YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks

Hello dear guest - Welcome to mr laboratory . You have come to mr laboratory for information about YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks Today I will conclude this article by discussing YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks in detail. Search Google to know more about YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks write YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks or click here for visit. See the page Table of content for know the main topic of this article. Web story

YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks
YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks

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I promised to come up with some secret tips on YouTube. So today I sat down to write about this topic. First of all, my greetings and greetings to the Hindus. Thank you to Allah Almighty who has given me life to write something in front of you today.

I hope everyone has a YouTube channel, everyone knows how to open a channel, everyone knows some settings. Today I will discuss a very in-depth setting.

Today I will talk about 24 points on YouTube. Some of these may be familiar to you.

If you follow these 24 points then I can say 90% you will be successful.

Then take all the heads with your mind. If there is any work, keep it now. This tutorial may bring you success.

1. Unique name

You will create a channel with a name that has no other channel, if your preferred name is occupied by someone else then you can add Pro or BD or something else to your name. This is unique. Moreover, give a name so that everyone does not have a problem searching and remember. It is better to name your channel according to category.

2. Description and design

Write in the description something about your channel, such as what videos are uploaded to your channel, at what time, etc. Then design your channel. Add links, such as your Facebook link, Twitter link, website, LinkedIn, etc.

Then give the channel banner, enlarge the name of your channel in the banner. Give your channel tag with the name. This will give viewers an idea about your channel. Put a beautiful channel trailer on your home page. Your channel trailer catches the eye when visitors come. If you can attract them with something good, then he will want to watch your videos.

3. Topic selection

You first choose what you want to video with. People will watch if you make a video about it. Why watch this video of yours. Select a topic that will benefit people, and everyone will want to see. Which is called a keyword. Suppose SS will show the result tomorrow, then I can make a video on how to see the result, because everyone will search on YouTube tomorrow, how to see the result. You can show it well with an app or website. There are many more times like this that people search on YouTube. You have to use these times.

4. Topic recharge

Suppose you want to make a video on a topic. Search for it on Google and YouTube for a while. If this video is already there, what will happen? If the video that Already has is of good quality. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But yes, you will make your title different. So as not to match it. Plus if this video is in English then you can definitely continue working. Remember that copyright can be taken if you do exactly that.

5.Long video

Try to make the video you make a little bigger. Try to do at least 10 minutes. This will help you rank your videos. YouTube thinks videos have more information, so rank them. You do not have the permission required to post. Which video is coming first? Moreover, your watch time will be more. More watch time video rank. If the watch time is more based on your video then your video ranks.

6..Discus All Important Talking

Don't waste time talking nonsense in the video. Don't stop, don't make the intro too big. Many will skip and try. This will harm you. Your video will not rank. For example, let's say 100 people watched your 1 15 minute video for 10 minutes. Another 10-minute video was watched by 60 people for 10 minutes.

These are for 1 hour. Then the 2nd video will rank here. Because YouTube will think

This video is better so watched the whole video. So the 1st video will rank the 2nd video. You can follow a few tricks to finally watch the viewer video.

That is, at the beginning of the video, tell the viewer who can say something important at the end of the video (there is a surprise for you at the end of the video).

7. Better thumbnail

Have you ever thought that you click on most of the videos on YouTube?

Seeing the thumbnails .. Many do not even see the title. So you need to create captivating thumbnails. To thumbnail, you have to pay attention to the color, for example, if I make a video on Facebook, I have to pay attention to two colors - white and blue. This is the topic that you will video with the image search on Google, you will see that most of them are made of color, you and they will create thumbnails with the same color. Thumbnails should be zoomed out and seen well.

You have to give thumbnails so that it is mysterious.

8. Better Title and Description.

I said people give more importance to thumbnails than titles because it's an image. But Google and YouTube will not rank after seeing thumbnails. They will see your title and description. So the title and description have to be arranged, how the visitors can search by typing. It is better to give the title in English. Because 80% of the people in our country search by typing in English. Write some words about that topic in the description like 100 words. Write in the description of what the visitors can search for.

9. Bring your video to the other suggestive videos

When we watch a video on YouTube, and after the video is finished, another video is automatically turned on or suggests another video to watch. This is the suggested video. Suggested videos will rank more views. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. Copy the titles of the videos you want to suggest to your descriptions. This will suggest your video to his video. Or copy some of their tags to your video. But not all of them are in the ranks. You can use Tubebuddy or video extension to see which tags are at the top of the rank.

10. Stay away from spamming

Another reason for not having success on YouTube these days is that they spam. They think auto subscribing and auto liking and auto commenting will get bigger soon. But YouTube understands that. You may be wondering why YouTube, Google's company, they don't know your tricks. Gmail is one of them. They all trek.

Let's talk about the view. View-to-view when you tell others. That means he will watch your video in exchange for you watching his video. Then they watch your video a little. But the view increases. If you watch a 10-minute video 100 times a minute, YouTube will think the video is not good. If it was good, I would watch the whole video.

So look at how bad spamming is.

Stay away from spamming if you want to be successful on YouTube. Keep working according to the rules, success will come like this.

