Some motivation with career planning

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Some motivation with career planning

Many of us say that there are no jobs available in the country. On the other hand, it is said that there are no qualified candidates. But the reality is, there are no qualified career plans. I am giving a small account. Think about it.

If you are looking for a job after graduation, you may lose your shoes to get the job you deserve according to your education. Maybe one day you will get it. There are very few people who are getting a good salary job for the first time. Let's not talk about them.

It takes us about 26-27 years to finish graduation and get a good job. It also happens that even at the age of 30 there is no good job, on the other hand there is no mentality to do business. Just ran after this thing in 30 years? How long will you live? Take the average life expectancy at 70-75. The rest is God's will. About 50% of his life is spent on education and job search. When to support parents? When to create your own family? And the other 50% of life seems to be something good? There is a possibility. But the people of our country do not have such mentality, energy and passion.

So if you think like this, nothing big will ever happen in life.

If you want success and achievement in life, you have to plan your future from school-college life. You can't stand up if you spend about 50% of your life studying. So take the time to do that. The question may arise as to what can be done. Yes, many things can be done. You have to get out of the comfort zone. OUT OF THE BOX. Then something good can be done. OUT OF THE BOX means, I live in a society or a country and what is not happening in this country, who is choosing a career, I will also take it without thinking about how people around the world are building careers and using time today. Today, in my opinion, the means of wasting time for young people is various social media including Facebook and YouTube. This does not mean that everyone is wasting their time. But most boys and girls waste their time. Many people nowadays keep Facebook open even if they are sitting with books instead of studying on time. In this case, the mind is not properly in study. Anyway, there is no need to write about that. You have to understand your own good - that's the main thing.

THINK OUT OF THE BOX !! How> We all know MARK ZUCKERBERG. Who is the creator of Facebook. 04 February 2004 He created Facebook. Ever since he was in school and college life, he has been researching coding programming on Google and creating a variety of games and software. Since then he has moved on with it at Harvard University Life. Gradually, Facebook gained fame in 2005-2010 / 2012 and he became successful. He became a millionaire in 2006. When he was 22 years old. He graduated from Harvard University at the age of 33. Now he is a billionaire.

Now you think, if being a boy can earn millions (10 lakh + about 7 crore Bangladeshi rupees) at the age of only 22, then at the age of 22 you can't do at least 5% like him? Even if he does 2%, he owns 15-16 crore rupees. . And remember that he did not follow the illegal path to become the owner of money. Everything was fine. He may have graduated at the age of 33 due to a little down reading. What's in it? There is no age for education. Lifelong learning.

Now you may be thinking in your mind that all the above has given. Luckily, he had enough facilities. Because he's an American. But you are the maker of your own fortune! The creator is introverted. He knows everything but does not block the road to change destiny. So the excuse won’t work. Mark Zuckerberg had computers and the Internet in 2004. And today we have smartphones in our hands, many have computers, laptops, internet. Which one do we not have? Then how many times he made excuses. How many people have done a job that, like Mark Zuckerberg, can do at least 1% at the age of 22 and has tried it hundreds of times? 1% can not be found, it is a hundred times far. 3-4 times when I go to do a business, I eat loss and slap my forehead, I say this is not my destiny. These are not for me. In fact, it does not matter whether you are lucky or not. You have no energy. Those who are successful today have tried and succeeded hundreds of times. We try a thousand times to cross a level while playing a game. But I don't even try 20 times to do something big in life. I lost energy before that. And if I don't get a job at the end of my studies, I say that there are no uncles and aunts. There is no good job. Whether it is with a job or business. Changing the road is not the purpose of growing up in life.

We use Facebook today. Foreigners do too, but the only difference is that we spend time on Facebook all day in vain. And they use time, they use Facebook. They use if necessary. But today we do not understand the value of the time we waste on YouTube and Facebook in the name of entertainment. I will understand the day when I will see the road dark.

At the age you are now, if you are not self-dependent, think about your location for 5 minutes, excluding the shadow / support donor on your head, you will find your real location. If he didn't stay today, where would he get money for tomorrow's meal? Where did you pay the semester fee the day before yesterday?

so without your father or shadow, your are nothing!

Dad has a lot of money, he has a bank balance. But it is not too late to end.God can destroy in an instant. There are many such. Many industries burn down and cannot stand up. Many are destroyed by illness. So, it is not possible to be successful in life without a career plan thinking that there is a father.

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