Protect Your eyes from harmful blue light


Protect Your eyes from harmful blue light

is blue light bad for your eyes ?

Hello friends, hope everyone is well. Today I will talk about how blue light harms us. Before that we need to know what is blue light?

What is blue light?

Visible light has wavelength and energy range Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum that contains the most energy. Due to the high energy, blue light is more likely to cause eye damage than other visible light.

Where do you find blue light?

The digital devices we use, such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, TVs, etc., see that there is a lot of blue light in that light. The display of the devices with the display is colored to make it look beautiful, This coloring creates a ray of light on the display, which has a lot of energy. This is the bad rays.Its rays bring effects into the retina inside our eyes. Blue light affects us more at night. At night we turn off the lights and use the mobile. In this way, the ray of the mobile falls directly into the retina of our eyes.

How Does Blue Light Affect You?

Every current digital device has displays and those displays have an excess of blue light.

Blue light can affect you in a deadly way if you work with a blue light display all the time.Some studies have shown that exposure to blue light can increase the risk of macular degeneration. Research has shown that exposure to blue light can lead to age-related macular degeneration or AMD. One study found that blue light triggered the release of toxic molecules into photosensitive cells. This is the cause of the damage that AMD can cause.

Blue light Risks for Children

Nowadays, young children are more addicted to mobile phones, games and cartoons all day long. They have to eat with mobile. Mobile is their constant companion. Blue light is more likely to affect them, we need to be more aware of this. To protect them from the effects of blue light, they need to install blue light filtering apps on their tabs or pads.

blue light blocking App

Android devices have an option called Night Light or Night Mood which will protect us from the harmful rays of blue light.There are also many Blue Like blocking apps available on Android devices, we can use them to protect us from harmful is the some android apps >>>>>

Blue light filter for windows 10

You have to protect yourself from the blue light . You will get blue light filtering in Windows 10. Microsoft itself has a built-in system called Night Light.This is the reason for giving night light, to use at night, because blue light can not harm us in daylight.If you press the Windows + A  together, you will get the option to turn on the night light. You can schedule if you want. At night the night light will turn on automatically.

Blue light filter for windows 7

Download eyes protector filter for windows : click here 

blue light protection glasses

There are many eye glasses available to protect you from this bad ray of blue light. These can make you much safer. You can use these to keep yourself safe.

Anti-reflective Lenses

Anti-reflective Lenses

Look for computer glasses that boast anti-reflective lenses in addition to the tint. The coating affords an added layer of comfort and protection by shielding against blue light reflections on both sides of the lens.

Invest in Computer Glasses

Sometimes taking frequent breaks from your computer may not be sufficient to prevent eye strain. If you’re eyes are particularly sensitive, or if you spend exceedingly long hours working on computers, consider investing in a pair of computer glasses. Their yellow-tinted lenses block harmful blue light and minimize digital eye strain.  Also, if the pair of glasses is properly prescribed for the exact working distance, which can help to relax the eyes while working and reduce eye strain.

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