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Windows 11 setup guide

Windows 11 setup guide

Microsoft Windows has already officially announced their new version of Windows, Windows 11. Besides, various questions and discussions have started among the people about the rules of giving Windows 11 setup or how to give Windows on laptop.

To solve this problem for you, today in our post we will discuss everything from the rules of Windows Update to the rules of Windows 11 Update or how to install Windows 11 on your laptop.

Also, many of you are asking the question how to know the rules of giving 

Windows 11 from a pen drive correctly? 

Again, many people say that Windows is suffering a lot from the setup problem. So based on your problem questions and answers we will try to answer everything in our today's post. Besides, 

what are the new features in Windows 11? And 

do you have Windows 11 system requirements? 

Let's go inside to know the details

Windows 11 setup rules How to install Windows 11 on laptop 

Windows setup problem 

New features in Windows 11 

Before we go into the details of the rules for updating Windows 11 or 

How to install Windows 11 on a laptop, we must know what benefits we will get from Windows 11. This means that if we are using Windows 11, we will get new options as a new feature in Windows 11. And we need to know what are the Windows 11 System Requirement Requirement? Let's find out-

Nowadays, almost everyone is having a special discussion about what Windows 11 operating system will look like and how it will work. Some of the new features and some of the requirements are mentioned-

# 1. The first thing that catches the eye of Microsoft Windows 11 is the icons of Microsoft Windows 11. These will be almost in the middle and will be in the built-in way. But you can also take the left if you want. Microsoft has given preference to the word center based in different Windows XI versions. So naturally everything will start from the middle position.

# 2. As well as Windows XI you will get a frosted glass looking or blurry glass looking filling. All its sides have been rounded edge finish. Where you can often compare it to Mac as analogous. It basically got a much more modern and aesthetic look now and then.

# 3. Besides, an attempt has been made to redesign the start menu of Windows and make it icon shaped. This has solved a lot of problems that we saw in the case of Windows 7. Now let's see how effective Windows 11 is with this iconic system.

# 4. The latest and funniest piece of information is that Windows 11 uses a new feature called "Snap Lee Out" that allows you to do more things at once, that is, different types of multitasking. Hey, in case of multitasking, you will be given many types of designs. You can get the job done by choosing the design or layout that suits you best.

# 5. The next fun feature is the widgets menu bar. We later got the widgets option in the case of Windows 7 quite well. Although it could not be used as well later, Windows 11 has launched widgets with advanced technology. You can see your widgets option by dragging it from the left side of the Windows screen. You can make it your full screen if you want.

# 6. The option to do so is by default or by default or built-in Microsoft team in Microsoft Windows 11. You can talk to anyone on the team via zoom or direct video calling, or with your friends. This is one of the most important features of Windows 11. And the biggest thing is that this feature of Windows 11 is able to communicate directly with iOS or any other system.

# 7. The next main thing is that all the apps of Android will run directly on Windows 11. This means that you don't need to run those mangoes in your Windows by any means. From now on, you can directly play any Android app of your choice on your Windows 11.

However, let me say here that your Android apps will not be downloaded from Google Play, but will be downloaded from your Amazon App Store.

#8. Also some of the new features include gaming system and game graphic will also make everything run smoother and get more performance.

Many people are now asking whether Windows 11 has come to the market or whether we can launch it on computers now. Early beta versions will be available from the first week of July with the launch of Microsoft Windows 11. However, by the end of this year, Windows 11 will officially take place in the marketplace as the latest updated version. How do I install Windows 11 on a laptop? Rules for updating Windows 11 | Windows setup problem Windows 11 System Requirements As the latest updated version of Windows, Windows 11 is now one of the most popular names in the world. Now almost everyone wants to update their software to Windows XI version. For this you first need to see if your laptop or desktop will support Windows 11. There are several Windows 11 system requirements that can be used to tell if your computer will run Windows 11. Let's see how to understand if my computer is able to fulfill Windows 11 system requirements.

