Save Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light

Today I came up with a different kind of tutorial for everyone. Especially for those who sit online all day. Some use Facebook and various social media and some work with computers and mobiles. Again no one does business and job online. If you want to work online, you have to sit with the computer and mobile. Do you realize that this is going to be a big loss for you ... ?? Maybe a little

Mobiles and computers have displays for viewing so that there is a kind of bad ray. Which is slowly damaging your eyes. Which is known as blue light? Everything except computers, mobiles and displays (such as televisions, multimedia, tablets, etc.) have this bad ray.

If people are not related to all these, but thousands of people sit all day with mobile and computer. Maybe you are in it. Since this bad ray is harming our eyes, we have to find a way to save it. Today I will give you some tips which if you follow will hopefully protect you from this bad ray, keep your eyes safe. Let's see what these tips are from below

1. If you need to work 

for a long time or out of habit, then you must use glasses. The glasses that will block this bad ray. For this, you can contact Choshku Dr.

2. Do not use the computer in the dark.

 Keep your computer in a place where there is a constant light. Use auto-brightness for mobile. This will reduce your brightness when you go in the dark, and increase when you go in the light. Why do this ... ??

Have you ever noticed that increasing the brightness of your mobile in the dark prevents you from opening your eyes? But if you increase the brightness in the sunlight, you will not feel any problem. Because light prevents this ray from coming. You can also use Bright Ness on the computer.

3. When using brightness, the beam comes off the display of some computers. Again, many computers do not have a brightness system. Again, you can see in Windows 10, there is an option of a night light, yes, they gave this ray to not expect. If there is a brightness system. What do they do if you don't have these settings ... ??

They have a few software online that can use these.

I have night mode but no brightness system so I use egg screen.

Download if your situation is like mine.
 Download Dim Screen

And download this software with.

This would be much better.
Download for windows >>> f.lux

Now what to do for mobile. If you use a mobile in the dark, you will reduce the brightness. And you can use these apps.
Download Blue Light Filter

There is more to do to keep your eyes looking good

4. Do eye exercises

Cover the eyes for a while between the palms of both hands. Then continue to take deep breaths slowly. Relax the eye muscles. This is called eye yoga exercise. This is a good way to calm the eyes of computer users. Try this exercise.

5. Eat green vegetables

If you want to keep your eyes well, you have to eat nutritious food. Eat fresh green vegetables, yellow fruits like carrots, papayas, sweet pumpkins etc. Ripe mango is beneficial for the eyes.

6. Protect from the sun

Good thing you are going out with skin care sunscreen. But don't forget to take the sunglasses for eye care. The sun's ultraviolet rays can irritate our skin, which in turn can cause serious damage to our eyes. Sun damage is responsible for about 5-10 percent of cataracts. Use sunglasses that have 100% UV protection.

7. If you are sitting with an unobtrusive computer, go outside after a while. If possible, give a splash of cold water to the eyes after half an hour. This will give your eyes a little energy. You will also feel comfortable.

Keep your eyes safe, you stay well.

Thanks. We hope you have a good future.