Search engine optimization strategy 2022

SEO strategy for 2021 beginners. In today's content I'll be sharing some of the top SEO strategies to guide 2021 beginners. Optimizing pages and html

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SEO strategy for 2021 beginners 

In today's content I'll be sharing some of the top SEO strategies to guide 2021 beginners. These are strategies that you should not neglect and they are absolutely necessary for your success this year because SEO changes and so do the strategies.

 seo strategy 2021

It's not new for Google to change its system and process of ranking Websites. With every updates, a new algorithm is introduced to us. However these algorithms are too important for us to study and understand in order to innovate new strategies every time.

Core Web Vital

is to focus on core web vitals. In May 2021, Google began using the core web vitals. This means that your scores in these categories will affect your site's ranking. My favorite platform to check core web vitals is GTmetrix. You can run Lighthouse directly from Google Chrome, however I prefer GTmetrix because it lays out the three most important metrics - out, front and center. Largest contentful paint measures how quickly users see content - So get it done. 

DA PA Authority etc.

is to create some strong backlinks. Google has shown us in its last core algorithm update that they do care about domain and page authority. Get a check on the search result for a review of a male enhancement pill. We start up with some ads at the top, then we see our familiar friend, Amazon, and then we find a St. Louis newspaper, followed by the associated press. And as you guessed that these domains don't share much relevance at all with the topic of male virility, nor do they want to, probably. But Google is ranking them anyway because of their links. So in 2021 putting tremendous focus on link building, particularly getting links from authoritative websites are useful. Using techniques like digital PR to create well-researched, statistical base content pieces and reaching out to journalists trying to get published in the major news articles. I'm also going to town with authority builders' a-list link service. 

Content relevancy

Do you have a hard time figuring out how Google ranks responsive websites? If You have better links, you have better content, then your site is technically professional. However, do give your site a favor by checking on your competitor's Website's Google ranking. Analyze your competitors internal linking because there's a high chance that they're actually more steps ahead of you. When you have a website focused on a particular topic, Google starts to consider your site based on that topic. It's called topical relevance. Using tools like Surfers Content Planner to map out huge silos and interlink their pages together.

Website with better User Experience

Based on user experience metrics, particularly bounce rates have become a great measurement of Google to rank Websites. When a user clicks on a page and then immediately goes back to the search result because they didn't like what they saw. This typically signifies that the user didn't find what they were looking for, they didn't get an answer to the search query and had to go back to the Google search page to find the relevant information. Google has started paying more attention to this. Google is in competition with so many addictive social media platforms. Google has recognized that it needs to deliver a high value user experience in order to give people a better experience. 

So work on improving the bounce rate, get search intent correct, Your content should clear the fold and people shall find the answer that they are actually looking for.

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