Who can be youtuber? What Equipment Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel?

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Who can be youtuber?

Who can be youtuber? 

Whenever you have something to contribute, anyone can be youtuber . No matter how old you are, no matter what you are, no matter your beauty, the only thing that matters as youtuber is your talent and what you can contribute .

We have all heard unfortunate cases of youtubers who have acted unfortunately for gaining audience or becoming funny. They are only a tiny minority. The vast majority of successful youtubers act intelligently, bringing benefits: teaching how to overcome a game (gamers), how to solve mathematical problems, understand music, make product reviews (reviews), make philosophical reflections, show curious aspects of your travels, or simply tell anecdotes or stories of your life, to give some examples.

In any case you should know that your YouTube channel is going to be your business card or your resume. If you do something useful it will serve to gain prestige and if you do something that you can regret, you will have the opposite, discredit.

Should I show my face? 

The choice is yours and depends on the type of videos you want to make. You can make documentary videos or reviews in which you don't need to show your face. If you want a more personal type of videos you can do it. It is your choice and, in principle, it is not good or bad, but it depends on the type of video you create. If you create good videos, you will improve them, because the public usually likes a personal touch, since it seems to be closer, more human, less mechanical. But if you make bad or offensive videos, it will harm you.

In any case, and this is very important, do not use Youtube to make the thug, defame or insult. In addition to the bad reputation and failure that your channel is going to have, in some cases it can be a crime and you are going to look for a problem.

Equipment needed to get started

On the one hand we need a computer, a camera, lighting and audio equipment. We can do without the camera and audio equipment, but we will have problems. Although we do not show the face it is always convenient to use a camera to record anything we see of interest. As for the audio equipment, canned voices can be used, but where there is a natural voice, an artificial one can be removed.

Video team

Many of the famous youtubers have started with a mobile phone . It is best to start with a modest team, whatever you have on hand, and then increase the endowment.

When using a camera, you not only have to take into account the quality of the image and that the zoom is wide, but also that it has a good optical stabilizer, to eliminate movements and tremors, if it is done mainly outdoors . The reflex or compact mirrorless are a good choice. Interchangeable lenses are an excellent option if you change your environment, indoors or outdoors, although the equipment can be heavy and bulky. GoPro cameras are a good choice.

Among the compact cameras, the price of which is around 500 euros, and the DSLR cameras, whose price is higher, the advantage of the former is simplicity and that of the latter is its most cinematic style . But we insist again, even if it does not have the same quality, you can always start using the mobile phone.

Something basic, of little money and necessary, is the tripod , since we need an element for fixing the camera or mobile phone.


Something as simple as the proximity to a window can help a lot, although in winter, this limits the schedule, and you also have to control the position of the Sun so that it does not cause unwanted shadows or backlights. The lighting is solved if it is recorded in outdoor environments, but in this case, we must find that there is no noise or excessive wind and that the environment is pleasant.

Combining natural light with artificial light, through spotlights, is a good option. You can also use your own room lights or table lamps. In a sense, the led bulbs work very well.

You can opt for a two-point lighting, illuminating the lens from opposite directions, or using soft lights to illuminate the environment, but the best light will always be natural.


It is as important or more than the video equipment, since there are videos that are only heard by the sound and there are videos that although the image is good, if the sound is bad, they end up not seeing each other. Moreover, it is usually where many videos fail.

In relation to sound, the acoustics of the room where it is recorded is important, if it echoes it will affect the sound negatively. Also, keep in mind that not all cameras have good microphones.

Lapel microphones may be an option, but there is nothing like a good microphone, especially if you sing, play an instrument or your voice is the one that directs the most important message.


You do not need a special one, but it does have certain characteristics, especially 8 GB of RAM and a compatible graphics card. Less than 4 Gb can cause problems, so the minimum amount of RAM would be considered.

A wide screen, which does not tire the view, is a good option. It should not be less than 22 inches.

To save videos you need a large storage capacity, either through an internal or external disk.

Another option: a video capturer

An option to contemplate is a video capture , especially if you are a gamer. The difference with the recording software is that it does not affect the performance of the computer and provides better quality.

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