11. Share with upload as soon as possible

From the time you upload your video, the YouTube algorithm counts all of your view time and your view after 24 hours. Then rate your video based on View and Watch Time. So you will use this point. Share as much as you can after you upload your video.

12. Share to other social media

Most people use Facebook for Messenger. To negotiate.

That is why many people have Facebook megabytes, or many do not have megabytes. This is the case in Bangladesh. But it takes megabytes to use other social media. These can no longer be used for free. So when sharing, it would be better to share on other social media besides Facebook. If you share on Facebook, 20 out of 100 people will watch your video, but more on other social media.

So keep other social media accounts open.

13. Collaborate

Collaboration means your video will be promoted by another person and you will also promote his video. If you can do this with 10 people then some of their subscribers will come to you. And some of your subscribers will go to them. Big YouTubers won't want to collaborate with you. So you have to collaborate with the channel of your size. Find a channel of your size and get in touch with it.

14. Better Video Quality

No matter what you do, it is important to make good videos as well. Of all the things you value most. Explain the topic of the video as well. Speak in a good and beautiful way. Say something funny sometimes.

Understand the video you want to do well before searching on Google and YouTube. Then make a video. This will make your video more beautiful. You will see after a few days, there will be no problem.

15. Better video editing

There is no option to edit to make the video beautiful. You have to follow some rules to edit the video well. If you do not do it with a mobile skin record or computer, it would be better if it is 1260x720 size. Because you know what

If you make a video with a mobile phone, the viewer will feel uncomfortable watching it. I said 1280x720 because this is the thumbnail size of youtube. It will not be a problem to watch videos in this size. If you do a video with mobile, that means you have recorded mobile skin, then connect it to a mobile frame. Give good background music while editing. Viewers will enjoy watching your video. Zoom in to show a better explanation. There are many apps and software for this, you can get it by searching on Google.

16.  Share offline

We just share online. Just think about who is sitting around you all day with YouTube. Ask them to subscribe to your channel. Besides, we have many friends in school and college. If we tell all friends.

(Dude, all of you subscribe to my youtube channel and I'll give you a treat)

Then I don't think anyone will say. Moreover, there is no student in the college who does not have a mobile. Then you can make some small leaflets and banners to spread the word by spending less money. A little sacrifice like this will help you succeed.

17. Attracting visitors

Say something at the beginning of the video that makes the viewer attractive. Be sure to say the title of the video at the beginning of the video. This will make the viewer pay attention to. Share some jokes with viewers in the video, have fun. But not extra.

18.  Make a YouTube Friend 

You add some Facebook friends who are YouTubers. Make some friends who match your category. Write on your Facebook I am a YouTuber I am a YouTuber. What's more, YouTubers will recognize you as a YouTube friend. They will be able to see when your video has been published.

19. Create a group

You can also create a group where all the YouTubers will be. All will have YouTube friends. This will allow you to communicate well with everyone. You can talk about any problem. Everyone in this world has knowledge but not one, so you can gain experience by talking to everyone. Also, you can create a group with people who want to know about your category, let's say you make a video about technology, add people to this group who want to know about it. And give them some time, then they will value you too.

20. Time needed 

You need time to do so many things. If you work in a hurry, nothing will happen. Take at least one day for a video, make it well. See if you're doing everything right. If you want to hurry, many mistakes will be made. So some work can take a break from the action.

21. Which time to upload videos?

Since the video ranks according to the viewer and watches the time of the first day of the video, then you have to choose a time when most people are on YouTube, at which time they can watch your video. This time you choose yourself.

22. Video-Sharing with Big Thumbnails

Many of you have noticed that when you share a video on Facebook or social media, the thumbnail gets smaller, which makes it invisible to many. Follow the video there is a technique to share in big thumbnails.

23.  Embedded the video on the website 

If you have a website, embed and share the video. Keep it with autoplay, what will happen when someone visits your website, it will become autoplay.

24 .Conclusion

Write in the description the time of the main points that are important in the video, that the intro will end at 1:40, then an important thing has been said at 2:00, and so on. I just explained to you, this way you will mark all the important times. If the viewer wants to see the main part tuku, moreover, these marked parts are becoming words, which will help to rank.

Ultimately you have to comply
These are the YouTube Rules, the YouTube Community Guidelines,
You can see some links. If you can't read in one day, read it a little.
If you do not understand English well, you can use a translator.

Let us know how many number of topics you like and which topics can come in handy. If my words are random, but I have tried a lot to explain to you better. It took me a long time to write this tutorial, I can't remember all the ticks together. If there is a mistake, please let me know and I will correct it.

This page will keep updating if I get anything new, so save this link. Refrain from copying. Learn something good, stay with us.

Save our website.
What can I say, pray for me so that I can give you some good gifts.
I am Md Mijanur Rahaman ,
Founder & SEO of MR Laboratory 

Note: Some images of this post have been collected from Google, Facebook and various sites. If anyone has any objections please comment - the image will be removed.

You are indeed a valued reader of mr laboratory. Thank you so much for reading YouTube's secret tips and tricks. Success will come । Youtube tricks article. Please let us know how you feel after reading this article.

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