Learn How To Become A Successful Youtuber

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Learn How To Become A Successful Youtuber

Hello friends Assalamu Alaikum. I hope everyone is well. Youtube tips Today we will discuss how to get success from the YouTube channel Youtube tips. This tutorial is for new youtubers only. Moving a new YouTube channel forward is a difficult task. At first there are no views, no subscribers, no channel popularity. So it becomes more complicated. This requires a lot of patience and ability to work. With a few things in mind, compliance can be a great help. The first thing you need:

1. Screen Video Recording Software 

As video recording software, I suggest you to use Camtasia. I personally use it myself. Basic level can be edited with Screen Video Recording. http://goo.gl/ttnfwD You can download the trial from here Youtube tips

2. Video Editing Software 

In the beginning you can do editing with Camtasia. There is also Windows Movie Maker for better editing. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects will be best for Advance Editing.

3. Photo Editing Software 

A photo editing software is especially needed to create thumbnails. There is no Adobe Photoshop jury for photo editing.

4. There is no such thing as having a camera. 

But it is best to use the camera to enhance the quality of the video. A viewer in a video believes in the description of a person with his face more than just words. So this will increase your subscribers and followers very quickly.

5. Create a youtube channel then just a youtube channel. 

Advance Part: Once these materials are taken, then go down to the main work with the waist tied. The name of the interesting channel is very important. If the name of the channel is not good, your channel may break down before it reaches such a good stage. Have a different name from everyone else. No channel has been created in his name before. If not here's a new product just for you! Name a channel that will make some sense to people. In a word, it will highlight the subject matter of your entire channel. Never match a channel name with a keyword. It will not be of much use to you. One of my channels was created with the name of my specific keyword. Its subscribers are now 400+. In keeping with this same keyword, I gave you a unique name for another channel. There are currently 7000+ subscribers. So you understand how important it is for your channel. Youtube tips Unique channel cover, Profile Picture, Description, Home Customization must be improved. So that the name of the channel and each of its objects perfectly match each other and look beautiful. Don't stop because there aren't many video views. Keep uploading videos and but it must be good quality video. Don't waste time Every second of video making is precious Second time is precious. Never let your viewers get annoyed for even a second. They will bounce as soon as they get annoyed for a while. A bounce rate below 70% is considered negative. Proper use of social media Nowadays in modern life people run more social media like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So be sure to create your fan page on every social media. Brand your channel from there. But keep in mind, this is AdSense so refrain from posting anywhere other than your official page. Audience's maximum engagements are available when the video is released on a certain time channel. This makes it possible to get more than 40% + views from the normal view. This time depends on the location, language and interest of the viewers of the channel. Speaking of my channel as an example, most of the visitors to my channel come from US, Canada and India. So I publish most of my videos on Sundays and Tuesdays every week and release more videos on Fridays when I have extra time. This way you can also choose your specific time.

Youtube SEO The right video SEO

60% of the channel's popularity + depends on video SEO. If you want to get a good view on the video, you must do good SEO. Everything else depends on the quality of the content. Thumbnails Before viewing a YouTube video, viewers consider watching that Thumbnail. This Thumbnail he watches for a maximum of 1-2 seconds (I see this time: P). In these 1-2 seconds, the better the thumbnail, the more views. So the better the thumbnail, the more the view will read. You can use Adobe Photoshop to create thumbnails. Secret Tips Now the question may be, “In the ranking, everyone has to get First Viewers at the beginning. Where do I get these First Viewers? I can't do hundreds of SEOs. ” Special Tips for you. This is "COMMENTS". Comment on another related topic related video. But not a spam comment with a link to your video. Write quality comments. Like Nice, Awesome, I like this video, Thank u for the tips. A standard example might be, Your video is really helpful. Hope my videos can also help people like that. But there is no such thing as having to write. Many people do so and leave spam comments. It's better to just write "Very helpful, thanks". As a result, when a person goes to see that video, they will see the comment on your channel. The official name and profile picture will encourage him to see what's on that channel. It will be your own entertainment and work 😛 the most important thing is the quality of the video, there is no medicine. If the quality of the video is good, once you can come in the Top 20 ranking, inshallah no one will be able to stop you from rising to the top.

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