Why wordpress is the best for building a website

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Why wordpress is the best for building a website

Why wordpress is the best for building website

According to wordpress.com, 31% of the total Internet websites are made with WordPress CMS. According to wordpress.org, this is the latest version of WordPress CMS

More than 130 million have been downloaded. With this huge amount of downloads and uses, you can understand how much work is being done with WordPress. And downloading a WordPress doesn't mean it's a complete website. Basically, a history begins with a download, and that history starts with WordPress Setup, Theme Customization, New Theme Development and Plugin Development and many more. In this episode we will learn more about WordPress Theme. So let's get started:

What is a WordPress theme?

The WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to showcase site content and variety to WordPress website users. Each theme created for WordPress shows us the diversity and determines how the content of the site will look in front of the user.

Basically the themes show the user the variety of wordpress. For example: you can transform a WordPress CMS into a simple blog with a theme. At the same time you can transform WordPress into a variety of web sites including shopping sites, portfolio sites, magazine sites with a single theme. In fact, WordPress themes combine creativity with designers, developers, and general users.

What is a template in WordPress theme?

The files used throughout the WordPress theme are called Template or Template File. And these files determine how your site will be displayed. And Template Files are basically all PHP Files which are a combination of HTML, Template Tags and PHP Code. When you create your theme. Then you need to use the template files to layout and design different parts of your website. For example, you need to use the header.php template to create a header, or you need to use the comments.php template file to add a comment system to your web site.

What can you do with WordPress Theme?

Once a theme is installed and activated it can be customized in many ways. It turns out that many new but complete themes have all the options and benefits you need. For which you do not need to give any hand in the code of that theme. Again some themes, such as starter templates and general themes where you may need to include many new options or benefits. So in order to customize things, you may need to work directly into the template file. And you have to decide for yourself how the content of your website will be displayed.

Let's talk about a real-estate theme, which can be a very simple theme. Where there may be only a few files. Again a multipurpose theme where there can be more than a hundred files. For example, Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme is a complex theme with at least 60 files.

Again, WordPress-powered sites are dynamic, that is, content is stored in a database and content is displayed at the front-end based on the code in your template. In other words, the theme provides you with a user interface to access database content.

With the theme you can customize the admin panel of WordPress, such as login page, dashboard, toolbar, and footer.

In simple words, you can access all the functionality provided by WordPress with the theme. This means that of all the features in wordpress, you can display all the features you want through the theme. So it turns out that WordPress gives us functionality, the database stores our content, the plugin enhances WordPress's features, and the themes bring it all together into a flexible template.

Another important thing is that the themes separate the user interface from the core files of WordPress. As a result, you can take advantage of WordPress without having to touch any core file. As a result, even if you update the WordPress core file, your theme will not change. So millions of users are always connected with the latest updates of WordPress.

Where are the themes of Wordpress?

All WordPress themes are in the / wp-content / Themes / directory of WordPress. For example, if you have a theme called “w3programmers”, you will find it and all its files such as Template Files, stylesheets, JavaScript Files, image, fonts, etc. in the wp-content / themes / w3programmers / folder.

And you have to go to Appearance → Themes in the admin panel of WordPress and activate the theme.

What is the Template File in WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes can have many types of template files. , But there are some similarities. Below is a list of them:


Original template file, it is mandatory for all themes.


The main stylesheet file, it is mandatory for all themes, it contains the design of your theme, the theme's header information such as: Theme name, author name, Theme Version, Date and Description and many more information.


It is used if the content of the web site needs to be displayed right to left.


It can be used for layout design of the comment section of the web site.


Used for the Front Page of the website if it exists, and it has to be set by going to Admin> Settings> Readingz.


The home page is the default front page of WordPress. If you do not set a static front page as home page, it will show the latest posts by default.


The header template file is usually attached to your site document type, meta information, stylesheet, javascript and other information.


Singular template is used when wordpress does not get single.php file or page.php file. And if the singular.php file is not available then the index.php file is used.


The single post template is used when a visitor requests for a single post.

single- {post-type} .php

When a visitor requests a single post from a custom post type. For example, single-book.php template file will be used for single post when there is no custom template file named book book.

archive- {post-type} .php

The Archive Post Type template is used when the visitor requests a custom post type archive. For example, the archive-book.php template file will be used to display archive posts while for a custom post called books. The archive.php template file will be used when the archive-post-type.php template file is missing.


The page template file is used when the visitor requests an individual page. Which is a built-in template.

page- {slug} .php

When a visitor requests a specific page, such as "about", the slug page template will display a specific page template as opposed to the requested page. E.g. page-about.php file instead of / about page.


When a visitor requests a post based on a category, a category template is used.


When a visitor requests a post based on a tag, a category template is used.


When a visitor requests a post based on a custom taxonomy term, a taxonomy template is used.


When a visitor loads an author page, the author page template is used.


When a visitor requests a post by date, a date / time template is used. The pages then generate slugs as follows:





When a visitor requests a post by category, author or date, the archive template is used. Note: This template is used instead of the current template file such as category.php, author.php and date.php file.


The search result template is used to show the visitor's search result.


The attachment template is used to show the attachment file such as image, pdf or other media file to the visitor.


The image attachment template is used to show the visitor attachment file such as image. However, if the image attachement file is not shown with the attachement.php file.


The 404 template is used when wordpress cannot find a post.

What are Template Tags in WordPress?

Template Tags are some of the PHP Functions in WordPress that are used to dynamically accept and display various information in WordPress themes. WordPress theme developers use template tags to receive and display dynamic information in the theme's template files. There are a number of built-in template tags for using WordPress themes. WordPress themes and plugins also create and use their own template tags.

Example 1:

<? php the_author (); ?>

author template tag This is mainly used to display the name of the author of a post in a WordPress post.

<p> This post is written by <? php the_author (); ?> </p>

The most commonly used template tags in wordpress theme template files are as follows:

get_header () - Used to include the header.php file in the theme's index.

get_sidebar () - Used to include the sidebar.php file in the theme's index.

get_footer () - Used to include the footer.php file in Theme's index.

In addition, there are many more template tags which we will discuss in different chapters later.

What is the difference between wordpress theme development and theme customization?

WordPress Theme Development means to create a new WordPress Theme. Where the Template Files in the Theme will be created in a new way based on a completely new or old concept. And Theme Customization means to change the design of the template files and add new features while keeping the features of any existing or old theme intact.

How does the WordPress theme show its pages?

Pages within the theme are based on Template Hierarchy and current page-view. WordPress first finds Theme Specific Template in each page. If you do not find a specific template, then wordpress is looking for a less specific template to do the job. For example, when a person visits the date-archive page, WordPress examines and searches for the following template files and themes for their use.

date.php → archive.php → index.php

Similarly, if a single page is requested, such as About Page, WordPress first checks the theme for any Custom Page template. If no custom template is available, WordPress will check the default page template page.php. If it is not available then WordPress will check the archive template. And if all else fails, use index.php in the default theme template to create a wordpress page

The following is a template hierarchy of common works of WordPress Theme:

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Best Wordpress theme

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