Portfolio website ideas for students

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Portfolio website ideas for students

Why is it important to have your own portfolio website?

Just as you can't fight the enemy empty-handed without a shield and sword on the battlefield, entering this job market without your own digital presence or portfolio website is a foolish thing to do in this age of technology.

Creating a portfolio website may seem complicated and expensive at first glance, but in reality it is not that difficult. There are good reasons to create a portfolio website for yourself.

"Spread the word!" We have all heard this proverb. In order to survive in the competition of the 21st century, you must present yourself as unique among the other 10 people. And so in digital Bangladesh or in the whole world, portfolio websites have now become a lot of “must have”. Because,

In the current market, it is not only necessary to acquire skills according to the demand, but also to promote it. And a portfolio website is one of the best ways to promote yourself as a digital medium.

Why create your own portfolio website?

As I said before, there are good logical reasons behind creating a portfolio website. Here are some special reasons:

Create your own new portfolio of modern resumes through your portfolio website:

Suppose you have been working as a digital marketer in a multinational company for the last five years. You are in a position where you are working with your best. You have already brought some success to the company.

Just like once you were asked to keep your CV or resume updated, now you are asked to keep your portfolio updated. So, highlight the successes you have brought to that company. If you have done any work as a team, highlight your contribution to the team. This will increase both your rank and position in the next workplace.

The benefits of spending a little time on this website day, week or month are invaluable. This portfolio website will be your resume when you go to look for a job in a new organization. And since this resume was not printed on that old day paper, you are one step ahead of the rest of the job candidates.

Highlight career advancement and interest in learning:

Learning anything new can sometimes seem daunting. But everything seems easy if one follows the right guidelines or the right approach. Our detailed article on any learning strategy is "How to learn anything?" - You can read.

If you add a blog section to the portfolio website, and if you write regularly on it, then Sona Sohaga! But you don't have to be the Perfect Article Writer! You can do this if you know some basic things.

I was talking about the blog section. In this section, highlight what you are learning new, what you plan to learn in the future, step by step. Highlight how you like to learn, what learning techniques you follow, etc.

Suppose you are a front-end web developer. You are now looking to become a full stack web developer. For this, highlight what you are learning from where, how you are determining the syllabus, how much time you are achieving goals, etc. There will be two benefits.

Undoubtedly, he will be ahead of the other 10 in getting a job in a new company. The reason is that your interest in learning, the way you learn, attracts the top executives of the organization in hiring these things. Believe it or not, your interest in learning will outweigh your skills.

Another is that a personal notebook will be made. Here you can track the progress of your work. If you write down something, don't forget it. Even after many days, if you look at it once, you will think, "Yes, I should learn that."

Increase your credibility:

Over time, you will meet many people. Get involved with the new community. One of these will help you get to the top. It requires deep faith. But who would believe you in a simple mind?

Here are two scenarios, which one would you choose?

The first person to verbally present to you, “I am a web developer. I have created web sites for many clients from home and abroad ”.

The second person: who has presented to you in writing or his portfolio site "I have created the website of these 4 local IT firms, I have fixed the bugs of these 3 websites, I have created 5 e-commerce websites of these 5 foreign clients, I have mastered on-page SEO, and I am now learning digital marketing from Bahubrihi. ”

Needless to say, you will trust the second person!

So when you present your work, problem solving strategies, etc. through your portfolio website, you don't have to go and tell anyone. Rather they will be able to judge your own merits correctly.

Maybe someone called you as a freelance article writer on their website after seeing your regular blog writing.

Market your skills and work through your portfolio website:

Suppose you are a photographer. You take very good pictures. The scenic view of the village can be extraordinarily highlighted. But those pictures of yours are still captured by that camera. Due to the lack of publicity, there was not much spread.

But you know what? Several of our native photographers are exhibiting their pictures abroad beyond the borders of the country! Everyone must have heard the name of National Geography? In this monthly magazine of National Geographic, the picture of our native photographer KM Asad is included in the cover photo.

Maybe you can take good pictures like them. But if you limit the photos to your familiar circle on Facebook or Instagram, you will have to gain a lot of speed to establish yourself as a professional photographer. Those who have established themselves in high positions in this profession showcase their best works, they are spread in the country and abroad for the benefit of the internet. Then they were bought by different organizations. In this way huge amount of money is also earned. So you understand how important a portfolio website of a photographer is!

But it's not just a photographer who needs a portfolio website. If you are a web designer, you can highlight the demo sites you have designed. If you are a graphic designer, you can arrange the designs. Thus, it is important for more or less everyone in the profession to have a web site.


The flexibility of online resume or online portfolio is much higher. You can add new content with just a few clicks from anywhere in the world, updating old content which is never possible in a printed paper resume. In addition, there are numerous drawbacks in the paper resume that you can not give a picture of your field work, can not add any video.

And in the case of online portfolios, the opposite is true. Instead you can put a section on this web site from where anyone can download your CV / resume in portable document file or pdf format!

How to create your own portfolio website

In fact, there are many resources for creating a web site. These include WordPress, Weeks, Weebly, etc. If you want you can create a site for yourself by coding with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. However, if you think about flexibility, reliability, CMS or Content Management System will be the best option. And CMS is actually WordPress in one sentence.

Incredible as it may sound, it is true that if you want you can create a web site with WordPress in just 1 hour where you don't have to write a single line of code. So the question may arise, is WordPress cheap or low quality? His answer is "no".

According to a 2017 report, 36 percent of all websites around the world are made with WordPress. Numerous big websites in the world run with this WordPress. Even a non-technician can easily create and maintain this site. There are numerous free and paid plugins that allow you to do almost anything you want. There are many reasons why WordPress is still the best CMS.

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portfolio website by Blogspot

With Blogspot website, you can create a website very easily and at low cost. There is no cost to you if you will not add a top-level domain.You will find many good Blogger portfolio templates that will get your website ready without any hassle. contact with us for making portfolio website...

portfolio website by Wordpress

It’s a personal preference, but I like WordPress portfolio themes that feature image grids. Grids can showcase many types of content, like photos snapped by a photographer, screenshots of websites created by a web designer or developer, or even thumbnails of logos, business cards, illustrations and book covers created by a graphic designer.

You can even use image grids to show off other tangible products, like T-shirts, sculptures, paintings, handmade jewelry, customized gaming chairs and much more.

WordPress and page builders

All the WordPress portfolio examples in this next batch we’re about to review were created using frameworks that include page builders. Basically, a page builder gives you drag-and-drop functionality, as opposed to using code like CSS or HTML. We’re going to explore some of the top portfolio-specific WordPress themes out there today, and then take a closer look at two or three actual sites those themes are powering.

This should give you an idea how unique you can make sites appear — even when you use the same framework (as long as that framework also has a page builder).

10 fantastic WordPress portfolio examples

Just to be fair, please note that neither the WordPress theme frameworks nor the WordPress portfolio website examples are listed in order of preference. Let’s take a look.

  1. Infrared Productions.
  2. PhilippeC Photographie.
  3. MinLoveCat.
  4. SJ&Co Creative.
  5. Cohorts by Design.
  6. NEM Creative.
  7. Websterville Design.
  8. Simplified Solutions.
  9. Atlantis Design.
  10. Ask WP Girl.

portfolio website With github

You can create portfolio websites with GitHub

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