How to verify your domain on facebook

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If you share links on Facebook, Facebook will block the domain. And before that, if you can verify your domain on Facebook then you can save your domain from the Facebook block. But here you need a top-level domain, not

Today I will show you

how to verify the domain on Facebook.

To verify a Facebook domain, you need a Facebook page and a business account. create a Facebook page of your choice with your domain name or keywords. You can also verify its domain on any of your previous pages. Everyone can create the page so I'm not showing. Then you have to open a business account. First, visit this link After visiting the link, log in to your Facebook account. If you have a business account then this will come and if not then create a business account. There will be an option to create, you will click on it and submit with your information and confirm the email.

I have named my business account for easy understanding because I will now verify my .info domain.

I have 3 business accounts here. Now I will open my business account
Then go to Business Settings. Then scroll down and click on Domain from Brand Safety.

Now you can see an add button. Add your domain by clicking the add button. Which you want to verify on Facebook.

After adding, you will refresh your phase. Now you have to prove to Facebook that the domain is yours.

We can verify domain in three ways

1. DNS Verification
Adding a DNS txt record to your domain panel and clicking Verify will verify your domain.

2.HTML File Upload
You can also verify your domain by uploading files if you wish. However, this cannot be done on Blogger.\

3.Meta-tag Verification
You can verify the domain by adding a meta tag.

Since mine is made with Blogger, I must verify my domain with meta tags. So I will click on Meta Tag Verification. And the meta tag that will be given to me, I will put it after <head> tag in blogger site,. Now if I click on the verify button from my page, the red indicator next to your/my domain will now go green. And give me a message that my domain has been verified.

This will complete your domain verification.
However, do not share as many links on Facebook as you want. Because if you do something extra on Facebook, the results are not good.

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