Try to do something different .. । Motivation

There are many people in the society and in the village, who have a lot of talent and can't stand on their own, due to which 80% of the people are deprived of success.

In fact, those who say, (God did not give me anything, my fortune is bad, others have given a lot of money) Those who say such things do not really have any confidence in themselves.

The Creator did not send anyone into the world with anything. There was a big reason behind those who have grown so much today, they tried, they believed in themselves.

Everything is possible if there is strong faith and purpose in the mind. If we look at the background of the big successful people then there was a big effort behind them. Let's talk about Thomas Alba Edison. Who tried 1000 times to discover electricity.

But today he is the inventor of electricity because of so much effort.

Have you ever tried this once or twice? But Thomas has tried 1000 times.

You think he has what he has. Why not.

If you can't do it once and keep trying. You will surely succeed one day.

Nowadays the internet has brought the world in hand. If you search the topic you want to know about in Google search engine, you can get detailed ideas. All you need is an Android mobile and internet connection. I don't think there is anyone without Android mobile.

After that and if you say nothing will happen to me.

So .. you think you are human or something else.
Try to do something different .. । Motivation
Try to do something different .. । Motivation