How to Face the Interview

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How to Face the Interview.

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How to Face the Interview

When you meet someone for the first time, you will want to understand many things from their 'body language'. This also applies to interviewers. They will try to diagnose your confidence by looking at your body language.

According to a survey by Career Builder, in 91 percent of cases, it is possible to understand within 15 minutes whether the candidate is eligible for the job. How professional the candidate is and whether he is suitable for the position is clear from the following.

1. Gestures:
Always be careful about your gestures. In this case, not only the interview board, but also the waiting room and reception should be given enough importance. To show yourself confident, you must stand up straight, keep your neck extended and straight.

Being in this state causes some changes in the brain, which makes you feel strong and confident. The job doesn't depend on just how you answer the question. Much depends on your attitude.

Have confidence in everything. No matter what it is that you are doing, know that you can do it better than anyone.

2. Handshake:
The ‘handshake’ on the interview board largely serves as an indicator of your personality expression. When you go as an interviewer, don't try to shake hands beforehand. Wait for their hands to come forward for this. There are also many weaknesses in the handshake with the boss on the interview board. Many again shake hands very loudly which has a huge impact on the questioner.
Shaking hands with someone with sweaty or wet hands is really annoying. And, if you have this problem, go to the toilet before the interview and wash your hands thoroughly in cold water. This will keep your hands normal for the next few minutes.

3. Lack of eye contact:
You must make appropriate eye contact or eye contact during the interview. If you fail to do this, the interviewer will think you are either unable to answer the question or you are lying or cheating.
Many do not look the questioner in the eye and speak. This is considered to be the biggest mistake of the job seeker. Most employers think that the biggest mistake of job seekers is not looking them in the eye.
A successful interview is an important factor in reaching our goal. Getting a job depends a lot on performance on the interview board.

4. Nervous:
Fixing your hair or playing with hair, touching your face and any other such thing in the interview will reveal your nervousness. When we touch our face or hair, it indicates a lack of confidence in us. If you do not want to give this message to the interviewers, do not express nervous and unprepared.
Instability is seen in someone sitting down. As a result, the tendency to move constantly can be noticed. Expressing instability in oneself is also one of the reasons for being disqualified. Listen carefully to each question. If you don't understand, don't be nervous and ask again.

5. Feeling unprepared and uninterested:
If you change the position of your legs quickly or cross and straighten frequently during the interview, the interviewers will think that you have become monotonous. Express your interest instead by leaning slightly forward, straightening your head and participating in the interview with attention.

. Failing to smile:
Laughter expresses your confidence, open mind, sincerity and hard work. It inspires others to smile back. Many people think that those who can't give even a small amount of smile in the interview have a habit of being sullen and staying away.

. Don't be overly friendly:
Permission must be obtained when entering the interview room. After entering the room, greet or greet everyone. Use it well with those who will be interviewing, and with everyone in that organization. Because, the interview is not limited to the meeting room, opinions about the candidate can be taken from any staff.

The questioner may have a hint of friendly behavior. This will relieve your discomfort. But on the contrary, you should not be too friendly with him. There you are, nothing more than a job seeker. So don't try to be someone's friend.

Job market or very bad - this is a very common word nowadays. Whatever the job market, many people lose it before they get a job because of themselves!

Many people do not present themselves properly when it comes to job interviews. No one got scared. The worst thing is that the organization you are going to interview with has no idea about their work.
As a result, if you ask about it, there is nothing to do but scratch your head! Many are also left out due to lack of self-confidence and negative behavior.

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