Ways to avoid cyber crime

We all depend heavily on information technology in our lives. Everything from social media to banking is now on the internet. So it is very important to keep yourself safe in internet and cyberspace. In the context of Bangladesh, the most popular cyber crime is on Facebook, a popular social media. And girls are the most affected. Currently, there are common reasons for cyber crime in Bangladesh

Leaving private messages, photos, videos online to be exchanged during a relationship after a love affair has broken down.
Leaving pictures or videos after family troubles or the divorce of a married couple.
If Blackmail accounts are hacked on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or if privacy is not maintained in the profile, personal photos can be released in Photoshop or with obscene captions on pornographic pages.
Pornographic photos, videos, audios, messages.

The way it happens and the way it should be protected.
Social Engineering

Social engineering generally refers to the use of people psychologically to obtain confidential information in order to perform tasks related to information security. In this case, hackers (who want to harm others) usually use their social relationships such as friendships, family relationships, etc. with the victim to get an idea about the victim and try to manipulate the victim's username or password.

Phishing and spamming
Fraudsters create a website for phishing. It may be a mirror of a popular website or a well-established website in a new corner. Fraudsters urge online users to login or open a new account via e-mail or instant messaging. Maybe he can show the gift of a good gift for her.
Suppose you are a regular customer of www.aliexpress.com. The e-mail used on this e-commerce site receives an e-mail one day and says that you need to verify your account again in order to maintain it. He also added a verify link in the e-mail. The link looks exactly like this - www.aliexpreess.
com / verifz. You may not have noticed the extra ‘e’ used in the link for haste or a little lack of awareness and immediately tried to verify with all the information at their behest. But you don't know that all your information has gone to a group of fraudsters / hackers, which can cause you a lot of damage.

Phone visiting and smashing
These two methods of social engineering are currently known as the most used traps in our country. Although the method of vising and smashing is the same, one is used through phone call, the other through SMS. For which fraudsters use ‘convincing method’. Some mails come in, where it is written to restore access to your bank
account ... Usually people go to such links and click on them. In many cases, the call comes from some company that they are an officer or employee of that company they ask for his PIN number (ATM) along with the account number to verify his account. This is also a kind of attack. It has now spread to mobile via SMS.

We need to control our use of social media

Be careful in exchanging pictures and videos of personal moments about love and refrain from exchanging offensive phone conversations and offensive messages.
In order to keep photos and personal information safe even if the phone is stolen or stolen, the phone should always have a password lock or pattern lock, so that no one can open the phone without a factory reset even if the phone is lost or stolen next time.
Ensure maximum privacy for accounts like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Ima, Skype. It is not advisable to keep any picture or information public except for the privacy requirement (blood requirement).
Also refrain from posting pictures of yourself in different girls groups on Facebook. Please refrain from posting this picture in the comments, for any contest or for any picture.

What to do if you are a victim of crime

If you are a victim of cyber crime, you must first inform your family and friends without any fear.
If the family or friend is scared without telling anyone, the first objective of the criminal is successful. Its first purpose is to separate you from family and friends so that you are mentally weak and cannot take action against it.
If the account is hacked, first warn your friends, so that your friends can be alert if any crime is committed with your account and try to recover the account.
If you are a victim of blackmail through personal photos, videos, audios, photoshopped pornographic images or if you go viral online or if you are in danger of it, you must seek legal help. If you need to do GD, you must do it.
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