How secure is the Tor browser actually? Learn the full details from this post

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How secure is the Tor browser actually? Learn the full details from this post. - Hacking Tutorial

Those who know a little bit about the Deep Web, the Dark Web, should listen to the Tor Network. Initially the Tor network is a global network server; Which was developed by the US Navy and was created specifically for users worldwide to hide their identities online. The Tor Project is basically a non-profit organization; Those who see the creation of online privacy tools as the main goal of research.

To use the Tor network, you need a browser called Tor Browser. Tor Browser is a browser modified on the Firefox browser, which can be downloaded through the official website of the Tor Project. Just by installing the browser on your system, you will be able to stay connected to this network, no need to fix any different settings.

Your online identity on the Tor network is encrypted with various Tor servers in disguise and then that traffic is sent to specific locations; This makes it impossible to track your identity. Any common browser today has a feature called incognito mode, we think that if we open it and surf the net, our identity will be kept secret, in fact it is not right. Not only will this save your browsing history in the browser, but your ISP will know everything about where, when and what you are visiting online.

How does Tor work?

What we usually do is browse the internet; Open any browser of your choice and enter the address. Your request then goes from your computer to your ISP's computer and your ISP requests the page from your requested web server; Once the page is found, it is sent to your computer.

Notice some facts here; Your ISP always knows which site you want to visit and the site you are visiting also knows about your computer and your ISP. Because your IP address is moving to the site you are visiting. So this is how our identity is revealed online and what activity we are showing is not hidden.

Not only that, but the website you are visiting may drop a cookie in your browser to track your every internet activity. Some sites also plant cookies to show you appropriate ads to improve the quality of your service; For example, Google or Facebook all use cookies to show ads. But some sites may put cookies in your browser to steal all your data again. So you understand how risky our personal information is on the internet.

The Tor Browser works with the Tor Network to get rid of these problems and especially to give you online privacy. When you type an address into the Tor browser to access it; The browser instantly encrypts your traffic and transports it through various Tor servers without reaching the web server directly.

Suppose you want to visit Sabuj Bangla YouTube Helpline Group using Tor from Bangladesh, first your traffic will be encrypted so that no one can read your request, then first go to US server then go to Brazil server then from Indian server to Russian server. Only then will the request reach the specific web server. So in the process it became absolutely impossible to detect exactly where the request came from. But there are some facts that you need to know; Normal Internet traffic uses SSL certificates to encrypt Internet traffic between websites and your computer. Your Internet traffic is first encrypted in the Tor browser and transmitted to all servers encrypted, but the final server means that the data from the server is sent to the final target web server where the data is decrypted if the website does not use SSL (https). . And decrypted normal data can be a risk to your privacy. So even if you use Tor, only if you visit the https site, your data will be end-to-end encrypted.

How safe is Tor really?

By reading the above articles, you must have understood by now that Tor will be completely secure only when you keep more things in mind. Requests sent to the open Internet from Tor's final server can be tracked or monitored. The final server is called the exit node. So as I said before, of course the site you are visiting must be a site using SSL, otherwise your browsing data may be leaked and you may be monitored.

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Also, if you install a separate plugin in your browser or a malicious code or JavaScript used on a website may leak your information. Although JavaScript is not a security risk, it is better to have JavaScript turned off when it comes to having anonymous IPs. Again the Flash player, Adobe Reader or online video player with the browser can leak your real IP address to that website.

Download Tor Browser.

You can download and install this Tor browser from many sites, but I recommend

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