How to safe facebook account from hackers

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How to safe facebook account from hackers

I am Mijan, today I will share some issues of Facebook security from my experience. Mistakes will be forgiven.

Most people are unaware of Facebook security even though everyone has a Facebook account. Facebook is currently known as the largest social network. Its use is increasing day by day. Facebook's new future is fascinating to all users. Facebook is also playing a big role for businessmen. In order to maintain the security of Facebook, we need to know how the account can be hacked.

1. If you do not provide a strong password, your account may be hacked.

How is your question? People will guess the software/script and your password will be able to guess the simple password. There are two such scripts I know of, called Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack.

Suppose you enter a password.


Here is a password of 11 words Brute Force Attack is your password will try as much as possible in 11 words. Imagine this script will try millions of passwords. Anyone will match. It is not possible for people to do this, but it is possible to do it with a script. What to do about this?

= You must enter a large password with @ #% &. You have to use these characters. If you think someone is trying to find out your password, you must change your password after a while.

2. Phishing Attack

It looks exactly like the Facebook page. But once you log in, the password will go to the hacker. Suppose someone sends you a link and you enter that link by clicking. You are asked to log in to your Facebook account. If you log in, your account is finished. You may be thinking that if you don't click on the link, you will choose from phishing. You may not understand that there is some advance pissing from brother. For example, you can send a link through a photo. As soon as you click on the picture, you will be asked to log in to Facebook. What do you need to do to avoid it?

Whenever you log in to Facebook, you must check if you have Check the spelling well. The link will not be seen in the Facebook app. However, if you are asked to log in to Facebook Apps or Facebook Lite while you are logged in, you will immediately close the app and open it in a new way.

To avoid phishing, do not install apps from any site other than the Play Store. Keep your two-factor authentication on to avoid phishing. If not, please comment.

3. Cookie hijacking

Once you log in with your number and password, you don't have to log in to Facebook again after turning off your mobile again and again. How do you know this? This is where the data is saved in one place of your mobile through encryption which people will not be able to understand. This is called a cookie. If someone copies this cookie from your mobile and arranges the cookie according to his mobile, then your account will be logged in to him without a password. If you try this but you can't, the common man will not understand it. I will read and discuss these. Your question is how to take these files? But you can't find where this file is. But the hacker knows which folder it is in. Cookie hijacking can happen in many ways. Suppose a program or script that runs on your mobile phone will pass the cookie to the hacker. Such a script or program will be created by the hacker in advance. Try sending you now. Hackers can send it to you through a link or through malware through apps. Mobile shares can also be sent via Bluetooth. What do you need to do to avoid it? If you ever think your cookie has been hijacked, change your password immediately. Never install unnecessary apps and do not give unnecessary permissions. Do not keep the share Bluetooth unattended.

4. Mobile control.

If someone controls the IP of your mobile then he can use your mobile from any location. As a result, he will be able to take all the data from your mobile, not your Facebook. Many of you may know that mobile viewers and computers can be used remotely with Team Viewer and Annie Disk. However, it requires the user's permission to use it. Just click on an allow button. Think about what would happen if the Elau button was kept with an auto-click program? It may seem impossible, but there are some scripts that allow hackers to take control of your mobile phone without your permission. But hackers must know your IP address. This means that if you want to avoid this attack, do not share the secret information of the mobile with the IP address to anyone. Don't go anywhere and run free wifi. You run free wifi and the hacker went to the router admin panel and took your ip. If you run free y, the router admin can control your mobile if you want. So be careful. Hacker has created an app that can edit good videos and has a lot of futures but also malware and you took the app to edit good videos but you don't know that inside it. What's up. So don't install apps from any site other than the Play Store.

Give such a mistake today with a forgiving look. If you like it, you will share it. There is a lot more to write. Stay tuned by liking my page. Thank you

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