Then you can earn by selling the app.

Once the paid app is submitted, and good features are added. But of course visitors will come and buy the app. And the more users make purchases, the more revenue will accumulate in your merchant account.

If your application is a paid app. But keep in mind that you can never turn a paid app into a free app. Similarly, you can never turn a free app into a paid app. When you upload the app, you have to fix it, the app will be paid; Or will it be free?

6. Google Keyword Planner

Every day there are endless searches on Google's search engine all over the world. They are very difficult to collect data. All the words searched in the world are analyzed on sites like Google keyword planner.

How many times are some words or phrases searched in a particular place? It is stored in Google Keyword Planner. It is very useful for those who want to do youtuber, blogger or affiliate marketer, affiliate, or digital marketing. And it can act as a source of income.

The reason is giving you appropriate information. How many times is any word searched. What is the volume of the keyword? And from there those who want to do a product marketing benefit a lot more. And some of their income depends on the exact information in this Google Keyword Planner.

All the benefits of Keyword Planner:

If you know some of the features of Google Keyword Planner, you will understand a little better.

The best keywords can be found from Search For Trends in Google Keyword Planner.

Historical data of all famous searches can be collected.

New keywords can be taken out. Moreover, the related phrases searched in any category can be collected.

Here you will find location or language specific results.

Here you can see the results by filtering the competition level, monthly searches, organic impressions, suggested bids, ad impressions.

7. Search Engine Optimization Expertise

Google has become such a big brand and tech giant that how many dollars is paid to an expert to bank an article or content in Google's search engine? If you know that, your eyes will rise to your forehead. The monthly salary of an SEO expert is 35 thousand dollars.

Listening to it, you can say that I am giving up! Because how many SEO experts are there in Bangladesh? What is their salary? I'm talking about the whole world. Not in Bangladesh, but in the alleys of Bangladesh, SEO experts are not right to bring in Qatar.

The reason is that the world's big experts earn a lot of money. And I just picked up a USA report here. Go and see that some SEO experts in Bangladesh and India have never been in the category of those SEO experts. Nor did the data they collected come up.

Now the question is, how does search engine optimization earn from Google? This is not a Google job. Google.com is becoming a life for SEO experts. They are indirectly using Google as a consumer product.

An SEO expert ranks an article or website content in search engines.

Again, Search Engine Evolutor's income is $12 per hour. This payment depends on his ability to work. It can be much more. It depends on his own skills. Make money from Google.

8. Google Opinion Rewards: Money from Google.

One of the best applications of Google is Google Opinion Rewards. However, the application cannot be used in Bangladesh or India.

You must use a Gmail account created on a US or Canada server to use this application. For this you will create a Gmail account using VPN. And of course the VPN must be connected to the American server. So that you can create a Gmail account from under that server. Make Money From Google

If you want to use that Gmail account, you can use that Google Opinion Reward App. Here you will get a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of  $5 for completing each survey. That means the survey is completed four to five times a month.

With some simple questions and answers you can earn dollars. You can keep it in your account. Which will be used as your Google Play Balance.

This is one of the other platforms of Google. But you can't make good money working here. Nor can you become rich. Some money will come. Which you can use as a bonus.

What kind of knowledge do you have about a subject or thing? Or you will be asked about different products, image locations. You can earn dollars for free with their own opinion.

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

Download the application from here. Next install and open. As soon as you sign up, you will need to provide some basic personal details.

This means you have to provide your personal identity. For example, you can work by setting up name, address, email address, password. Moreover, you have to give age.

The latter will give you the opportunity to complete the survey at the end of each week. For this, always keep this application installed on your mobile. Can track GPS or location. Where is your location? To know that. Moreover in this application you will get a notification every week if you have any survey. As soon as you get it, you will be able to fill in the blanks and get free dollars.

These dollars can be easily exchanged through Google Play Balance or PayPal.

9. Google Pay

This is actually an indirect way to earn income from Google. It provides financial benefits for any online store and e-commerce transaction. If you pay the client by exchanging dollars or taking commissions. However, after completing a payment, you can take commission from there. This way you can earn money from Google.

Although the commission is very low, the higher the payment, the more commission will be available. And income will continue to be. Google Payment Method is currently used on all Google powered products, just like PayPal. This means that any bill can be paid through it. Your dollars are safe on your Google Pay account. Which is a popular platform of Google.

You can transcribe to your customers through Google Pay. In addition to completing any transcription, financial transactions can also be done through Google Pay.

The advantage here is that you will get special commission on any financial transaction. Moreover, if someone pays through Google Pay. However, you will take commission from that client. The reason is that you are making the payment.

Suppose you come to the internet, buy something from an online store, or promote a YouTube video to AdWords. Similarly, Google Pay Payment Method is very useful in running ads in Google AdWords. You provide such services, i.e. Google AdWords from Bangladesh. Or you can use Google Pay if you provide services to boost YouTube videos

10. Google Maps

Google Maps is a great feature. Where in the world do you have to go? Or to find the right location, Google Maps is very important. It has a complete tracking system. Google Maps is used to travel to and from many places in Bangladesh. For example, the number of alleys in Dhaka is much higher.

Even the rickshaw pullers there don't recognize it. You have to show them. In this case, Google Maps is becoming much more popular. Anyone can easily come and go using Google Maps. Or reach the right location. Moreover Google Maps has its own hand rules. Using GPS, anyone can do location tracking or get to the right place.

How do I make money from Google Maps?

If I say a little differently, I would say that you can earn money from Google Maps. Immediately without any kind of hard work. E.g.

1) Give a review of a place

You review all the places you went. Also uses Google Maps. Your feedback is much more important to Google. Google has its own features, the feedback is very important to improve it. This is no exception. And through it, without any investment, you can earn effectively.

2) Post a photo of a location.

This is a much better way. No matter where you go, you can post photos on Google Maps. This is a great way to add some money to your wallet. You will find photographs of many places on Google Maps.

If the photographs match your travel destination, you can name them. And through this, money can be earned in the wallet of Google Maps.

3) Edit the location of a place, or add.

There are countless places in the world that can go a little wrong with Google Maps. You can edit all the places, buildings, places in the whole world. That means you can edit the right place.

You can add new places in the same way. This allows you to earn income from Google Maps. For your work, Google will pay you.

Here you are helping to improve the features of Google Maps by providing accurate information about different locations. Which is why Google will pay you. And you can do a small job at Google.

Moreover, Google's search static needs to be improved. And for this you must be paid. When your work gets better, you will get more profit from it.

Today we have learned the ways to earn money from Google. Google is actually a big platform. There are many ways to earn an income. But I picked up a few ways. Many people from Bangladesh get the opportunity to work directly in Google in different sectors. But the ways I mentioned are actually working on the Google platform, not a job.

There you can show your talent and earn income by working on Google's platform. There is no obligation. If you like the blog, be sure to share.

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