How to become a full-stack web developer?

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How to become a full-stack web developer?

Do you want to be a web developer? 

Then you have come to the right place. In this full series tutorial, I will give you web development guidelines. How to be a professional web developer and what to learn to become a web developer.

And after learning what benefits will open up for you. With this, I will share some paid and free ways to help you build yourself a skilled and professional web developer. No problem even if you don't know anything. After completing this series tutorial, I hope you are no longer ignorant of web design and development. So let's start over instead of talking:-

Let's know what is web development before starting? And what do web developers basically do?

Webdevelopment Besic 

Web developing means website or web application development. Web developers basically create one or more websites or web applications. Just like the websites you visit on Google every day, you use much other software including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Watch the video on YouTube. Like, comment, and share the video. Post on Facebook, like comments, etc. These are usually parts of the design that visitors can see with their own eyes.

Once again you gave a like on Facebook, commented. These don't count immediately on Facebook. These get saved first in Facebook's database. The database is like a memory card. Where the website's files, pictures, data, etc are collected. What ordinary visitors do not see. And these are part of development. I mean the things that are happening Behind the Scene but we can't see. Basically, all these are done by web developers. And these are done using a programming language.

Three types of web developers are basically.

1. front end developer

2. Back Ind Developer

3. Full Stack Web Developer

1 Front end developers:-

 Front-end developers refer to those who mainly do the website design part. Design websites using HTML, CSS, PHOTOSHOP, or SCRATCH apps. And that's why they have to have more ideas on those tools. They do different designs to the client's needs.

2 Back end developers:- 

Back-end developers mainly do the website development part. They first took the full website designed by the front-end developer. Then turn that website into a working app. You don't need to know HTML, CSS to become a back-end developer. The website has an admin panel. And if something needs to be changed then it can be changed from that admin panel. The development part is mainly done using various server sites' programming languages.

3 Full Stack Developers:- 

Full Stack Developers do both design and development. I mean they are all-rounder. They share group-based work to do both design and development work together. First completes the design part of the website, then makes the design website dynamic or usable.

For which they have to learn HTML, CSS as well as different server site languages. One of the difficulties of being a full-stack web developer is that it takes a lot of time. The first design, then development. Again websites have to be maintained from time to time. Which is more painful to do alone. And this is why many people become front-end developers and many become back-end developers.

Every website is software. The websites you visit on Google every day, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also each software. And this software is created by programming language. Big programmers from home and abroad make the software. Programming language is also required to do web development. Today I will discuss in this tutorial which programming languages you need to learn to become a professional web developer.


The first thing you have to learn is HTML. This is a mark-up language. HTML is used to improve the structure of the website. Where will a website have a header, where will there be a sidebar, where will there be a footer option. These are usually done using HTML.


The thing you have to learn after learning HTML is CSS. It is important to learn CSS to give a visual look to the website. The website is built with HTML and that structure is designed with CSS. Like how will the color of the text be, black or red, what will be the font size, the text will be bold or normal, etc.


JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY are used to add various indoor activities to the website. When a website is created, different slides are added to the website, the animation is required. And these are done with JavaScript and jquery. One of the best examples is Facebook. When someone likes your post on Facebook, a notification comes up. And it's done using JavaScript. Jquery is not a programming language. This is a framework.


Then you have to learn Responsive Design. After creating a website, that website is visited by different devices. Some do it through the phone, some do it through a computer, and some visit through the tab. The website is responsive to make the website visible very well on every device. It is very important to make the website designed with HTML, CSS fully responsive. Because the website won't be visible well if it's not responsive, it'll break down.


Full name Twitter bootstrap. Jquery-like bootstrap and a popular front-end framework. Online marketplaces ask clients from different countries to use it for their projects. After learning HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, it will be much easier for you to learn bootstrap. So if you want to be a pro-font-end developer learn bootstrap well.


Now come with web development. The four languages mentioned above are part of the design of a website. Then you need to learn a server-side language to develop that designed website. Many server sites have language. Like PHP, RUBY, PYTHON, NOTE JS, etc. You have to start learning by choosing anyone from here.

Currently, PHP is a very popular programming language. This is used by many big companies in the world. Like Facebook, Wikipedia. Also, many other websites are developed with PHP. So you can learn PHP or learn anyone from the rest. Remember one thing you have to pick one and start learning. Don't try to learn it all again. Then you can't learn anything.


Then you have to learn WordPress. WordPress is a popular website builder software. With which you can build a website without any coding skills. 35 % of all the websites in the world are created with e WordPress.

Another popular PHP framework besides WordPress is Laravel. So you don't learn WordPress maybe Laravel. I would suggest you learn WordPress. Because WordPress is in high demand in freelancing marketplaces. And this is why many people only learn WordPress, they don't learn the programming language.


Git is the software version controller system. After creating a website you have to control your version. Consistently upgrading the version to make the use of the website smarter. Also, another advantage of GIT is that it can be remotely working. Wherever you are in the world, everyone can work together by grouping. That's why you have to learn the git. Otherwise, you'll be stuck in one place that you can't learn to knit.


After learning web design and development you must have some ideas about Basic SEO. A website needs SEO to be ranking on Google. So that you can get a lot of organic traffic from Google. And this is why you have to learn SEO. You will only learn the basic SEO. No need to learn at an advanced level.


If you want to be a professional front-end developer then you need to focus on learning Photoshop. How to separate different image parts from a PSD image, it is very important to know Photoshop to know the vector, icon, font, color, etc used in the image.

How to Learn

I will discuss two ways to learn web design and development here. Free and will also give you some paid ways so that you can do online courses with money if you ever need it.

Free Course

There are two ways for free learning. One is YouTube and the other is the website. You can learn web development for free with these two. There are some channels on YouTube from which you can learn full courses of web design and development. A channel like this has two ways for free learning. One is YouTube and the other is the website. You can learn web development for free with these two. There are some channels on YouTube from which you can learn full courses of web design and development. Such a channel is thenewboston. In this channel, you can do a full course of web design including HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP for free to learn web design. Also, get a full idea about WordPress.

by Yourtube Channel & Website 

Four more channels like this are Adam Khoury, WPBeginner., Edureka, Traversy Media In these two channels, you can learn web design and development as well as WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, eCommerce courses for free. There is also another channel that publishes full English tutorials.

If you understand English well, you can watch the videos on this channel. The name of the channel is Daily tuition. In this channel, you will find a Video of WordPress with a Web Design and Development Learning Video. Various free and premium theme customization of WordPress is taught on this channel. So you can learn from here too.

Free Website

There are many websites on the internet from which you can learn web design and development for free. How many of these websites are named,,, /. These are all free learning websites. W3shools are the most popular among these. Because this website was designed separately for web developers.

w3schools another website like this is w3schools another website like this is solo learn. com /. . It's like a social networking site. Here big programmers from home and abroad share their programming codes with everyone. Any problem in programming here is the solution.

Paid Course

Now let's show paid ways to learn web design and development. First of all, if you want, you can take the course from any institute. There are also some websites where you can buy courses with money and then do it. Such a website is  webdevelopment. From here you can do web development as well as many other courses from home. And if you understand English well then you can subscribe to the course from UDEMY, TEAM TREEHOUSE.

benefits  after learning web development

Now let's know what benefits you will get or what benefits you will get after learning web development. You can do freelancing after learning web development.

You can earn up to $ 200-2000 to build websites for various clients around the country and abroad. And it all depends on your skill. The more skills you have the more you charge your clients. Also if you work in any web development agency in Bangladesh you can earn 50-70 thousand taka

How to become a full-stack web developer?
How to become a full-stack web developer? - MR Laboratory Blog

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