What will happen if Google is off for 30 minutes ?

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What will happen if Google is off for 30 minutes ? .

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 What will happen if Google is off for 30 minutes, have you ever thought before?

What will happen if Google is off for 30 minutes ?
 What will happen if Google is off for 30 minutes ? 

We all depend less on Google. Because when we open a computer browser, we start searching with Google first.
Ever wondered what impact it would have in our real life if this Google was ever shut down for 30 minutes? Can't resist the temptation to share a little information before talking about this. And that is, Google was shut down for 2-3 minutes once in August 2013 Shocking fact is that in just 2-3 minutes entire internet traffic was reduced by 40 Such an incident happened in May 2009 too. Now imagine what will happen if Google stays off for at least 30 minutes in this 2020 or next? Today's article is a technology based article but requesting everyone to read it as partial tech-humor. Because I was very fond of writing a tech-humor article. Want to fulfill that hobby a little with this article. So let's see what happens if Google is off for 30 minutes?
At first no one can believe..........!
At first no one would believe Google is not working. As a result, everyone will be busy checking their internet connection for the first few minutes. Some will call their internet service providers to inform them of problems. Again some will start fighting over their computer's hardware fault. Think if you can easily believe this incident?
This is what happens when you believe..........!
Some people will realize that Google is closed. Again some people will stay between trust and disbelief. They're desperate to keep reloading Google's home page when it works. Because people feel the need more when there is nothing. And the things they'll do when they realize Google is off -
People all over the world will be busy sharing screenshots of Google Server Error. As - Error 500!
There will be a storm in the Facebook news feed about Google's shutdown. All the issues that Bangladesh has, like terrorism, Indian elephant, rape, corruption will be lost under Google.
People will start looking for alternative search engines. But with what to look for? Because most people don't know there are more search engines other than Google. Think for yourself how many search engines do you know?
Traffic will overflow on Microsoft Bing and Yahoo, Opera, Firefox search engines. Because to know the real story, these are the last trust.
Search engines like DuckDuckGo (a search engine that never tracks) will be busy campaigning themselves. Some people will think it's good that Google is shut down, for now people won't be tracked anymore.
Many internet apps that use Google services will stop working. And only because Gmail is closed, the whole world's trade and commerce will collapse.
Not just Google, but most of the companies in the world that are dependent on Google will face huge business losses.
Those who use Google Maps may lose their way in the middle of the road.
Youtube lovers will keep their faces closed and Google's rivals will be singing happy songs at this time. Some will be busy making different trolls.
But after all this, there will be no problem in China. Can you tell what is the reason?
This is what happens when Google is back in form..........!
When Google comes back to resolving all the problems, they will first analyze the problem and give a press briefing. The world's tech lovers will try to uncover the various reasons for this. They will do different tuments without knowing the truth and lies. As well as some hackers who will continue to spread stories to get recognition that their hands are behind the incident. Bangladeshi hacker group can also claim this achievement. No wonder. Also what could happen -
* There will be news in different places, how the world of technology depends on Google
* Media will start a hairdressing analysis on what the whole world was in such a fall of Google. Why did this happen, will it happen again,
* Important information on this incident has been hacked. Over-sensitive countries and individuals will lose night's sleep due to the worry of data leak.
* Many people will start messing with Google's alternative. They will have alternatives to all Google services. There is a saying that the cows in the house are afraid of seeing the clouds in the vermilion.
* Articles will be released from many famous technology blogs, ′′ Google went down for 30 minutes. You didn't believe what happened next."or ′′ 10 things to do when Google goes down the next time".
Though it's a tech-humor, these things can happen in the near future. So everything has to keep an alternative way open. Because it's stupidity to rely completely on anything. We know there is no alternative to Google. But we can think of anything other than Google in times of danger.
Anyway, hope you had fun. 😏😀

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