The way a hacker can hack your router

The way a hacker can hack your router

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The way a hacker can hack your router

Many will say, "Damn, is this a question?" - Hacker hacks my router, steals the password and uses the net, what to do again? - "Bhai Oita is not the work of a hacker, it is the work of a fakir" - Your data is a much more important target than using your broadband internet. The router reaches the Internet through the central device of all the data of your home device, the data of all the home devices, the data of your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone through the router. - So a router attack is like a paradise for a hacker, where he can access everything at once.


The current most probable reason for hacking a router is to create a zombie network army. The hacker hacks your router and turns the entire network into a malicious network, then all the devices connected to your network are ready for cyber attack. You never know, but hackers can use your PC's power to take down a company's website.

Not just your PC, hackers have millions or millions of zombie computers, which hackers can use to do whatever they want. And this hacker-infested computer is called a botnet.

However, if the hacker creates a botnet from the router level, the problem can be fixed by just restarting the router, but if the connected devices are also infected one by one, then each device has to be scanned separately.

# Solution

Many times if the firmware of the router is backdated, hackers can use the backdoor to infect the router, check if the firmware update of your router is available, if the update is available, apply! Also, from time to time, set a schedule to reset the router, and if the router has a firewall feature, enable it!

#Data theft

The router is the central hub of all the devices in your home. If the hacker targets the router, it can easily capture all your devices and the data in the internet. Now this hack attack can be performed in various ways.

If your location is in a noisy city, then hackers can come within your wireless signal range and perform network attacks. If your location is towards the village then there is no problem, but if you live in the city then you can easily see the WiFi signal of other people's house is getting from your room, just your signal can be captured from outside and hacked.

Once the router is under control, your bank password, credit card details, personal input details can be captured. Although many sites now use encrypted connections, hackers can still take the risk of decrypting at sufficient time and data value.

# Solution

In short, choose a complex password for the router, do not use the default username password. You can hide the network name on demand, it can avoid random attacks. Be sure to keep the router's firmware updated.

#Dns poisoning

Hackers may not use your router for their own purposes, but may poison your router's DNS. You will enter a website but the router will take you to the wrong website, you will not notice.

In fact, when you enter a domain name into a browser, the browser first communicates with the DNS server, which tells the browser which IP address is being targeted behind that domain. The browser then starts loading the site from that IP.

The hacker connects a malicious DNS server to the router, connecting the hacker's server IP without connecting the actual IP of any site. In case you are trying to access the bank's website, you will connect to the bank website server created by the hacker to see the actual server of the bank website without connecting. You don't even understand yourself. Because the domain will be fine.

Then when you input any information on the fake website, such as your account number and password, the hacker will get it immediately. The hacker will then enter the original website and hack into your account using your account details!

# Solution

First, refrain from accessing websites that do not have SSL certificates and in particular inputting any information. Fake websites will display SSL errors or there will be no secure connection. Second, if you understand that the router is redirecting you to a different website, then change the default DNS of the router.

Routers are now the centerpiece of all your devices, but this risk may increase in the future. Because day by day more and more devices are being connected. Hackers can easily target your router and perform malicious actions, so you need to know the security tips!

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