many ways to secure a Facebook account as possible

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Ever tried hacking your Facebook account? Or have a login from a stranger area or computer that you can't remember? Messages from your account to someone you don't know?

If this is the case, there may be an unwanted entry in your account.

Cyber ​​attacks, hacking accounts are not new. With the spread of the Internet, this trend has increased a lot. In an attack sometime ago, information on five million Facebook users was stolen.

As the popularity of Facebook is increasing, the number of accounts is becoming a target for hackers due to having personal information in different accounts and having social or business contacts.

As a government, there are about 300 million Facebook users in Bangladesh.

The BTRC said they received 127 social media complaints from July to September. The BTRC raises allegations of serious crime or problem using Facebook.

Nazmul Islam, additional deputy police commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Cyber ​​Crime Division, said, "We get an average of about 500 complaints per day on Facebook. Most of these accounts are hacked and cannot be accessed."

However, many of the complaints do not go to the authorities despite hacking or victimization.

But how to protect your Facebook account?

Facebook's Security Page Security and Login Tips for Keeping an Account Safe They include:

Password: Facebook password should not be used in any other case or it is not right to share it with anyone. The password must be at least eight numbers in combination with lowercase letters and numbers, which no one can easily imagine. Passwords such as your own or someone's name, date of birth, wedding anniversary, test year, etc. are always at risk.

Login: Facebook's login information can never be accessed anywhere other than Facebook. Many times scammers can create a fake website and ask for the login email or password of the Facebook ID. If this is the case then please look at the URL of that website. If there are any other words outside Facebook or if you have any doubts, open the account by typing

Where many people use the same computer, you must log out after using Facebook. If you forget, by logging into Facebook on the phone or any other computer, you can see the Security and Login settings, where you last logged in. You can locate the device and log out.

Alert for taking friends: Facebook tips, never to take friends you don't know. In this case, hackers may falsely spread spam on your timeline by tagging your friends, tagging you in embarrassing posts or sending hacking messages.

Malicious software or computer: Sometimes your browsing software, such as phones, tabs, computers, or even Chrome or Firefox may be attacked by special codes. You should be cautious if you have to manually forward messages from your account to others, or show an incorrect account usage history or see posts that you cannot remember in the activity log.

Computer or mobile is working very slowly, you can see software that you did not install, your search engine changed but you did not, then you may realize that you have been infected.

In such cases, Facebook recommends cleaning your computer or mobile using ESET or TrendMicro software. Browser contamination can be done by using the Chrome Clean Up Tool. In addition, the web browser should be updated regularly.

Never click on a suspicious link: If you receive an email, message, or post from a close friend or Facebook friend, which may not fit with your normal behavior, it is best not to click or respond to the set. For example, someone might write that he or she is in danger of going somewhere or sends a link to your messenger that has no reason. In this case, you can ask him for a separate account or by sending a message. Facebook recommends reporting anything suspicious.

But Zakariya Swapan, an IT expert, says no Facebook account in Bangladesh is completely safe. Because when giving a phone number when making an account, the authorities who have control or surveillance over those phones can see the messages they want. Then it is possible for them to access or take control of Facebook.

Experts say that different law enforcement agencies have some technology that allows members of different forces or organizations to identify or take control of a Facebook account multiple times.

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