Make your Facebook ID 100% secure by following these steps

icks,Your ID may be hacked in an instant due to some security vulnerabilities. So don't give your personal documents (national letters, certificates, etc.) to anyone in Messenger or anywhere, except the ones you know. Here are some tips on how to keep your account secure.
(1) Date Date of Birth of ID ★ The date of birth that you are putting in your id. That id plays a lot of roles for hacking. Many people cannot hack id without date of birth. So hide the date of birth in the id. If it is very important to do a birthday show, keep the year hidden. Again, many people hide everything and think that id is full secured. But many can not!
(2) ★ Two factor or login approval on চালু Turn on two factor in your ID. If you keep two steps on then the code will come to your phone even if the id is hacked. You will understand that someone is trying to dig into the id. And then Duke will secure the id immediately. This is the advantage of two stp. Go to personal information from settins before. And email check. If you have a new email, you will remove it immediately. No, brother, two steps can be bypassed. But it takes 5 minutes to 01 hour to bypass. But not everyone can or does not know it.
(3) ★ Trusted contacts on ★ The most important thing is to always keep trusted contacts on this id. 3-5 friends can be added. Those who do not add it, their id is hacked. Even if he is a VIP person, he will still be hacked. Because if you submit something on fb, it is not verified by any person, it is verified by one of the script robots. The id is usually hacked by cheating him. How to Add-Settings-security and login → Choose 3 to 5 contacts! From there keep 3-5 close friends or your own id add.
(4) ★ Login alerts on ★ Settings → Security and login options to login alerts on. In this way, if anyone wants to enter your ID, a notification will come to your ID. Message will come. Email will be sent to anyone who has entered your ID. This means if someone logs in from an unknown device.
(5) ★ App passwords ★ Always keep the app password. If you set this, even if you forget the main password of your ID, you will be able to enter the ID again through the app password.
(6) Give the name of that ID a normal one. If you give a stylish reverse name, the ID is lost quickly. And the back can not be brought if damaged. Date of birth, Name If you can match any real passport, nid, driving etc.
(7) Keep the email Hide given in that id.
(8) id Id can be hacked by bypassing otp so keep Number hide.
(9) install Never install unnecessary app. These apps collect info for the phone. And sell data for a lot of money. It is normal to have info of your phone among them.
(10) There are many very cautious animals in the matter of ★ link, which is called phishing site even if given the link of google. Never login anywhere other than facebook. Clicking on the phishing site does not hack the id. Duke needs to login to the site. Then the owner of your data site
Is submitted to. I mean password email etc.
(11) ★ Do not take auto like, auto follower etc. It also has to login with Id's Password, Email Number. In this case, your document is submitted to the third party app owner. If you do these things for now, your ID will be much safer.
So far today. I hope you like the post. If you like it, be sure to comment in the comment box and try to share this post at your own risk. If you don't understand anything else, message me. God bless you.