High search volume - low competition keyword

high-search-volume low competition keywords search volume is the amount or demand of monthly visitors to a keyword. For example, "football playing

High search volume - low competition keyword.

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High search volume - low competition keyword

Everyone who blogs or works as a website's content creator knows how important Keywords are for a content. If content is king, then the keyword is his army chief. High search volume and competitive keywords are very important behind the ranking of a content. Many of us don't know much about keywords. Also, not many people know how keywords work and what their role is in terms of content. So in today's discussion I will cover the topic High Volume and Low Competition Keyword. In addition, I will tell you a lot about the importance of keywords and its use.

High search volume keyword 

Many of us don't know much about search volume. In fact, search volume is the amount or demand of monthly visitors to a keyword. Everything we search for in search engines is a keyword. And each keyword has its own importance according to different search engines. Now we need to gather more knowledge about how keywords actually work before jumping into search volume. What we search on Google doesn't work as a sentence.

For example: Suppose I do a Google search on 'I eat rice'. Here rice is a keyword and the other two words "I, eat" are the supporting keywords or sub-keywords that support the main focused keyword rice. Now Google will use the keyword 'rice' to help you find relevant content and the other two sub-keywords will be used to provide you with the most matched content. And each keyword indicates the category of different topics.

Example: When I search on Google - "I eat rice" I will find a lot of food & rice related searches in Google images and Google videos. However, in Google web search I will be seeing results such as:

 I will eat rice meaning in Bengali

I eat rice in Japanese

I eat rice translation

I have eaten rice meaning in Bengali

We eat rice

I eat rice Tense

I eat rice in the Korean language

I am eat rice meaning in Bengali

(Results may vary depending on the search volume of a country) Google's web result depends on the keyword volume. Now, keyword search volume is actually the total average monthly visitor count. 

For example, football-playing tutorial this keyword has a search volume of 50. Here 50 search volume means that the keyword has an average of 50 visitors per month. High search volume is assumed to be more than 1k+ search volume per month.

Low competition keyword 

Low/high competition keywords are scored between 1 to 100. Keywords above the score 50 are assumed to be highly competitive and difficult. Where keywords below 50 are considered as low competitive and hard/easy. These analyzes help in selecting the necessary keywords for content. While less competitive keywords help content rank higher in search engines, high-competitive keywords have difficulties in ranking. This is because high-competition keywords already have a lot of content available, while low-competition keywords have very little content available on search engines. 

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