What is hacking? Who does hacking ... ?? -

What is hacking? Who does hacking ... ?? -
What is hacking? Who does hacking ... ?? - 

The subject I am writing about today may not be new to everyone, but what I will write may not be on any other website.

I'll talk about hacking.

What is hacking?

Who does the hacking ... ??

If you want to know, keep reading till the end.

Hacking is a method of hacking into an admin's system without permission.

Suppose I create a website, only I have the right to access the admin panel of this website, but you do not tell me which way to follow the duplicate in my admin panel, then this method is called hacking.

Then I am the victim and you are the hacker.

This means that those who hack are called hackers, and those who hack are called victims.

Hope you understand.

 A hacker is usually very skilled, knows a lot of languages ​​and.

There are three main types of hackers.

1) White hat hacker

2) Black hat hacker

3) Gray hat hacker

White hat hacker

The word white means white as well as the mind and white of such a hacker.

That means they don't hurt anyone. They only sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of the people.

They make anti-virus. Many banks keep such hackers for security.

They are also called ethical hackers. My dream is to become an ethical hacker.


Black hat hacker

The word Blake means black as well as they and the people of the black world. They think of their own interests. They harm others for their own benefit. Darkweb they work more on the internet. These black hat hackers are the originators of the big viruses that are scattered on the internet. They do not publish any name or address on the internet.

Gray hat hacker

Adding white and black creates a color called gray. In the same way, such hackers do all the good and bad things.

I mean good on one side and bad on the other.

Now many of you are thinking of becoming a hacker. Brother, it will take 5-6 years to become a good hacker. You have to learn a lot of languages. Need to know a lot of coding.

Elada has an operating system for hacking.

Its name is Kali Linux.

Talking about hacking, I am not writing today.

We will discuss how to learn hacking later.

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