What is artificial intelligence? Future possibilities and dangers of artificial intelligence.

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 Artificial Intelligence - MR Laboratory

What is Artificial Intelligence? The future prospects and dangers of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest surprises in the world today. When Sophia Robot arrived in Bangladesh, almost everyone heard of Artificial Intelligence. Did you know that when we make a spelling mistake in a Google search, Google still shows the correct results? The work is done but through this artificial intelligence.

Also, when you visit a website after doing a search on Google, it shows exactly the same ad that you were looking for. This means that the artificial intelligence of the search engine is monitoring you, understanding your needs and serving you accordingly.

Think of your mail again. Every day a lot of mails are being deposited in the spam folder of your inbox that the mails are of no use to you, but harmful. The mailing system can use artificial intelligence to understand which mail is useful to you and which is harmful or smack.

Again, the category of videos you watch on YouTube, you will notice that the next time you enter YouTube, you are being suggested exactly the same video. Q: How is that possible? A. Through artificial intelligence.

There is a lot of research going on with this artificial intelligence. But even then, all the world's famous scientists and technologists say about artificial intelligence that its response will be the highest stage of human development or the main cause of human destruction.

What will be our future in response to Artificial Intelligence? Will we get better in the near future, or will we take ourselves to the brink of destruction? To know, we have to read the whole article, at the beginning of which we will try to understand what artificial intelligence is, how many types of artificial intelligence there are.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Translated into Bengali as Artificial Intelligence or AI is 'Artificial Intelligence'. In general, a computer or machine capable of performing the tasks required by human intelligence is called artificial intelligence.

At present computers or machines can only work according to the commands or instructions that people give. Other than that the computer or machine cannot do any work on its own. In artificial intelligence, a computer or machine can work, think or make decisions on its own.

How many types of artificial intelligence and what are they?

Artificial intelligence is broadly divided into three parts, namely:

1. Week AI (Narrow AI): This intelligence can only work on specific topics. We are currently using this intelligence.2. Strong AI (Artificial General Intelligence): When a machine or computer can work like a human, it will be called Strong AI. Singularity (Super Intelligence): It is an intelligence that will surpass even the most talented people.

History of Artificial Intelligence.

Academically, the original concept of artificial intelligence was introduced in the 1950s, two years after Turing's death. The field of artificial intelligence that we know began in the 1940's. During World War II, rapid technological advances were needed to fight the enemy.

During this time mathematician Alan Turing and neurologist Gray Walter gave ideas about the intelligent machine and its various possibilities. Computer scientist John McCarthy later coined the term Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence.

Funding for AI projects declined sharply in the 1980s, and there has been little development of artificial intelligence during this time. But in the early 1980s, AI began raising funds for commercial projects.

AI was a small revolution in the 1990s. Many in the field abandoned Minsky's AI approach and instead adopted the approach led by Rodney Brooks. Minsky's method is pre-programming a computer with conceptual algorithms.

Brooks, on the other hand, suggested building a neurology network that would function like human brain cells. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Although Brooks has not been able to involve himself in this, he has paved the way for future artificial intelligence.

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence.

At present, artificial intelligence is used in almost all our daily activities. Looking at the chart above, I hope you understand the importance of artificial intelligence for the present and the future.

Using artificial intelligence, the machines will be able to become self-aware, meaning they will be able to collect data on past mistakes. So the repetition and severity of the same mistake will decrease.

Since the machines will be made with artificial intelligence and strong metals, they will be able to do endless hard work and extract natural resources from the mines on their own.

The task of storing large amounts of data and sorting it out and automatically displaying information from there without human help can also be done very easily through artificial intelligence.

People have to pay wages to get things done but machines don't have to pay wages to get things done. Here it is

Simply put, a system of production in which all the means of production are owned by the individual and the opportunity for maximum profit is achieved is called capitalism. Capitalism is a financial system where industrialists are willing to do anything disgusting to sell their goods. Even things like "imperialism", "colonialism", "fascism", "Nazism" originate from this capitalism. Now the question is, will this artificial intelligence be able to suppress capitalism forever or will artificial intelligence be able to take capitalism further?

Calum Chace mentions in his book Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities, “During the previous Industrial Revolution, human mechanical skills were replaced with tools and equipment. But this time it is replacing our mental function of creativity, conjecture and decision making ability. That has never happened before in human history and no one knows what will happen in the future. "

He added: "Many people think that since this has not happened in the past, it will not happen in the future. But we have to understand that everything is different now. ”

Giving an example will make the matter easier to understand.

If separate factories are run by robots or humans. Then it will cost much less to make food in a factory run by robots. Because, here administrative staff, operators, security and equipment everything has to be purchased only once.

But man-made factories have to incur separate regular costs for each. As a result, the cost will be higher. Again people will naturally want to buy the product at a lower cost, which will make the robot factory more important.

However, this will meet the food needs of a large number of people and the poor will be able to afford food. Now the question is, if everything goes under the control of robots, then what will humans do? If they don't have jobs, where will people get the money to buy them?

Again, the realm of machines can be comfortable for us meaning we don’t have to buy anything else.

On the other hand, it could also be that in the future humans will be driven by robotic labor. These robots may be operated in the 1% higher category. Eventually, it will be seen that the world will be controlled by the imperialists again or vice versa.

Last word.

Artificial intelligence can be a huge potential for us. Again, it may be the main reason for the destruction of our human race. But both good and bad depend on people. So if we are not careful about artificial intelligence now, in the future the power of artificial intelligence could fall into the hands of a terrorist or a bad person and the whole world could be destroyed.

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