Why not use free wifi?

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Why not use free wifi?

We are all crazy about free wifi. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. You go somewhere and get a free wifi and connect immediately. The router admin can take out your IP if you want and control your mobile if you want. You understand the meaning of IP. This name has been used to make it easier for people to understand the full meaning of the Internet Protocol that we visit on Facebook.com. You have to take the help of an IP to connect to this name server, that IP takes you to the server. And data is exchanged from the server. If you want, you can visit that IP and run Facebook. This is the IP of Facebook, if you visit it, you will come to facebook.com. So what I meant was that hackers can go to the router admin and change Facebook's page by spoofing Facebook's IP, and when you log in to Facebook, the password will go to him. You may be thinking that there is no such advanced hacker in the country. In fact, you do not know how to recognize those who do these things. This way the router admin can change the IP of each site if he wants which is also called DNS spooping. So go somewhere and refrain from connecting to Wi-Fi. Thanks stay with

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