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How to use camtasia studio 9 with free

    How to use camtasia studio 9 with free । computer softwarte - mr laboratory
    How to use Camtasia studio 9 with free । computer software - mr laboratory
    We use a lot of software to record videos on the computer but the most popular is Chemtesia Studio video editing and recording can be done with this software.

    So it is more popular. Moreover, it supports any PC or laptop as it is not heavy software.
    Camtasia Studio 2020 is out now but most people are still using Camtasia 9. Because there is nothing new in Camtasia 2020. Get everything you need in this.

    So I will show you who you are with Chemtesia Studio Nine.

    We know that this software is not available for free. It can be used in Studio Nine and 30 for free, but the video is rendered with a watermark. After 30 days, it cannot be used at all.

    This is a lot of money to buy online.

    See the screenshot

    24,864.28 Bangladeshi Taka

    Who would want to spend so much money? Anyway today I will show you how to use it for free.

    You must first download and install Kemtesi Studio.

    If so, there is no need. It can be avoided.

    Download Camtesia Studio 9

     Zip file password mrlaboratory

    Install after extracting.

    If this problem occurs to install, Watch This video.

    And if you do not give the problem, then it is good.

    I hope you can install whatever.

    After installation, the video render will look like a picture of Nice if you do not have a license.

    Click on Unlock here. Then write down any key and give it to him.

    Go to your file explorer

    Go to this location C: \ ProgramData \ TechSmith \ Camtasia Studio 9

    Go to this location and edit the reginfo.ini file.

    You will put the code.

    Then save.


    RegisteredTo=mr laboratory




                                    Download This code 

    Then go to Properties and give Read-only.

    Then OK.

    Now you render after editing the video, with the key to unlock

    Give the code


    It's over.

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