Want to make money with a website?

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Hello dear visitors welcome to our website - MR Laboratory. Today we will finish this article by discussing about Want to make money with a website?. Search on Google or visit mrlaboratory.info to know more about Want to make money with a website? article. See the table of contents to get an idea of the main topic of the article.


Want to make money with a website?

We all have a talent, some can edit good pictures and some can edit good videos and some can write well, there are many like this but they are not able to use this talent. So today I will try to give them some tips so that they can do something good and use their talent. I hope everyone is well from Mizan MR Laboratory. Today I will discuss how a person can use his talent to earn money online. Today I will discuss through your website how your talent can be put to use in many ways. Website which is some of the pages associated with online. Which can be viewed through the internet from anywhere. We search Google by typing a lot every day. I write many solutions and search on Google. Suppose you have a talent that not everyone has, so no, not everyone has the same talent. So many people try to learn by searching on Google and Google shows the link of that website as a result that the site has its solution or answer. So if you publish your writing on a website, many will be able to read your writing or those content. As a result, many visitors will come to your website. This is the visitor who will be able to put ads on this website from Google, Google will pay you a certain amount for this, now many people think the question is how will Google pay or how to pay ???

The way Google pays content creators

We know that Google is a search engine but they have many sites one of which is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a site through which an organization can advertise their products and Google has to pay for this advertisement. And Google leaves some of this money to them and gives some part to content creators like youtuber bloggers etc.

Now you must be thinking of creating a website. Don't worry, I'll take you all the way.

Now let's talk about how to create your website. This means that you will post on your site. You will select the name of a website with the name of the subject or category of the subject in which you are an expert, let's say I know computer well, I will post on my site about computer problems and tricks. So I will register a domain for my website. Such as computertricks.com

Buying a .com domain like this will cost you about 800 rupees a year, and you can add it to Blogger if you want and you can add it to hosting if you want. Now many people have no idea about hosting here.

What is hosting?

We know that a name is required to visit a website, such as our mrlaboratory.info which is called domain. But on this website I keep so many pictures with code written, where are they ...? It is not possible to store anything without memory. So the memory that is used to store our files, codes, pictures and videos online is hosting, now hopefully you understand what hosting is.

Now if you buy a domain, if you buy the name, you can host it on Blogger for free, which means you can use Blogger's hosting or memory.

And if you don't have 600 rupees to buy a domain, then you can work with Blogger's subdomain and on the website.

This way you keep posting on your site and submit your site to come up in Google search. You can watch our video if you want to submit. And when you finish writing 50/60 articles or content on your site, you can apply for ads in Google Adsense. You can watch our video to apply. Once the application is approved, the ad will show on your website and you will be able to earn income from then on.

There are many more which I will try to post in detail on this website. Hopefully you will stay with me. Thanks.

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