Top 10 Websites for Learning Coding Online

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Top 10 Websites for Learning Coding Online

Good quality programmers must know coding, if one wants to be a programmer he must know programming well. Coding may seem difficult at first, but it is possible with patience. Web development, web design, programming all kinds of work to be done through coding. At the present time almost everyone deserves to learn programming if he has indomitable will and patience. Because at one time the biggest drawback to learning was the lack of resources. But now there are resources available for free that anyone who follows can easily learn online programming as well as do professional work effortlessly. Today I will discuss about ten such sites from where you can learn professional work. Let us also discuss some basics first.

# Program, what is programming?

The set of instructions needed to solve a problem through a computer is called a program. And this method of describing or writing a program or technique is called programming method or programming. In other words, the technique of sorting instructions in order to solve a problem in a short time and easily is called programming.

# What is a programming language?

Programming language is the practice of using a computer to solve a problem or to compose words, letters, numbers, symbols, etc. used to write a program. Different types of programming languages ​​are used to compose different types of programs. Millions of people around the world use many different languages. But the computer does not understand all these languages, it only understands (1, 0) which is called binary number. Also known as machine language. So it is clear that the language of the computer is machine machine language and the programming language is C, C ++, C #, Python, Perl, Ruby etc.,

1. Code Academy: The website is very wiser friendly. Javascript HTML / CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby, API services are provided here. Everyone can use the site by signing up. Coding can be learned online from now on. And a popular site for learning coding is Code Academy.

2. Code School: Once you enter the code school site, you will feel that you have visited the entire site at least once. The design of the site is extraordinary. There are opportunities to learn all kinds of coding.

4. Tree House: Anyone new to this site can easily access and use it. The site has free learning. I hope everyone will benefit from using it for coding.

5. Learn Street: Learn Street Everyone will benefit from using this site. I hope everyone will like to see. Is taught consistently.

6. Eudacity: The Eudacity site is a popular site, for those who want to learn coding, you can definitely visit here.

7. Code HS: This site has everything you need to learn coding. Everything from the basics to the bar is taught here.

8. Khan Academy: Those who work with coding must know about Khan Academy. A very old site. Relentlessly providing good quality service. I hope everyone will benefit from this too.

9. Scratch: This site is very user friendly, there is a lot to learn, if you want to learn online, you must come back.

10. SQL Joe: This site is also a popular site, I hope everyone will like it. You can also try from here. The ten sites that I have presented to you today, all the sites are of very good quality. Now if you try, you can definitely learn.

Good luck for future coders.

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