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Best QR Code Generator For Free

What is a QR code?

There are two types of QR codes, one of which is dynamic: the QR code that can be changed even after it has been created is called dynamic QR code and the one that cannot be changed after the QR code is created is called static QR code.I have posted already about QR codes before. Today I will discuss QR codes in more detail. A QR code is a code that contains some code that people do not understand by see. it can read only scanner Which is on your mobile...A QR code is a type of matrix barcode in 1994 by the Japanese automotive company. Something secret can be seen on mobile through this barcode/QR code . This is useful for all online businesses, big or small, customers can easily scan and share the product with others . 

What are static and dynamic QR codes?

The static key code is the QR code that cannot be changed once it is created. For example, the QR code that you will create with your information name, number, email dress, your address, etc. is the static key code. The QR code that once created but different time  displays different information is the only dynamic, dynamic QR code that will only have one URL . For example, a product of yours, which was initially priced at 500$, today it is priced at 550$, when the customer scans the code, he will see 550$.Becouse  you was update the website but did not update the QR code. When the customer scans, he will go to your updated URL and see the updated price. This is called dynamic Quick scanner = code .

What is the function of QR code?

For Example : one day you have an accident on the road and you fall unconscious. To identify you, a pedestrian took the phone out of his pants pocket and saw that everything, including its SIM, had been smashed. Then he took out his wallet from his pocket and saw that there was a small QR code next to your picture. Someone scanned it with his scanner and saw all the information including your phone number and address. Then he took you to the destination. so You must like this use of QR code . 

How does dynamic QR code work?

When you scan a dynamic QR code with your mobile, it shows you a link to a website, which when clicked shows the details written in the QR code. Therefore, all the information stored inside the dynamic QR code is stored on a Website . When someone changes the information on the same web server, someone scans the QR code and sees the changed information on the same web server. Since all the information in the dynamic QR code is stored through a link to the webserver, the dynamic QR code looks much less dense to look at. Dynamic QR Code generator 

How does static QR code work?

I alredy  said , a static QR code is a code that cannot be changed after it has been generated. The static QR code information is stored in the pattern of the QR code so no internet connection is required to view the static QR code information. However, the higher the amount of information, the denser the static QR code will be and the more difficult it will be to scan.. If you can generate QR code dynamically on your website then follow our tutorial. Add a qr scanner code script to your blogger site - MR Laboratory Blog

How to create a QR code for yourself?

You can create a QR code to keep in your wallet with your information. You can attach your name, address, phone number, etc. If you want, you can add the QR code to your visiting card. It will be able to easily connect with you through mobile apps by scanning your information. You can download this app to create QR code for yourself with Android apps. 
QR Code Generator Android App
QR Code Generator Android App

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