YouTube algorithm and video ranking guide 2022

YouTube is the second most used platform after Google, And this brings us to the YouTube algorithm 2021. How YouTube algorithms work 2021?
YouTube algorithm and video ranking guide 2021

YouTube is the second most used platform after Google. With billions of registered users and millions of daily viewers, how can anyone ignore the growth of YouTube? YouTube is so necessary for a person that the YouTube application is pre-installed on smartphones nowadays. In addition to the growth of YouTube worldwide, we all know how YouTube helps more determined people earn and lead professional lives. We all know that YouTube uses algorithms to show us Videos we are actually interested in. However, did you know that YouTube only has to go through some processes to show us relevant videos. And this brings us to the YouTube algorithm 2021.

How YouTube algorithms work 2021?

The process of the YouTube algorithm is simple, yet complex for many reasons. It uses an algorithm to confirm suggested videos that users are actually interested in. But how does the YouTube algorithm do that? To make it Simple, everything we see on YouTube is a part of its algorithm 

Homepage Videos, 

Recommended Videos, 

Subscribed channel videos, 

Categories of Mostly viewed videos, 

Videos based on Most/ recent, searched queries, 

Liked videos etc. 

These are all parts of the YouTube algorithms system that help you see what you actually want in YouTube. Unlike Google, YouTube does not often change its system. It does everything in a simple process, yet its process is very complex.

YouTube SEO

 In 2021, YouTube changed a lot, however, since the algorithms of YouTube are still too simple, YouTube SEO will still be the same, but in a different way. 

In YouTube, the system is designed to rank videos based on keywords, category, content length, title, hashtag etc. YouTube seo is an essential part for its algorithms, through this the system understands unique content and its potential viewers. However, video quality is also essential to determine how it will impress its viewers.

YouTube Video quality 

The quality of a content is important because it determines the user's ability to watch the entire video. This helps YouTube find more healthy content for its users. Low quality content is often overlooked by most users, whereas high quality videos are the most viewed videos on YouTube.

YouTube video description 

Video descriptions are often overlooked by most content creators. However, YouTube's video descriptions are actually a part of its SEO. It actually helps YouTube search for categorized videos and recommend them to potential viewers.

Video title

The title of a video attracts the most potential viewers and shows them the video. However, the title of a video is also a reason that a content is ignored by its potential viewers. The title can be considered as the most precious part of a video content. The title should contain keywords that will be used to refer to and publish the video section, Only then a Video will be ranked. 

YouTube keyword research 

Keywords for a Video is the most important part of YouTube SEO. It helps a video to rank and appear on the top of the list. However, keyword relevancy content needed to make a Video appear on the list. Most of the people on YouTube don't bother scrolling down to find more relevant videos. That is why targeting keywords will determine where a video will actually rank.In many cases, keywords have even helped lower quality videos to rank on the top of the list. Tools such as, wordtracker, semrush etc. are recommended for YouTube keyword research. 

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