How to upload & customize blogger template

 Friends, how are you all? Hope you are well.

Like every time today I came up with another tutorial.

Today's tutorial may be known to many. Because it's so simple,

I have requested 2 people to do this tutorial. So they had to keep their word.

Anyway, today I will show you how to upload and customize Blogger's template, along with some solutions. There are many problems with uploading templates. I will discuss some of them.

Blogger can design with your own experience if you are a web developer. I don't think web developers will read my tutorial.

Those who are reading this tutorial of mine are students like me.

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

Some templates for Blogger are available online. These templates have to be downloaded and uploaded. We have already shared some of the best paid templates on our site, which are free for you.

Visit to download>>>>Click Here - 5 best SEO Friendly Template for blogger

From here you can download as per your choice.

There are two ways to upload a Blogger theme, one is by restoring the theme and the other is by copying and pasting the HTML code of the theme.

Open your browser, then go to and log in with your Gmail ID / Google ID.

Go to and go to the theme. See the picture. If you click on the picture, you can see better।
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 How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
Now a new page will appear in front of you. You can see a button in the top right corner called Backup / Restore. Click on it. Then a small window will appear,

কিভাবে ব্লগারের টেম্পলেট আপলোড এবং কাষ্টমাইজ করবেন  । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
If you want to backup the theme that is here now, click on Download theme, it will download your theme. Which you can use later if you want. Well now if you want to upload the themes given to us then you have to click on Choose File then you will be taken to your file directory to select the file. You will select your file, which means the Xml file is Archie. Then open. Then you can see the upload button of Choose File.

Click on this button to upload.

Copying and pasting the HTML code

I would have shown a method if I wanted, but I will say later that this method is needed.

Now you go to Then go to Themes.
কিভাবে ব্লগারের টেম্পলেট আপলোড এবং কাষ্টমাইজ করবেন  । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
 How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory

এAfter coming to this page, you will click on Edit Html. Now download from us or open your Xml file with notes and copy all the code. Then paste it here. It may be very difficult to do from mobile, so there is nothing wrong, just like the mouse point from the computer with a click on the code then Ctrl + A

Press Ctrl + C again. Here all will be selected with Ctrl + A. All copies will be made with Ctrl + C. .

Open it with a note to copy your Xml code.

Then select Ctrl + A and paste all Ctrl + V in your Edit HTML.

Then you must save by clicking on Save theme. Above is the Save theme button.

Customize now

Besides uploading, you also have to customize it.
To customize you need to go to the layout page -
For this, click on Layout.

কিভাবে ব্লগারের টেম্পলেট আপলোড এবং কাষ্টমাইজ করবেন  । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
 । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory

Now the favicon icon, when I visit a site from the computer, shows an icon next to the link, such as
কিভাবে ব্লগারের টেম্পলেট আপলোড এবং কাষ্টমাইজ করবেন  । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
কিভাবে ব্লগারের টেম্পলেট আপলোড এবং কাষ্টমাইজ করবেন  । How to upload & customize blogger template - MR Laboratory
এETE is a hot icon. You will create an icon with your logo, but not more than 100 kilobytes. After uploading by clicking on edit.

You can also get this icon, but it may take a while.

You can add anything by clicking Add a Getget.

Clicking on Ad Gazette will turn on a new page. From here you can try one by one. There are 1 - 25 gazettes here.

In fact, it is not possible to explain these issues in this way. Wait for the video tutorial.

I will bring it tomorrow.

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