Microsoft is providing you with a special software to check the Windows 11 system requirements or to check the health of your computer. Through which you can understand the current state of your computer and whether it is suitable for your Windows setup at all.

Windows 11 System Requirement:

Windows 11 system requirements
Windows 11 system requirements

Click here to check if your computer supports Windows 11
Your computer must have several features to support Windows 11. Based on all these features, you can understand that your computer is not able to fulfill the Windows 11 system requirements.

Minimum system requirements
Minimum system requirements


For Windows 11 support on your computer, your processor must have 2 or 3 cores with a speed of 1 GHz or more, as well as a 64-bit compatible system chip.


Your computer's memory capacity must be at least 4 GB of RAM.


Your computer must have a storage capacity of at least 64 GB or more.

System Firmware: 

Must be UEFI, Secure Boot capable. Since the system firmware software instructions are an operating system that is used to teach how to operate an electronic device. So as an update level, you need to have the ability to boot your computer safely.


This may be a new feature for many because many of us are not familiar with TPM. TPM Trusted Platform Module This is basically a small chip and is located on the computer's motherboard. Again, many computers do not have it, they have to be installed separately from the outside.

It is used primarily for the security of your computer through which various encryptions are used to store them together. Which is a very strict security system. And Microsoft is paying a lot of attention to security lately, which is why TPM's 2.0 chip is requiring too much.

Graphics card: 

We are all very much involved with the word graphic design or graphics card. Graphics design is a subject matter that allows you to design a variety of designs and use graphics cards to make computer graphics work easier.

And Microsoft has demanded DirectX 12 as a graphics card to support Windows 11 or WDDM 2.x Windows 11 system requirements.


Microsoft has also taken the display seriously, as it will not support Windows XI on smaller computers or low-resolution displays. So your computer's display must be a 9 "(nine inch) HD display and its resolution must be at least 720p.

Internet connection: 

If you want to install Windows 11 properly on your computer, you must have your own Microsoft account and internet connection. You can properly judge whether your computer is Windows supported or not. If you do not have any of these on your computer, then you can not fulfill the Windows 11 system requirements, so you can not set up Windows 11 on your computer. How to install Windows 11 on a laptop. Rules for giving Windows 11 from a pen drive Windows Update Rules | Windows Setup Problems So far we've looked at the various features of Microsoft's new Windows system, Windows 11, and how to check which computers support or which don't. Because if you fail to meet any of the Windows 11 system requirements provided by Microsoft, then your whole system Windows setup problem will occur.

However, before checking the power of the computer, you should first check whether your computer supports TPM. Whether your computer is running TPM version 2.0 at least. If it is an older version, but your computer will not support Windows 11. In that case you must change your TPM.

Windows setup problems and how to check TPM:

how to check tpm
how to check tpm

  1. To do this, first you need to go to your Windows screen and press "Window Button + R" at the same time.
  2. There is a search option where you actually have to go there and type "tpm.msc" then pressing the OK button directly will take you to the interface.
  3.  If your computer has an inbuilt TPM chip, it will show you the details. And if not, it will tell you "Compatible TPM cannot be found", meaning your computer does not have a TPM chip or it may be that your computer has a TPM chip but it is not enabled from the BIOS.                                                                                                                                                                                                 In that case you have to buy extra TPM chip from outside and inbuilt it in your computer. Or you have to go to BIOS option and turn on or enable TPM chip. To get access to it, first search by typing the model of your computer's motherboard or the model of your laptop, then you will get how to get access to the BIOS.
  4.  After opening the BIOS, you need to go to the Security or Advanced option to find out where the TPM is. In these places you can see TPM in several ways. Such as- TPM chip / security chip / Intel security chip etc. No matter what name your chip has, enable it.
  5. In addition, for those who use AMD processors, there are two options - one is firmware TPM and the other is Discrete TPM. In this case you will be among them and you have to check the two TPMs through which your computer is getting permission.
  6. Even then, if you do not get a chip, you must understand that your computer has no inbuilt TPM. In that case, you must have a TPM of 2.0 version from outside, whether it is the motherboard in your computer.

