How to unblock website from facebook & instagram

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Hello dear visitors welcome to our website - MR Laboratory. Today we will finish this article by discussing about How to unblock website from facebook & instagram. Search on Google or visit to know more about How to unblock website from facebook & instagram article. See the table of contents to get an idea of the main topic of the article.

How to unblock website  from facebook and instagram - mr laboratory
How to unblock a website  from Facebook and Instagram 

Facebook is the largest social media in the world Now, it started its journey in 2004. Now Facebook is ranked 3rd among the best websites in the world. It is unimaginable that there is a person without a Facebook account. We share the link of our website on Facebook in the hope of getting visitors. This blocks our website Facebook because we cross the limit of Facebook. For example, I share, comment, and message. If there is anything extra on Facebook, don't take it as spam, and block the website. In addition, if there is any spamming on your website, it will block the link of your website to Facebook. My website was blocked at one time by Facebook. My 2 domains blocked Facebook but I tried a lot and finally, I was able to unblock. Now I will share with you this experience of how I unblocked and what I did.

My experience

Hey, I'm Md Mijanur Rahaman. Founder & CEO of MR Laboratory.
When Facebook blocked my website, I did a Google search for the solution like every time. I saw on some sites that I went to an error box and wrote a problem to submit the site. I did the same but it didn't work. In this way, I submitted it with many different messages, but it didn't work. In this way, about 2/3 months go by. Then I am looking for someone who will unblock my website and I will pay him. But I could not find it. But I saw some sites have been able to unblock. I talked to their admin and they also gave the same solution to go to the error box and submit. So I thought for a while and found a system to verify the domain on Facebook. Then I verified my 2 domains on Facebook. But then my website is not going to be shared on Facebook. Both of my sites were hosted on Blogger.

I then changed the templates of the two sites and submitted again. It didn't work, it took 5/6 months. Then it seems that if you block the domain on Facebook, it can no longer be unblocked. Then I thought I would tell all my friends to submit from their account so that my website is unblocked. Then I created some fake accounts and submitted them and my friends and some submitted accounts were submitted from about 50+ accounts. I cleverly submitted one by one from different IPs. So that Facebook understands that it has a lot of members. I mean Facebook, it's popular. About 5/6 days after submitting from this 50th account, my two domains are unblocked. I was finally able to unblock.


How do you unblock your domain?

First, you have to verify your domain on Facebook. As far as I know, if you verify the domain, Facebook will think of you a little more positively.

1.verify your domain on Facebook.

Check out this tutorial on how to verify a domain on Facebook. You need to create a Facebook page and a Facebook business account and add your domain there. checkout for guideline

How to verify your domain on Facebook 

Remove any spamming or illegal content.

Remove any spamming or illegal content if you have. Some illegal posts like activating windows for free, cracking software, hacking tutorials, Facebook spamming, etc. These must be removed.

How to submit?

Do a Google search by typing facebook debugger or visit this link.
Be sure to log in to any of your accounts.

Click on debug with the link of your website in the URL box.

After clicking on debugging, if your website is blocked from Facebook, it will look like a screenshot.
How to unblock website  from facebook and instagram - mr laboratory
How to unblock website  from Facebook and Instagram - mr laboratory
From here you will click on let us know., Then a new tab will open and a box will open in which you will apply to unblock your domain.

Here you have to write the messages showing respect on the terms of Facebook.

How to unblock website  from facebook and instagram - mr laboratory
How to unblock a website  from Facebook and Instagram - Mr laboratory

When you have finished writing in the box, you will send your message by clicking on send. I am giving you some messages so that you can understand what kind of message to send. Do not repeat the same message. And send from different devices...

What kind of message will you send?

Example :

Dear Concern,
I would like to let you know that my website URL have been blocked on Facebook. My website URL:  has been blocked on Facebook and prohibited me to share my website links over my pages, timeline, and message. I firmly believe that my website was blocked mistakenly.

I didn’t go against any of Facebook policies and community guidelines. I apologize if I have broken any Facebook policy by mistake. Therefore, I would like to humbly request you to unblock my website and enable sharing.

Make a video (optional)

Create a video with the system you need to submit. So that you can send the video to your friends, all your friends can watch and submit the video. I’m talking about making videos because you can’t post links to Facebook if you try to convince your friends. Because your domain is blocked. So you can explain it in a good way through the video. And if you have multiple Facebook accounts, you will submit from different IPs.

Facebook will find it useful to submit various messages from the device.

Unblock from Instagram 

Now you may have a question in your mind, how to unblock from Instagram. Is that so? Facebook and Instagram are the same, if your domain block on Facebook, then block it on Instagram. so if you unblock your domain from  Facebook then the domain will unblock it on Instagram. Hope you understand.

Read in Bengali : কিভাবে ফেইসবুকে ডোমেইন আনব্লক করবেন ?

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