3D food printer. Can you download and eat any food of your choice?


3D food printer. Can you download and eat any food of your choice?

3D food printer. Can you download and eat any food of your choice?

Think of a world where you are working to submit an important deadline in the middle of the night. Suddenly he saw that you are very hungry. Everyone is sleeping at home, there is no food in the fridge. You are so busy with deadline submission that you don't even have time to create anything. You opened your laptop straight away. And downloaded food from the internet with a 3D food printer and ate it.

Nah, I'm not telling the story of a science fiction movie. I am not talking about any parallel universe. Speaking of 3D food printers. Many of us know more or less about 3D printers. Can print 3D objects. And from the name, you must understand that 3D food printer is a 3D printer that can print food.

3D food printer.

Six years ago, in 2012, the first 3D food printer was invented. But it could only print sweet food. There were also many more limitations to this 3D food printer. And the printer was expensive enough. But then the food printers of two more companies have been able to create quite a stir. Let's not know about their food printers.


In 2014, two years after the first food printer, a company called Natural Machines invented another 3D food printer called Fudini. Another interesting feature of this food printer is that it was Android controlled. Even if you have an internet connection, Fudini can prepare food by downloading the food library from the internet.

However, they do not make food with raw vegetables, flour, sugar or other common ingredients. They use specially made food capsules to make these foods. And although it has enough potential, Fudini also has many limitations. If you want to know more about Fudini, you can visit the website of Natural Machines.

Chef 3D.

Two more years later, in 2016, a company called Chef 3D invented another 3D machine. This 3D printer is capable of making a 12-inch pizza in less than five minutes. A fun feature of Chef 3D is that you can be instructed to prepare food using the mobile app while sitting away.

In addition to making 3D pizza, chefs can also make a variety of sweets, such as pancakes or more. However, the dishes made with this 3D printer are not very convenient in terms of cost. However, Chef 3D often hosts event events to show off their 3D printer food prints.

And if you want, you can also go to their official site and come with a booking to watch the demo. Visit Chef 3D's official website.

However, the fact is that they are all at the experimental level at the moment. Neither Natural Machine nor Chef 3D has been able to go into full business level production yet. However, with all these technologies covering the limitations, it seems only a matter of time before production starts in full swing.

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