And if you still have a problem, feel free to comment in our comment box. We will try to solve all your problems on behalf of
You can complete the Windows 11 system requirement for your computer by following the procedure. Windows 11 Update Rules | Windows 11 System Requirement | Windows setup problem How to install Windows 11 on a laptop By now we know all the details about Windows 11. Now come to the main point. Now that you know how to install Windows 11 on a laptop or how to install Windows on a laptop, we will now know all the details.
But before setting up Windows 11, let's find out how safe and suitable it is for us to set up. Let's just say that the updated version of Windows XI is currently on hand, but it is still not an insider program or developer version, not even a beta version that we usually use in public. This is only for developers which can be said to be an earlier version of the beta version.

Let's see now how do we install Windows 11 on our computer or laptop?

Download Windows 11

Windows 11 ISO Links : Direct Download | Direct Download 2 Google Drive | Google Drive 1 | Mega |

Pendrive Botable 

1st : Download Windows 11 Iso file 
2nd : Connect Your USB Drive minimum 8gb
3rd : Download and run Rufus  Software
4th: Select iso file 

How do we install Windows 11 on our computer or laptop?

Now we will show you how to convert from Windows Ten to Windows 11 without having to transfer any iOS files or from a pen drive or any such hassle. So you can download Windows 11 directly from Windows Ten and set it up. Now let's move on to the detailed discussion-

1. For this, first of all we will go to "Star menu" and search by typing the search option "Settings". Then I will press the latest option "Update & Security" from the interface.
2. Then there is an option at the end of the left side whose name is "Windows Insider Program" I will click there. Then you will see an option called "Get start" on the right side. I will click there directly.
3. If you have a Microsoft Personal Account directly from you, it could be Hotmail or Skype or Outlook, you need to login to that account. From there I will sign in directly with the email and password that was used to open my account.
And if you have not joined the Insider program before with that mail, then there will be a new "Register" option. There you have to sign up by clicking on the "register" option. You will then directly submit the Terms and Policies option by clicking "Ok".
Then you will see the text "you are good to go". Now you have to close the option. Then you will see that your interface is loading something. This loading time can be quite a bit longer.
4. Once fully loaded, it will show you a total of three options. E.g. a) Dev Channel, b) Beta Channel, c) Release Preview Channel. Own now only Dave channel tie is available so you have to click on Dave channel. And confirm that. Then the second time you will be asked to confirm again. Then you have to confirm again.
5. After confirming the second time you will see the interface you need to restart the computer. You will then register by clicking on that option without restarting separately.
6. You haven't finished your work yet. Now that your computer has restarted, you need to do a little work again. That is, again you have to go to the same option from the settings. In other words, first of all we will go to the "Star menu" and search by typing the search option "Settings". The "Windows Update" option will show up at the beginning from the interface you will get.
Now you will see there is written on your screen "heck for Updates". Press directly there. Then it will take a little loading. When the loading is over, it will show you what things are left to update you. It will depend entirely on your internet speed. You will see at the beginning that your Windows 11 version has already started downloading. Now wait until the download is complete.
7. After your download is 100%, the computer will automatically ask you to restart. You immediately press the start button without delay. Now when you open the computer, you will immediately see that Windows 11 version has been launched on your computer.
So you will not change anything, only the changes that are in Windows 11 as an updated version of your Windows. In addition, no file will be deleted and no file will be changed.

These were generally the rules for updating Windows 11 or the rules for setting up Windows. We have tried to present the content in front of you in the most simple way how to setup Windows on laptop. There is no need to know the rules for giving Windows 11 from the pen drive. You can update your Windows directly from your computer's Settings and Update & Security options.

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How To Install Windows 11 Video 

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