configuration laptop or desktop for graphics design.

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configuration laptop or desktop for graphics design.

I am starting today's post by greeting and wishing everyone. How are you I have nothing to do even if it is not good? However, it may be better to read the post. It is important to know the configuration whether you can or not. If you want to learn something, you have to run a lot. So I dropped this post to have time. After having fun, let's come to the main discussion.

More or less everyone in groups, pages, websites, inboxes are posting messages like "What kind of PC or laptop do you need to learn web development?", "What kind of PC or laptop do you need to design graphics?" Many have asked such questions. So I went to post the details. I hope it will not be very useful, but there is nothing to do, my head will be sharp. Let's start anyway.

What is the best computer configuration for graphics design? 

Buy a laptop or desktop? How much does a computer need to do graphic design? What kind of computer would be better to buy for graphics design? With which all the work of graphics can be done. What would be better if the budget? Which brand of laptop would be better to buy at a lower price? Desktop or laptop would be better? What other configuration or specification is better?

Here are some common questions for those who are currently learning graphic design and are freelancing.

Many people who are learning graphic design, or trying to work after learning, are in a dilemma as to what kind of computer is good to work with, those who do not have a computer may not understand what kind of computer is actually good to buy. Professional graphic design work can be done by buying a computer at a high price. Many people want to upgrade their old computer. I hope this article will be useful to them.

Below is an idea of ​​the value and price of different parts of a computer suitable for graphic design work:


Many companies have motherboards, but gigabyte motherboards are relatively good. Gigabytes have motherboards ranging from Rs 2,500 to Rs 50,000. Since you will be working on 2D graphics, you will usually get a good quality motherboard between 6000 and 15000. And if you work with 3D graphics animation, you can get a more expensive motherboard. You have to buy the motherboard to match the processor, if you use Intel's processor then you will use Intel's motherboard.


The processor must be of good quality for graphics work. Usually people in Bangladesh use Intel or AMD processors. Intel is better, you can buy Intel core i5 / Intel core i7 processor. When buying a processor, look at Processor Generation & GHz. When you buy a PC, buy the processor of the next generation or the next generation. As of now 7th Generation processors are available. Processors are a very important part of graphic design. The processor handles most of the computer's work. If your computer's processor is low, then when you want to open many files or programs at once, the speed of the computer will slow down, and the computer can hang, but remember that a good processor will cost a lot, so first make sure the processor is RAM. Decide on this matter.


Give more importance to RAM than processor. However, in order to increase the performance of a good quality processor, the more memory it has, the less time it will take to process. Photoshop is a very popular software in graphic design and requires more memory to run Photoshop. So if you use more RAM then the cost will be less. Photoshop always works with a lot of data and this data is stored in the computer RAM so the RAM space needs to be more. When you are working with large files such as your buyer giving you pictures that can range in size from 50 megabytes to 150 megabytes or more, then when you start editing that picture add some more elements. If the amount of your megabytes will increase and if your RAM is less then the program will be slow, it will not be good for you and the buyer. So I would say try to take your RAM between 8-16 GB depending on the work.

Another important thing is that if you use 64 bit of Windows and do not install in Photoshop and 64 bit, then more RAM will not work on your computer. 6 GB RAM 4000-4500 You will get a good brand of RAM. If you think you will use 16 GB, then you can use two RAMs of 8 GB together. If the processor of the core series has more than 4 GB of RAM, then the work speed is great.

If one is more than the other, the work will not be done properly, the work requires a combination of the two. And the graphics card (GPU) is very important if you want to work in 3D or any other pressure. Remember CORE i3 + 8GB RAM is surely better than CORE i7 + 4 GB RAM. Always try to take more RAM according to the complete configuration.

There is a lot of RAM available in the market. You can get 6 GB RAM of DDR3 / DDR4 version of Twinmos / Apacer / A Data company.

Hard Disk:

Can take 1TB Harddisk. No matter how much you take a hard disk, you will get a 120/126 GB SSD hard disk for C drive, the computer will be several times faster.


It would be better if the monitor is 22. It would be better to take a Dell / HP / Asus brand monitor. Most current graphic designers use the Dell S2218H 21.5 Inch Full HD LED Borderless. It is available for Rs 10,500.

Graphics card:

If your budget is good, you can install a different kind of graphics card, but the graphics card is quite expensive, so I would say that if you do not go to 3D animation or video editing, the graphics card with the motherboard is enough. However, if you want to install a separate graphics card, I would say you do not need OpenCL capable GPU, CUDA cores. Adobe CS6 brings the Mercury engine that works with OpenGL and OpenCL. So you don't need CUDA cores with nVidia card.

Computer Monitor:

You took up more space's RAM, you got a good quality processor, you got a good quality graphics card but it turned out that if the quality of your monitor is not good then there is no benefit. So the monitor of good color system has minimum 1920x1200 pixel dimensions. 21-24 inch size. Set up a color calibrator if you do print design work, because in many cases the color you see on the monitor is not available after printing. You will find many brand e monitors in the market, it is better to use a monitor between 21-24 inches, but more important than the size is the color. You can get an excellent HD monitor in Samsang or Dell for 10-12 thousand rupees.

Keyboard / mouse:

A4 Tech keyboard and mouse would be good for longtime use.

All in all, if you can get a perfect computer for graphic design for 30-35 thousand rupees. And if you want to upgrade, you can upgrade within 15-20 thousand rupees.

Before you buy a computer, decide on your field of work. When you buy a new computer or upgrade a computer, I think you should find out first what graphic design work you will do. If you have just started or are thinking of starting graphic design, then if you have a computer. Then you can start with what you have, it is possible if it is a normal computer. You need to upgrade your computer when you start completely professionally. And in that case you will need a very high quality computer. You decide what you want to do. If you work in Photoshop then you have to do more photo editing and in that case the quality of your computer has to be much better and if you think about logo design, print design then you need Adobe Illustrator. Or you have to do more work of Corel draw for which very high quality computer is not required.

Buy a laptop or desktop?

Many people say that desktop is good for graphics design, in fact, there is no saying that desktop graphics design laptop is not good. I actually get a very good desktop configuration on a low budget so I say desktop is good. It is possible to buy such a good quality desktop with 40-50 thousand but if I want to buy the same configuration laptop it will cost around 1 lakh, so we bought a desktop without buying this quality laptop so I say desktop is good for graphics design.

In fact, they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. However, in my opinion, if you want to work at speed in graphics design, buy a laptop in 60 thousand 70 thousand or one lakh, if the budget is less than 50 thousand, buy a desktop. You will get a laptop speed of 1 lakh rupees with this desktop. Many freelance graphics designers use MacBook Pro, you can buy Apple's MacBook Pro if you have a good budget. It gives better performance than General Desktop. That means the real issue is the configuration.

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